apps for 360

The focus
1. SPHERICAL not 360 Panorama
2. Mobile apps B4 desktop
3. IOS (Android added if obvious)

I record stuff as I find it and use, often the notes are rough on the fly and updated after several visits of the app or device 

collaborators / spell and grammar checkers

I enjoy testing new apps and test their limits to see what can be created, I dnt apply  professional presentation when it's free time; no academic qualifications nor student debts .. lol  

refer more in BEST PRACTICES 

2019 Feb best 360 camera for consumers


using this info in this page 

2018.06.22 added a look up table at bottom of page

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NB:  The info is free, and made on the fly (in my spare time lol  what spare time)  
I do NOT focus on spelling, grammar or detailed tutorial I focus on critical stuff and expect people to have passion and enthusiasm and be curious to discover and learn more .. learning / success is a serious of failures so go for it 

if you need help find the experts or read the community forums 

About me

a lot of info is duplicated coz I type it on the fly and copy it around and often no time to clean up the mess which suits me best with limited free time
I dnt not need time management advice, this is my hobby ! 

I'm an end user, I dnt not sell or retail will take money for my charity projects or bribes (lol)
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The content is not on a professional standard unless you wish to pay ...   

I most always record for my reference (work habits) and often share so others may get benefit and reciprocate with knowledge, I do like forums but its hard to find things.  

the 2nd fbk a/c is an attempt to split locations as I float between Bangkok and West Australia 
Photos / videos tourism Bangkok is my hobby; casual not professional

My formal life is Risk Manager owner Central Insurance Brokers in Perth West Australia since 1980  
I'm based in Perth and Bangkok monthly 

About VeeR
the 1st.. must have app for 360 spherical  ( and they donate to my charity project) 
Please use this referral link to sign up for VeeR and the referral credit will be handed to my charity project FSCC Bangkok
I'm guessing I get a report of people that join so I will share so you know it happened 


faults, ideas, new apps to try contact me 

1. facebook Phill Smith facebook <> Lucky Smith   I  2. email


info offered in capacity of a enthusiastic user, info on the products changes without my knowledge
the page is development 1stly for me to record what I find and to share with people with an interest in the topics on the basis they will share info back and take responsibility to investigate further as required

if its important to you take ownership or pay a pro

app prices change without my knowledge 
I try to remember to add dates in (USA code - YYYYMMDD with my comments)


2018.08.10 added this section 

last week I saw post by this chap .. wow Hugh Hou fbk
360/VR Videographer, YouTuber, Founder @creatorup Follow me on IG: hugh.hou

excellent reviews and these guys are dedicated passionate end users 

Life in 360  facebook  I website   I  Rumours 360  facebook  I website   

when i have time I record in more detail various topics of my test or those of others in labtest page, has a directory at the bottom of the page to sort the topics

browse the various 360 groups


No Camera

YES - there are free and non free apps that allow you to create / build a 360 spherical image using the smartphone with no additional device 

2018.07.06 dedicated page on this topic: 360 Devices

Dedicated camera app   ie., to control the camera 

see in page 360 Devices

Camera tricks:  2018.07.02 labtest page Camera tricks

Drone app

many on the market 

DJI option is low grade 

Lichi is very good - not cheap app but well worth it 

My best choice is FREE app Hangar 360  the page includes our logo of photos which are in high definition and can be downloaded into facebook

The intensity / fine detail of the desktop image is quite amazing, the view in a mobile is good with pinch zoom but the desktop is incredible detail
we now snap screen shots of landmark icons using a free host screen capture program (Lightshot) as show them as cover photos on tour pages

dont know of all, many make panorama but not spherical - welcome to let us know to update this page


Non Spherical apps
critical issue:  
file / image aspect 2 x 1
resolution: min 4000 x 2000  .spherical need to be much bigger as they wrap 

CLONERASE IOS $2   website
good tutorials 
recognise 2 x 1 ratio 
whats hot
1. clones  or 2. Vanishes   - shows both and you decide
2. Filters 

free version output max Output 1600 x 800 
paid version HD max output 5600 x 2800 so far tested 

2018.06.23 emailed app author requesting some otherwise this is awesome

dnt move the camera or u will need to photo edit  (use a tripod)  see best tripods under section tripod

Clone Camera   IOS  $2
Purpose: Cloning      file size: 48 mb
DOES NOT recognise 2 x 1 aspect
more sophisticated than ClonErase 
max file output:  

Other apps

any photo editor with layer option can do the trick, if u have the time or need pro results
several photo editors in this page can do and support 2 x 1 aspect


not spherical 

meaning create a 360 but not spherical .. only see the horizontal view  

Carboard Camera by Google  FREE  IOS & Android

aspect: not 2x1 but its free and awesome 360 Pano - view of horizontal
AND facebook accepts it as a 360 without injecting metadata

saves to camera roll (big size) and uploads with sound to share

2018.07.15 Building lab test page about this page and alternatives in Pano 360 not Spherical


Editors 360


meaning the app was designed for 360 spherical with key feature of 2 x 1 aspect and wrap and warp
wrap to create the sphere warp for images in the sphere above / below horizon 

Generic   - not linked to a camera 

Veer TV    IOS and Samsung   
Purpose: editor (sister app for viewing)
free app to view and edit, insert text, symbols, 
free host site for photos and videos, create albums (collections) with link
The site has good blog and lots of keen helpers and great prizes ..  no brainer 

