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2022.12 Springfield G Hua Hin


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The Venue
The Host
The Vloger

The Venue

a medium price range course, 27 hole course A B C being Mountain, Lake etc   lots of elevation changes, 

more on the course in link above 
location, map link,  satellite view, virtual tour (in progress), social media, website

1. Satellite view of course in Google map 4 options 

2. Virtual tour 
if we have visited the course we will create 360 virtual tour of the club house and parts of the course
check the "editorial" section this page to see what we achieved

Bonus: IGST chat groups 

use the chat groups to share intel or lift to the course as well as last minutes changes to tee - off times, link in main IGST page, link at top of page 

The Host

I.G.S.T.  International Golf Society Thailand  

  • FREE to Join <> Bangkok based 

  • 3 games per week / different courses 

  • Hospitality events and tours

Scan or Long press QR code for access 

member Dashboard

About today's game 

1 of 3 courses for IGST New year Cup 31/12/2022

Collage of players for Springfield IGST NY Cup 

media page of IGST New year Cup 31/12/2022


The Vlogger

"Lucky Phill"

I visit the course and play a round (golf and gadgets) on the course 
capture photos, videos and logistical data to create a knowledge base
to share with all, details and links in section Editorial


approx 150 kms South West of Bangkok

หมู่ที่ 4 100/ 1 Bang Na-Trat Frontage Rd, Bang Chalong, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan 10540

note: map image IS NOT true North, rotated for best view

Bonus: IGST chat groups 

share intel or lift to the course as well as last minute changes to tee - off times, link in main IGST page, link at top of page 

Map link

Satellite view

Golfers will enjoy SATELLITE VIEW 
live link below image

Newbies: see tips and tricks in virtual tour 

The course


Beautifully maintained, the Springfield Royal Country Club presents the golfer with a wonderful, 27 beautifully designed, landscaped holes – each challenges your senses of aesthetics as well as your golfing skills.

It is a true Jack Nicklaus masterpiece. A championship course with five sets of tees to play from, the course offers varying degrees of difficulty that accentuate the dramatic lush landscape. Be prepared for some long carries if you are brave enough to play from the back tees. It is one of the best courses you will ever play!

Springfield Royal Country Club A master piece of Jack Nicklaus, this championship course is one of the best-maintained courses and was ranked top 10 best golf course in Thailand by Golf Digest. We also have a fully equipped Pro shop, chipping & putting greens and driving range. A Club house with luxurious facilities as well as an excellent restaurant – we’ve gone to great lengths to make our courses among the finest in the country. All to make your experience at Springfield Royal Country Club unforgettable.

Club house 



The Course 

following Pano images are extracted from 360 images which can be view in the Virtual tour 

1st tee course A Mountain 

last hole Island Green on sunset 
some had to pull out as it was too dark and their score was adjusted 

Game round up


Today is game 1 of 3 courses for IGST New year Cup 31/12/2022

Players are aware of their start times from Tee sheet group chat message 


often there is need for last minute changes due to player delays in which case admin will release updates in the group chat message 


Link to IGST Chat groups


1. Member dashboard



Tee off times start later then normal which will be testing to finish on time as its winter so sunset is around 6pm


Groups are aware of their start times from Tee sheet group chat message 

often there is need for last minute changes due to player delays in which case admin will release updates in the group chat message 

Link to IGST Chat groups 

1. Member dashboard


Khun Oh

capturing photos of the starting groups 


My group 




1. Golf 

Weather was perfect all day, December is winter in Thailand, the temperature is around 25% and Lakeside its always a breeze of the Gulf of Thailand


Course in excellent condition 


Speed of play was good 


Food, drinks and clubhouse hospitality was high quality





 scores recorded live during the game by 1 person in each group into the free golf genius app 

and available to view in the app or on the Golf Genius portal 





Full details avail to view in IGST member portal

Video of Winners

 summary of results announced Charles on night 2 at Chaolay Seafood

video link pending

Don’t forget Khun Oh brings an excellent selection of golf shirts to the game 

IGST events 


this page 

Facebook Photo album IGST - Slideshow 

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Two (2) Videos 

1. IGST visit 
2. Prize Giving  (2 styles normal and 360)

1. IGST Visit 

6.42 min video published 08/01/2023

Scene:  walk thru club and general course 
during IGST NY Cup tour at Springfield 