Please use this referral link to sign up for VeeR and the referral credit will be handed to my charity project FSCC Bangkok
I'm guessing I get a report of people that join so I will share so you know it happened 

follow my channel on Veer TV - Luckyroo 

Collect    Android only IOS pending website
2018.07.15 no info as Im IOS .. . on the beta list waiting 
website indicates the app can do a lot and a few special features .. go android users 

V360  -Videos only IOS and Android   Free     website

2018.08.01  does the basics but auto adds 7 second promo to the end

Camera branded apps

Theta    IOS and Samsung   Free    Website
app to control Theta 360 camera

1. control camera, 2 edit photos, edit videos.  
Photo & video editors are basic.  
Photo editor includes animation output and allows upload to their free host site.
Host site offers many display options 

IOS: accepts 3rd party media in camera roll 

note: include special #Hashtag it can force animation in the host site  (see in more)

 my channel: Bangkok   I   Perth WA

Samsung gear app
IOS and Android FREE   
2018.07.01 see info under still from Vid (above)
drives camera, no editor, animation

1. outputs photo from video (but better app see lab test page)
2. can read 3rd party if in dedicated folder in camera roll

Instaone 360
2018.07.  drives camera . lots of cool editor tricks but only on whilst media in sd card
once its in camera roll u can only output to their cloud (annoying)

also have a desktop free app for editor but basic

in summary
must have 
1. VeeR
2. Theta
3. vid to photo app (see lab test)


SPHERICAL: meaning critical elements: warp and inject metadata (to form spherical)  - SEE ABOVE 

NON SPHERICAL:  can be used for any image and you will have to use an Sph editor to finish the function - SEE below 

These are photo to photo, if the output is to video it should be in the video section 

effects and filters ?

The basics are provided within 360 spherical apps 

here's some other aspects 

Animation see video 


Non Spherical 

Snow  ISO & Android free  website
2018.07.06 crazy app with hundreds of features for live masks for a silly photo or video
ideally hrs of fun with kids 
HOWEVER - it handles 2x1 and res output 4000 (so far)

try this app with a 360 photo with peoples faces it can add various masks, faces, hats
The video section does nothing with 360 just the photo section

the filters are also very useful
it has a very good AR section so you likely to be stuck playing with it for hours, it's free so why not

make about 5 or 6 pics, same photo, change the mask and upload to VeeR to make a video with only a few secs between each photo. the output is the magic of your face masks changing 

same author has app called B612 IOS has much the same aspect 2x1 res 4000 and loads face masks and filters
hours of fun with the kids 

Magic Brush and Mossaic 

Non spherical 

Meitu   ISO and Android  free   website  Free
2018.07.07 photo app designed for selfie scene however handles 360 / aspect 2x1 and HD res 4000 

it's free I
aspect 2x1 I
resolution: 4000 hd

The app has several sub apps, select the sub app EDIT

An Outstanding Auto enhance 
an amazing Mossaic: about 30 patterns different sizes 
an amazing: Magic Brush: patterns + Bonus CUSTOM design for text in any direction including circles - its follows your finger across the screen

Motion:  in a photo

Non spherical 
PicsArt in their free section has a Motion tab, once you know how to drive it you'll create the illusion of motion on still objects in the photo

example: in labtest page Vimo - go to Photo section re clonerase
I used PicsArt to apply motion to soccer ball and parachute logo

anything moving is not going to be photo - it will be under video section

Monsters / space ships / robots see Photo Filters LenseFX

Photo from Video

extract a 360 spherical image / photo from a video 

2018.07.04: four apps listed in priority 
2018.06.24:  three (3) apps and listed in priority 

1. Samsung 360 app IOS   Free
2018.06.17  thru feedback in VR editor fbk group I discovered 

Samsung app has a feature to extract still from vid
in order to use this app on other vid (with IOS) you need to shift the vid from camera roll into the samsung manage folder

No automatic alt text available.

during video play back mode .. click on the option box in top right hand corner to show the control options
once you show the capture option a 360 Icon appears top of video 
when you want a screen capture, press pause on the vid and press capture 
the output image res quality will change according to the res of the video  
4k vid should produce image of 4000x2000

see screen capture image and comments in fbk group comment on this topic
info resolved with discussion with fell members Garry and Hazim

2. Video to Photo  IOS $3      Program size: 24mb   website
2018.07.14 from 20 July injects metadata
2018.07.04 tested 
retains aspect size of video (2x1) - very easy to drive
play video by scroll or by frame, set out to jpg or png in settings

input: 360 video (theta) 3840 res output photo = 3840 png file
emailed author seeking collaboration to increase res.. at this stage its linked to the vid res

3. LumaFx   IOS   $5     website 
2018.06.24 can extract images in 2 x 1 and sooooo many other tricks this is rolls royce 
see details under video filters

4.  Shutta   IOS and Samsung   free   website
Cover art
Purpose:  extract images and video from video
recognises 2 x 1 BUT low quality
input 4k 360 spherical   - output image 800x400 from 
emailed app author seeking collaboration for more image res

test result: still from video scene: fbk Soi in Bangkok with lots of neon signs  - in fairness the lighting is not good

this app also: video from any video - retains ratio size
test: 2018.06.15 snaps 6 sec clips from the video
resolution:  not checked guessing  640k

test result: clip/extract from a video of night scene Bangkok with neon lights  fbk vid clip
the video comprises 1. still extracted from video and used with text + 6 sec video extracted + 8 sec trailer made with vidLaB

2018.06.15 emailed acknowledge their app helps 360 community and can they consider higher resolution 

Photo to Video 

see video section slideshow

Pixmoatic has an option to create shadows on things added to a photo 
it's also good for changing perspective of logos/images on a canvas as u can shift many around and save when ready
similar can be done in You Doodle

info this section will change as and when i find time to test other photo editing apps in this page 

Photo to Video; see Video effects 


when you don't want to be in the photo, apps / options in order of my preference as at 2018.06.23

1. use the self timer and hide 

2 use setting HDR and move quickly before pressing the button AND keeping moving during the burst (HDR takes several shots of diff lighting for most colour)
what the ..  move you say ..  ...not always easy to move in some locations so try self fimer

CLONERASE IOS  $2    website
2018.06.23 clone or erase  - up to you 
very simple to drive, produces 2 photos see section Photos: Cloning

4. VANISH360   IOS  itunes  Free Theta app only
2018.06.20 takes three (3) photos but you must keep moving, the app compares and removes that which is diff ie., you if you moved in each shot
I dnt like that it auto shoots ie.,, u dnt know when the next shot happens so u have to practice ..  easier if you could press the button when ready ... 
also presets can be made re camera settings
no feedback to author 

Retouch  IOS and Android
2018.10  now views 360 spherical in spherical display 

remove / blemish / clone 

See also Photo filters 

Inject Metadata

2018.07 what is Metadata; file specs to instruct the photo to function in character of a sphere 

Metadata (spherical) is auto applied by dedicated devices (cameras) and apps
some host sites auto recognise such as fbk, google and flkr 

if not

in short: (I only like to use mobiles app)
see this page Photos: spherical 

free app 
both inject metadata and have free host sites 

1. VeeR   - IOS and Android
inject mdata, change start point horiz only, add text,emoj, logo any position

2. Theta - IOS and Android 
inject mdata, add limited emoj and text

not free 
Edit 360 (IOS)  - inject metadata AND force change the start position to any position in the sphere (thats a wow)

Desktops: yes many google  - > I focus on mobile apps

Edit360  ios   free 

Purpose: inject metadata (recognise the image is a spherical) AND 
adjust the centre starting point, horizon (make starting view be the ground or any angle .. interesting and vertigo effect)

App: VeeR can  adjust starting point but no horizon  
some host sites can adjust start point such as Veer, Theta, facebook


meaning the app was NOT designed for 360 spherical with key feature of 2 x 1 aspect and warp


some of the 360 device (camera) apps include option to morph the image and save as photo or video 

Theta yes and free app - can apply to any image in camera roll 

Instaone 360 - only their stuff 

apps in order of my preference  2018.06.25

Circular:  IOS   $3        2018.06.25
Purpose: morph a 360 spherical
output: Photo output size:  square 4000x4000
whats hot:    
about 10 controls for morphing (incl special dial for 360 (last dial)
layers, filters, inserts, backgrounds, sky objects, clouds, lens flare,  centres
interacts with authors other apps such as Alien Sky, LensLight, LensFx, Relfect

LensFx is detailed in this page .. I  use it for fun effects

other apps from this author are quality stuff for photography  website

I like this the most because it has user friend controls, unique features and good related apps
by features i mean layers, filters, inserts, backgrounds, sky objects, clouds, lens flare,  centres

Rollword  IOS  costs: ?      2018.06.23
Purpose: morph a 360 spherical
output: Photo or video 
has preview before you save 
little complicated for me .. maybe too many wines during road test  

Tinyplanets  IOS      website    2018.06.24
Purpose: morph a 360 spherical
output: Photo or video 
similar to rollword 
can adjust duration of video, starting angles and more
no preview but has some cool features (play around and get the hang of it)

you might need to adjust the photo before using this app, meaning change the centre point in which case you need to use the app called Edit360

Little Planet

at time of typing my keyboard is faulty .. some letters not sho ..  lol
it's also double keyinng    lol  will be fixed in next day or so and i can update 

many apps, some are device apps such as Theta include these feature (see editors 360)
there are 3rd party apps ...  some ive listed under topic morphing 

welcome to give me ideas on how to cross reference .. the obvious is labtest page on the topic 

The obstacle with some device  apps is they only work with their media ie the file is a diff format until output 

InstaOne 360 does this ...  
whereas other devices like samsung fake it by restricting access to a folder, so shift the media to that folder in your camera roll

in other words u have to experiment 


similar to the photo issues above 
some devices apps include the option and others are 3rd party apps

give up a evening and run thru all this info and test and try and give me fe_dback so i can update for others


Meaning these are bot primary 360 spherical apps but recognise 2 x 1 aspect so we can use them 
key feature of warp no work or metadata so run the result thru VeeR to warp and add metadata

Colour Grading

this means touch up the colours
many apps have filters but that usually applies to the entire image

note: often when you apply a filter it will expose the seam
to fix that see how in the example shown in labtest Alien sky remove seam

the FREE app by google for IOS and Android Snapseed is a must have  - listed under  Photo - touch up

loaded with features in particular the ability to touch area specific areas in the image 

another app, photo editor Enlight, can apply filters and effects to all or part 

if your a little lazy just use Orasis to auto apply light (thats usually the main issue) and with Orasis (do read their help page) they make it clear that you should take the shot in shadow and their app will bring life / light to the photo - its amazing 

Editor non 360

Focus:  retain same pixel / photo size AND Geo data 

top end app

Enlight   IOS   Free     many in app purchase   
program size: 150mb   Purpose: photo editor