Best practices 
view external link (below widget) for more options

external link

2. Prize Giving

Prize Giving for games 1 and 2

two (2) formats: Normal and 360 - wowza

Format Normal / SQUARE   duration 5.20m
Published 10/01/2023

Format: 360 / Spherical   duration 6mins
Best practice 
use smartphone and rotate to any angle 
link below image 
Published 10/01/2023

Virtual tour

Image result for gif virtual tour

images may have labels (names or links to places) 

images created on the fly, random shots taken during visit as a patron.  
No pre set for lighting or professional config, many upgrade options available 

RoundMe site has unique URL of each image so we can show various start points

image extracted to show how to access images within tour

Newbies go to  VT Springfield GC

Pro users 

navigation tips:

use the external link for dynamic rotation of screen (turn to any angle)
Navigation:  tap screen once to see options, tap again to remove

Screen Icons:  
bottom of window: images or zones
inside image: a. another photo  b. other is info and/or link 

Device will show help options within app

 fastrack: be pro in 1 minute



Social Media What we did today 


  • Play - around

  • Google mapping - “Step inside” (360 photos to virtual walk clubhouse and part of the course

  • Satellite view link of course 

  • Virtual tour platform 

  • Video of the outing with IGST 

  • Directory page of the golf course

  • Vlog the IGST outing 

Scroll down to see each

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Apart from golfing on the day, I multitask attempting the 

following tasks (often means not a good golf score)  

No problem / “Mai Mee Pbun Haa”

Today loved the course 

Beautiful sunshine blue sky and bleached white clouds

Cold beers and caddy smiles

Satellite view of course

Golfers will enjoy this

  • zoom in and move along the course 

  • View on desktop or mobile phone 

  • As we record 360 images on the course you can access via this view

Link to view is a in the vlog page of the course 


excellent phone app that offers a “flyover” of each hole, welcome to ask me more as I’ve been using it for years

GolfPad - amazing app 

  • Does all the usual stuff like record score, shots, measure distance 

It also has 

  • flyover each hole 

  • History of games and players score

  • Dashboard of score with map of hole 

  • Also a live group leaderboard score to share with players or friends

  • Tag set (cheapest around) to record all shots club and distance

See app features 

Virtual tour 

the same 360 images are used in a 3rd party platform for extra features such as info labels, links and more 

some of the images with members is also used for an IGST virtual tour 

as shown above


if your unsure how to drive the tour platform go the newbies section to get the basics


You can change the display style of the 360 to various styles and then snap screenshots, more info on tips and tricks in the help section within the webpage

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Video the day 

screenshot of timeline contents 

Pls watch it directly in the youtube channel

please visit page, 

we get 1 view credit

Link to youtube video 202212 igst @ Springfield GC

Vlog the course 

Screenshot below 

please visit the page 

we get 1 view credit


IGST Golf Air-club Bangkok

All we know (so far)  Screenshot 

And we are trialling a few ideas for the group

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Golf Hub Bangkok

We are building a service directory of all things Golf Bangkok

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Do let me know “complaints are a gift”

Bio:  Phill Smith (Lucky)

Aus: Finance/Insurance Thai: Tour Guru  Global: 360 Pics


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2022.12 IGST @
Springfield Golf C

Related topics 


see section this page 
explains other features captured on the day
1. Virtual tour  (2 sites - see subpage called Virtual tour)
2. Mapped the course into Google earth with access to 360 images

Tour Summary 

screenshot of header with link below

link to page 

social media tip
copy the image to use in social media as it has QR code and link

Media this tour
showing 9 items (open table and sort by any column)