2018.06.26   top end of town  similar to photoshop editor
file aspect: 2x1 yes  retains file aspect
max resolution / 8000 x so far as at 2018.06 

it's more for the artist

features are extensive 
insert images (mixer)   no warping
add texting change perspective
add many filters, healing, 
Tutorials - very good
Geo data = yes
warping = no

many features for photo editing 
the text section can be distorted which helps when you want to place the text off centre line, as you go up or down the text will be distorted (warped) when viewing in 360 mode

additional apps
they have several in their family all top end

top end app

Pixomatic   IOS and  Android   free app    warning: Pro version that's not free
program size 140mb 
Purpose:   General editor   recognises 2 x 1 

aspect ration: 2 x 1 yes
max resolution / pixels  5000 x so far  as at 2018.05
warp: no
many wow features like enlight and more /. same same but different lol 
whats hot: shadows, perspective on symbols and text

I use this often, using the a square canvas to make banners / logos to use in VeeR 
as u add images into the canvas you can mod the perspective of each and add shadows ..  cool effect

top end 

PicsArt  IOS  & Android  Free    website

Purpose:  general editor    recognises ratio 2 x 1 
Warp: no
input: 5376 x 2688  output   4095 x 2047 

Whats hot: 
stickers, text, trillions or filters and
2018.06.22 email website requesting higher res

PS Express   IOS free   dnt know if Android

Purpose:  general editor    recognises ratio 2 x 1 
Warp: no
input: 5376 x 2688  output   original size 
Whats hot: 
auto enhance is outstanding - lots of other features not yet tested

You Doodle    IOS and Android    free and in app purchases    website
Purpose: general editor
nice family man author of many good apps and helpful author to feedback 
many good features 
recognises 2 x 1 
Max output 4096 
2018.06.23  emailed Jeff seeking bigger file output 

he also has incredible video brush app thats too clever for me and a very nice add colour splash photo app, I purchased all 


many dedicated apps have filters 
these are a few extra features 

Touch up

Retouch  IOS and Android
2018.10  now views 360 spherical in spherical display 

remove / blemish / clone 

Snapseed    IOS and Android    - Free app  google 
Purpose: filters and spot touch up
very good filters and touch up but not text and bonus will overwrite original image 
2018.06.22 road tested - wow 
recognise 2 x 1 ratio
max resolution / pixels 6000 x so far  
filters or spot touch ups 
very good tutorials 
Bonus: save / overwrite original image ..  brilliant as that's 1 less photo to manage

Add light 

Orasis   IOS   free       website   
2018.05 last tested 
Purpose: add light to dark shadows
recognises 2 x 1 
auto add light to dark / shadow images, option to manual adjust and some filters
max resolution / pixels  5000 x so far  

the ability to bring light to the image is amazing so if in doubt accept low light / shadow and it will add light 


No warp
if u need to warp drop them on a transparent canvas in square banner and load in VeeR

add monsters and space ships

Lens FX  IOS      website
Purpose:  add monsters or space ships and planes to photo
recognises 2 x 1 
no warp 
file size:   output ..  smaller than original tbc 
work around smaller file size ... open original image in App Enlight, add modified image on top (layer) with option mixer and wash out (erase) everything accept the part u want to keep (the monster or pip) and save it will be the original file size or the max in englight  

then inject metadata via edit360 or VeeR or if u upload into host site VeeR u may not need to inject metadata

max resolution / pixels ....  as at 

app family is very good 

Author has several other apps that are very good for photographers, i have most of them 

2018.06.28  these apps from their family handle 2x1 aspect and out res to 4000 
Lensflare visual -   very good 
Lensflare Optical -   very good  
Skyladb photo (brilliant but not help 360) 
Alien Sky brilliant - not good for 360 
Reflex Mirror - interesting effect on Nadir bottom
Circular - in this page under Morphing  

I have before 360 and regret not able to use, although some can be used 

add Sparkles 

2018.11 apps found recorded in page video tricks - sparkles 



a heading or advertisement appearing on a web page in the form of a bar, column, or box.

make a pic / Banner / Canvas to host info such as text and images which can also be used in a video as an intro 
meaning a canvas to be used as a banner for a message or a logo or a bill board 

many apps can do; produce a good canvas for a banner or backboard for logos or banners

Canvas: not many apps create the size  

I found You Doodle (photo editor) best as it has many presets and a custom so u can make to suit

1. You Doodle  - see general photo editor
has a custom canvas so you can specify what size you need
i use it to make square canvas fir VeeR logo (VeeR expects square) and then I user the transparency option to make the canvas transparent as required or leave it solid colour to suite the logo

2. once you have a canvas you can use any of the photo editors to mash up designs include VeeR, but with VeeR to insert images (pip) the image to be inserted is expected to be square so I tend to only use VeeR if the pip is to go off centre to control warp

once you have a canvas 2 x 1 .. your away 

I found some interesting effects with app Chalkinspiration 
morphs pictures into chalkboard, the colour is good for banners or use the morph but it takes some tweaking to know how to get the best result and i have not had time 

Chalkspiration   IOS  no free 
Purpose:  chalk board effect
recognises 2 x 1 ratio
retains original file size   - tested to 5000x2500 so far

if anything use it to create  2 x 1 banners 

quite frankly its up to your imagination using any of photo editor - Enlight has a lot of arty filters

your welcome to send me generic samples (to be used by other users) and I will add them to the list in Veer logos  

see also under Video Trailer 

labtest page started  2018.08.14  Banners


2018.07.07 several dedicated apps include them 

 2018.07.17 Lab test Emoj for 360  updated 2018.08.26


most people want use a logo to cover/hide the Nadir (centre bottom location of tripod)
some cameras include a feature 
few apps can handle it - a few dedicated apps can place the logo anywhere ie., they handle warp

Spherical apps
Non Spherical 


several dedicated apps can do but the focus is Nadir .. the bottom centre point (tripod)

Example: Samsung Gear and Insta360 have option to include their or your nominated logo which will be applied at Nadir
Insta360 is clever to know when you hold the cam at Horiz not Vertical 

VeeR can handle this two (2) ways
in settings select watermark - it will auto be applied
in options emoj select the + sign to add your own to apply anywhere on the screen

marking logo or emoj inserts with Veer
VeeR expect square canvas so put your logo on a square canvas and use and photo editor to make make transparent what you dnt want to show  ie., the background

several generic samples in page Veer FAQ Logo

Veer editor  IOS and Android  Free app   link under make a pic

load pic and use watermark option (provided you have signed up and uploaded 1 image)
or use one of their library of emoj in position 
watermark is accessed in the settings of the app


1. logos 
General photo editors can do using layer or PIP (pic in pic) options BUT you when you move too far off horiz line (up or down) it will be distorted in a 360 ,.. try it and see 

2. Removing /Hiding Nadir (tripod at centre bottom)

Retouch  IOS  & Android

Retouch  IOS and Android
2018.10  now views 360 spherical in spherical display 

remove / blemish / clone 


if you use the dedicated apps it knows when to wrap/warp the image, non spherical is tricky
moving too far above or below the centre / horiz line will cause the logo to warp/wrap in spherical

most only require logo for Nadir top or bottom .. here;s how to make one 

1. go to the free online Nadir patch website (link in this section)
2. follow the options to create a patch nadir / logo at top or bottom BUT
-> use a white image (or any solid colour) and must be 2 x 1 aspect + your logo 
3. download and load into any app that can create transparency on canvas 
such as you doodle (under photo editor) 
4. the saved output in PNG format is now your Logo template for top or bottom 

you apply that image as a layer on top of your 2 x1 .. the only part visible is a stretched logo (all other is transparent) ie.,. you can see your 2 x 1 photo except the stretched logo

5. save it and you have a finished 2x1 photo with a logo in nadir top or bottom
Note: this is a lot of work so use the auto options in apps noted above or use in an auto batch app which is iWatermark noted below under BATCH 

NOTE: the above info making a template was drafted before VeeR gave emoj/logo inserting in their app which can be applied ANYWHERE  

so instead of using the free online Nadir patch just use the free VeeR editor app
load in a blank/solid colour canvas that must be 2x1 
apply the logo where u want it 
save the file
load into a app than can app transparency and save as png
that file is now a template logo which can be loaded into in non spherical photo editor

Warning: loading logos into VeeR 
it's module as at 2018.06.20 expects the canvas to be square .. lol  
so ......  we created a standard 1000x1000 square white (blank) canvas in page VeeR logo

get that square canvas and use any photo editor to layer your logo onto the square canvas 
NB: ensure you leave 20% space around the outside 
if u load it into Veer in the watermark section is needs the 20% buffer

ok with the logo on the square canvas you now decide if you want the background to remain or make it transparent (up to you)
the app You Doodle (in section photo editor non spherical) handles this task well

so then save it as PNG
you know have a square canvas of your logo that you can logo into VeeR and apply anywhere on the image
or load it in Nadir Patch to make a template for top or bottom
or you can do the same in Veer at top or bottom

dnt forget to make a Template logo nadir top or bottom the canvas must be 2x1 and the logo canvas must be square 

you'' get it sorted with a few wines


Visual watermark PC and Mac - not expensive and does a good job

you have to 1st create your watermark on a canvas with transparency and warp it in Veer

Panorama 3 studio but its not free 


iWatermark   IOS and Android   free and not free  website 

2018.06.10  fantastic app 
so many features 
key issues
2 x 1 file aspect  = yes
resolution output: in 5000 out 5000 so far

whats hot
1. single file
2. Batch auto or manual .. meaning 
select a batch and approve each one (option to move logo)
or accept all and just do it 

file extension; can overwrite original

2018.06.24 email app author BUG: tired an existing transparent Nadir logo .. it will not stretch to the width required ?
2018.06.29 reply rcvd from showing interest 

Nadir patch  free online site 

add logos to top or bottom of sphere
the site also has feature to remove / hide the tripod 

for mobile use the app google browser as it has an option to switch the desktop view for better access and to online controls
NOTE:  there are many other options / apps now to handle this 

1. retouch will remove nadir  - has an auto heal section to hide blemish and does with with save on original
the app is listed under the section utilities coz its a life saver

Retouch  IOS and Android
2018.10  now views 360 spherical in spherical display 

remove / blemish / clone 

2. use app VeeR to apply logo / watermark 

3. many other options: most good editors have a heal or blemish option to wash it or mere it into the background
many users do this with FREE google app Snapseed which is IOS and Android and can save to original


The centre point top or bottom - typically the location of the tripod 
Pointing to the nadir means that the camera axis (in the direction of the lens) is perpendicular to the ground / object.