DateLinkActivity / VenueMM/DD Comment
Day 1a Arrive - check into Hotel Baan Nilrath Hotel Accomm 12.28 1 day 
Day 1b Sunset walk beach Fbk post: Phill Sunset walk beach 12.28 2 Chill zone - peaceful chill 
Day 2b Diner fbk post Phill Carlo Italian 12.29 few pics and 360 Joy fbk post better pics 
Day 2a Game 1 Golf  vlog igst game at Springfield Springfield Royal Golf game Cha-Am 12.29 vlog course, game, virtual tour 
Day 1c Diner Prime Steakhouse venue vlog Diner .. no table avail (Busy) so its wait at the bar 12.28 2 night quality 1 x 360 in vlog 
Day 2b Diner Carlo Ristorante Italiano hua hin Vlog the venue 12.29  
Day 3b Diner Chaolay Seafood Hua Hin Vlog the venue 12.30  
Day 3a Game 2 Golf Banyan vlog igst game at Banyan GC Hua Hin Banyan Golf Course 12.30 Mountain scenery, vlog course, game, virtual tour 
Day 4m Map tour - all Trails Map: All trails tour map: route and some photos ideal if you want to follow the exact with elevation changes 
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IGST events 


IGST roaming reports 

Name & link Price range Priv/PublicDistance from Bkk Ccomment
Springfield Royal Golf - Dec 2022 Med - 2900 with kart / caddy 160kms South West 2022.12.29 day 1 of 3 NY Cup 
Banyan Golf Club Hua Hin - Dec 2022 Med - 2900 with kart / caddy 180 kms  2022.12.29 game 2 of NY Cup 
Black Mountain Golf Hua Hin - Dec 2022 Med - 2900 with kart / caddy 200kms from Bangkok 2022.12.31 game 3 of NY Cup 
NY Cup - December 2022 med  Hua Hin 2022.13.31  
Alpine Golf Club - July 2022 High / Private 3000baht Kart&Caddy winner Roger Ying 45km N.East 22.07.18 vlog: video / pics / virtual tour, quality course 
Royal Lakeside - July 2022 Med / Public: 1500baht Kart&Caddy Winner Robert 55kms South East - half way to Pattaya, medium water 22.07.21 vlog: video, pica, virtual tour, constant breeze here ahhhhh 
Royal Bang Pa In G C - July 2022 Med-high. 2000baht Kart&Caddy winner Michel  40kms North, open 2017 open space, minor elevation, always water 22.07.21 vlog: video, pics, virtual tour, destined to be awesome 
Navatanee Golf Course - July 2022 Med / private .2000baht Kart&Caddy winner Eric Brown 20km N.East - Gated Community, reclusive, quiet, fierce water challenges 22.07.26 vlog: video / pics / virtual tour, quality course 
Subhapruek Golf C - July 2022 Low / Medium 1600baht Kart&Caddy (walk or kart) - excellent value for money course 40kms South East - be aware gps route may be wrong 22.07.28 vlog: video, pics, virtual tour - great lay-out fierce water challenges 
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Member eCard

as explained by Charles during prizes at Vintage Golf Course in video timeline 8.43 - 9.00 Member eCard

after trial and feedback the eCard is AMAZING



Golf Icons Bangkok

summary only- to view more click link below panel and sort by any column

Name and urlTopicDate mm/yy Commentzone / Location
Rak Screen Golf Driving Range - INDOOR 2022.06 3 bays  Bangkok - Pier Asok  
IGST Air Club / network (Bangkok) 2022.06 weekly / no member fee various courses / DIY community Bangkok  
maps Maps of golf Icons Bangkok 2022.06 present live links Bangkok and surrounding 
0 - directory Courses Bkk Courses 2022.06 directory and map Bangkok 
Golf Bangkok 0 Newbies: golf basics Bangkok  2022.06 drafted "how to get started" Bangkok general 
Hooters Golf Series Thailand Air Club / network (Bangkok) 2022.06 Monthly games / hosted by hOOter team with presentations Bangkok and surrounding 
Topgolf Megacity Entertainment complex: 4 flrs indoor / outdoor 102 bays 2022.07 opening Aug Bangkok 18kms Samut Prakan 
42 tee off driving range Driving range OUTDOOR  2022.06 2 tier range, food and drink 10am-10pm Bangkok 04 kms Bts Phra Khanong 
Thaniya Plaza >5 star >Silom Shopping - golf all 2022.06 Plaza with 40 x golf stores Bangkok 02 kms Silom walk in from skytrain 
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