hide/cover tripod with a logo

2018.08.01 some apps can handle this such as

VeeR (free) has logo and pip option

app for Samsung (free) has multiple logo options but it always defaults with gyro at bottom and does not allow for when you hold the camera on angles

app Insta360 has multiple logos and it follows the nadir point to any angle - it's actually a blind spot 

hide / vanish Nadir

2018.08.01 many apps this page can handle it free stuff, scroll up 

free IOS app Retouch is awesome (listed in this page under Utilities) or free app Snapseed has a good heal option and both save over original in camera roll so u dnt file duplication

when holding the cam in horizontal (straight out)  ie., with self stick  the nadir is not longer down there is at horizon at you
same cam apps handle this with built in logos .. some do not  

so remember that if you have a batch process 

I most always add logos over the nadir as well as pip (pics within the picture) which is wither signage about the venue or the activity

see examples
in page host sites (Photos, video, virtual tours) go to section: -  my profiles where I show the feed link of many of my a/cs
good examples where I use logo over nadir will be in sites: Theta, VeeR, Dermandar as well as the virtual tours


Overlay Image & Pic Blender    IOS  free
Purpose: Blend two (2) images 
recognises 2 x 1 ratio
basic app to recognise you have 2 pics and want to blend/layer/transpose them or merge is another word used by some apps
output resolution:   
free version is approx 1600 x 
paid version output is 5400 x so far (not tried more)

there are many apps that can do this but this one is dedicated .. 
it's kind like PIP (pic in Pic) but each is the same size and then you have to be able to blend, make one or both with less degree of opacity and this app does only that 

About this app author
view their other apps in the iTunes, some are very good such as Magic Eraser (make transparency on images)

get the same pic and load into edit 360 or VeeR and rotate the start point to opp then blend the 2 together 
do do this with an indoor and outdoor shot and it creates a wacky view when u rotate 

if u make some samples pls use hashtag #360overlay and let me know so I can include a link as sample here 


If you have a 360 spherical camera ...  its auto stitched 

I focus on mobiles apps 
some apps in this page under Pic / make a photo can build a spherical 

there are desktop apps free that can Stitching software here

Drone stitching software 
I prefer mobile apps so Im not shackled to my desk

there are several apps that create the photos for a spherical, general the photos required are 23 
DJI option their app is not so good, Litchi is good as are a few others

I prefer to to automated app Hangar 360  takes the photos and sends to a server to stitch and returns the result


2018.06.25 starting building this section

VeeR (see photo or video) editor 
Warp: yes 
tips: each text field can handle about 3 lines of data of about 50 characters .. 
you have to type then add spaces to make the text wrap (return to next line)
it is best not to make the line too long
tips: set the colour before typing otherwise when you accept and its the same background u can not find it in which case adjust the orientation to force the text to be moved to a diff background colour

Tips: repetitive text: ie., for batch photos.  I make a banner, typically this is square with logos and text and apply to each photo or video

see some samples under logos

Video to Photo
this is awesome, to extract a still / pic from a video
for tours, simple walk slowly to reduce sudden rapid motion and 
see details on Photo from Video 

Warping / Morphing 

Warping; Veer above 


Photo editors
Enlight and Pixomatic you can change perspective of text 

dedicated apps

Path on    IOS   $3
Purpose:  curved and circular text 
file size: 62 mb

2018.06.25  had this app for several years 
file aspect: 2 x 1 yes 
file output: 5400 so far 

whats hot: save work for later tweaks 

Letter Lure - Magical Text   IOS  free app purchases $2 additional styles
Purpose:  curved and circular text 
file size: 22mb

2018.06.25 quick test
file aspect 2 x 1 = yes 
input 5376  output 2048

capabilities: sensational 
Bend, free layout, shape warp
output with option to go back and edit
add multiple layers and editable
against: opening album is terrible .. album titles almost hidden at bottom of screen 

Threedi - Real 3D  IOS threedi $2
Purpose: 3D  text 
file size: 32mb

2018.06.25 quick inspection
file aspect 2 x 1 = yes
file size: option for original:   input 5376  output 5376

capabilities: sensational 
Very very very dynamic 

Lab tests

nb: these are tests -> b4 creating the page many are shown in basic in page 360 apps

last 5 by latest edits - open page to see all
TopicstatusLink to more
Slideshow: Vidlab 2018.06.19 started VidLab 
PIV Picture in Vid - Vidlab 2018.06.19 started VidLab 
Video effects by Video Craft 2018.06.15 started app author is making changes as support tool to VeeR  
Photo effects 2018.06.19 done LenseFX 
video effects - Clips IOS 2018.06.19 done Clips by apple 
Showing 5 items from page Lab tests sorted by edit time. View more »


Size of Images

Photop IOS
Priceless shows image resolution and can sort by, size, resolution. colour


Big Photo   IOS
Purpose: resize to incredible size without losing pixels

recognises 2 x 1 does 
resize to whopper size without losing detail, how they do that is incredible 

max resolution is massive 

Size of Video resolution

Resolution and frame rate - Video Marketing  IOS   Free

use the free section to access sub utility to find the INPUT RESOLUTION   (not file size)
little tricky to find the sub module 
details explained in Veer FAQ  Video specs / Resolution

2018.06.24 two (2) other options found so I can drop

Video filter apps   (see info under video filters)
appear in order of ease of use 
1. Chromic (free) shows vid specs: resolution and frames not file size 
2. LumaFx (not free) shows soooo much spec info 

File size

use free file transfer app

SendAnywhere   IOS and Android and Desktop   website

Horizontal line

Most devices will auto adjust the horizon on output  ie., it does not matter what angle you hold the camera it will product with correct horizon with built in gyro

if you want to change or correct the horizon this app can do it 

Edit360  ios   free 

Purpose: inject metadata (recognise the image is a spherical) AND 
adjust the centre starting point, horizon (make starting view be the ground or any angle .. interesting and vertigo effect)

App: VeeR can  adjust starting point but no horizon  
some host sites can adjust start point such as Veer, Theta, facebook

add notations to images in photo extension
this means you dnt create another image

Annotable IOS  
operates in photo extension and does some amazing tricks 

other apps that work in photo extension mode 

Retouch  IOS  & Android app  

allows retouch of photos from within the camera roll (photo extension) to overwrite existing images 
or open app in normal method to save image as new image
ideal to remove blemish or wash out tripod or clone 
lets you clone sections or immerse defects in the image

Retouch  IOS and Android
2018.10  now views 360 spherical in spherical display 

remove / blemish / clone 

other apps that can overwrite the original 

Snapseed (link under photo editor) 
Retouch  (link under photo editor) really brilliant to remove nadir or remove people 

others?   pls let me know 

Verify Sun / Shadows / locations / Blue Hour / Golden Hour

Sun Surveyor (IOS and Android)
truly one of the most amazing apps and the price they pay is not cheap and you know why when u start using it and realise it does soooo many things 

the google street view feature is brilliant - to know whats around before going to the location
live sun position to know when is good time to go
to measure distances from 3 points .. you, the camera and the subject  good for drone shots

there are other similar apps but this does it well for me 

others ? and why 


Topics cover 

Spherical - apps dedicated to 360 

non spherical - apps we found that can be used in various ways 


meaning the app was designed for 360 spherical with key feature of 2 x 1 aspect and wrap and warp
wrap to create the sphere warp for in the sphere above / below horizon 

Diversity with 360
some dedicated apps will allow you to output the media in a conventional (standard) format which means you decide what the focus / target is

the upside to this means you literally have 4 video cameras operating because a 360 is about the same as 4 camera views stitched together 

free Theta device app
has option for view in Mirror, little planet, flat, straight

1. select mirror and adjust the size pinch / zoom to get a cool looking fish effect effect 
2. select the view direction (what you want to show
3. set time range
4. output
5. go back and change the view direction and output
6. do 5 and change view

Result:  you now have the 3 video files of same audio but 3 diff camera angles
put them into a video editor that accepts multiple layers and set diff stop start points

There's many tricks which vary with each device as their app have diff features .. in FAQ 360 I added a video from life in 360 showing 10 video tricks

Veer TV    IOS and Samsung   
Purpose: editor (sister app for viewing)
free app to view and edit, insert text, symbols, 
free host site for photos and videos, create albums (collections) with link
The site has good blog and lots of keen helpers and great prizes ..  no brainer 

Please use this referral link to sign up for VeeR and the referral credit will be handed to my charity project FSCC Bangkok
I'm guessing I get a report of people that join so I will share so you know it happened 

follow my channel on Veer TV - Luckyroo 

Theta    IOS and Samsung
free app to control Theta 360 camera  + sister apps for editing 

1. control the camera, 2 edit photos, edit videos.  
Photo and video editors are basic.  
Photo editor includes animation output and allows upload to their free host site.
Host site offers many display options 

note: if you include special #Hashtag it can force animation in the host site 
cons which you can see more from our info page tips and tricks Theta 

 my channel: Bangkok   I   Perth WA

Theta: whats hot: create conventional video and morphing
change the output/display type to mirror and expand the size to best suit (typically fish eye) and then output it as a conventional standard size video 
note: the output is portrait or landscape depending on which way you hold the phone during this process 
SO WHAT..  it means you can .. video a scene in 360/spherical then output it from any aspect in conventional video .. thats amazing its like you have 4 video cameras working at the same time

you can do the same in little planet with hilarious results 

v360 IOS and ?? Free app
2018.04 basic editor for video. no host site


Key issues 
1. file aspect:  2 x 1 
2. resolution: as the vid is wrapped the quality dilutes as it is stretched so 4k might only be as good as 2k


2018.08.15 for spec info about apps see the comparison report in labtest page Slideshow  go to section "Specs"  

pls note the date attached to each product below

Vimo     IOS and Android   free     Unlock features $6   (bargain)      website

Program size: 110mb  2018.06.20   updated 2018.07.15

Purpose:  animation, trailers effects:  Video and/or photos to video 
recognises file size 2 x 1 

1. output size: 4k   (minor bug 2018.07.15 fixed)
2. warp - no, stay away from top bottom

add animation to still images 
add animations to videos 
many other options

2018.07.15 4k res now fixed
2018.06.22  email app author processor  IOS stuck at 100% on 4k  1080HD works 
2018.06.22 update now includes PIP
2018.06.15 email app author processor IOS stuck at 99.2% on 4k .. 1080HD works

Vizmato     IOS   website 
last 2018.06
Video to Video, concept is on back of gamers .. 
as the video plays you press buttons to apply stuff (filters and more) on the fly .. it's exciting and annoying depending on your mood
I find it very good when I can't create as it's fast and furious (u can pause)

whacky stuff - see  comparison under Video Trailer

MeiPai   IOS    and    Android   Free
program size: IOS 184mb 
Purpose: video editor 
2018.06.28  points of interest 
file aspect: 2 x 1 yes  resolution input 3840 output 1440
1. Motion sticks
2. Motion Effects/filters
3. slideshow up to 30 photos   resolution:  input 4000 output 1280

Werble 2018.07.03 outstanding see Video Effects 
or jump to 

Clips by apple has good motion stickers   2018.06.23

check directory at bottom of page to see which topic I detailed the review (possible slideshow), gets shifted to another topic as the product changes
not same as Clipppy or ClippyCam 

Vigo   IOS  free   website
Purpose:  Video filters 
recognises 2 x 1 output 1200 x 
stunning motion filters 

it can also make video slide but controls are no good compared to Vimo

PicsArt Video & Movie Maker  IOS  and Android  Free    website
Purpose:  Video animation    video to video 
recognises ratio 2 x 1 
Input: 2560 x 1280  Output:  tested   1280 x 640
Warp: no
short video on photos 

What hot:   
process video OR (not and/or) photos
heaps of motion stickers than can easily moved around the screen while the video is playing 
Process: add stickers (motion) music action (filters)
against: applies small watermark bottom right but its not obvious as its not warped

2018.06.22 email website requesting 4k resolution 

Plotaverse   IOS and Android Free    website
Purpose:  Photo to Video animation    - Photo to video    7 sec vid
recognises ratio 2 x 1 
Input:  photo size 5300 x (2x1)   Output:  video: 1920 x 960 
Warp: no
What hot: 
make any part/s of the photo move (have motion) 
typically it it would be the landscape / sea / sky or the persons hair

2018.06.22 email website requesting 4k resolution 

Animatix  IOS  only  website   $2
aspect 2x1
resolution: tested image 5200 output photo 5200  video 1280
single image motion output to video or gif
has 3 main elements of motion + sub elements

more info in lab test page during "in progress" status


1. with the camera 
2 .Post production  (with apps)

with the camera

There are many tricks which may change according to the camera ie,. some provide unique features 

learn to create more with the camera to save time with post production see Camera tricks

Post Production (with apps)

PIP is photo in photo (Pic in Pic) and seems to be used for Pic in Video 

PIV: Pic in Vid

many can do if you stay close to centre as few have warp feature, VeeR has Warp but they expect the image for PIV to be Square so expect the image to be squeezed or 1st put it onto a square banner and make the non required areas transparent .. ie., save it top PNG   examples are in the free VeeR logo page

what we tested

Werble   IOS    Free with buy options
2018.07.01  aspect 2x1 output res 1500
trillions of smart effects that will impress you - it did me

Vidlab   IOS 

2018.06.15 tested using an existing 4k 360 video
select video project 
add an images (pip), manually size it to fit, double on image on track to see options for fade and morre
other options include music, narration, artwork
output res: various sizes up to 1080 HD

emailed app author requesting 
auto size pip to screen
higher output res to 4k

apply to existing videos to suit
use the trailer option (mentioned above), place in VeeR, duplicate to create a longer video track to be a base to pip 360 stills  (alternative is use VidLab) slideshow with transitions

see also the comments of apps under Slideshow 

Vimo (see under Video Animation 
can do slideshows, transitions,  PIP, PIV  pic in in pic, vid in vid 


2018.11 apps found recorded in page video tricks - sparkles


many apps have this feature such as VeeR editor which is the main backbone 360 Spherical editor for photos and videos 

some dedicated apps

Photo to Video 

shifted them to Video: slideshow 

Video to Video

LumaFx   IOS   $5     website 

2018.06.24 bought and tested   it's "Rolls Royce"
go to the website to see the features, excellent video tutorials
no wap
recognise aspect 2 x 1 yes and 
whats hot
can inject spherical metadata
can apply filters and, speed and many others things are various points in timeline
incredible info on videos in library - size, speed, fps and more
I'm struggling to comprehend the limits of this spaceship - it's pro user stuff and will find more time when not busy with work

snap shot of video us output 2 x 1 at 3400 x so far

The tutorial video on their video editor indicates Rolls Royce, Ive emailed them seeking some basics before buying as it's top end price

Video Brush   IOS and Android    free and in app purchases    website
Purpose:  umm how to describe this thing  (I will ask super nice author Jeff to give some examples)
all sorts of amazing things but Ive not tested enough to understand benefit in 360 (time constraints)
recognises 2 x 1 
Max output 1200
2018.06.23  emailed Jeff seeking bigger file output and replied same day, he is tackling some ideas

Author has several excellent apps that i listed under photo editor  being you doodle and Liven

VideX  IOS free 
Purpose: video filters 
its only 7mb file - very small yet very powerful
recognises 2 x 1 ratio
2018.06.23 output is original size:  tested on 4k   

Chromic  IOS free   in app purchases 
Purpose: video filters     file size: 85mb 
recognises 2 x 1 ratio
2018.06.23 output is original size: 3800 so far

whats hot:  
Save as copy of overwrite
Easy controls use finger on screen to scroll the intensity
include an FX option ? (not working and it's otuput is not 2 x 1)

BONUS:  use chromic to view video size shows vid size res and frames 


ToonCamera  IOS  free and in app purchases
file size: 25mb
Purpose: filters camera and vid 
some of the cartoon filters (many) are the best ive seen 
2018.06.23 video output 1280 x 640  25fps


MaskArt    IOS    free  -  can't find link yet?  

its the same company as Videx (see filters) but they dnt show on their website .. it seems to appear as another name but I  
more comprehensive than slow fast slow but have to buy the options
1. recognises ratio 2 x 1 output option "original video size"
2. tweak speed up and down at various points

purpose: Cinematic  
you can freeze part of the video and frame.. quite incredible 
recognises 2 x 1 

2018.06.23 tested output is small at 600 x
emailed  app author seeking bigger resolution

2018.07.03 several apps

Non Spherical 
ClippyCam  - labtest 2018.07.03   down on resolution only 1500 and max duration 15 sec but does something special  - make a photo or video talk

normal style 
several other apps can do and are listed in the ClippyCam labtest under Summary

Vimo or videocraft 

Pano video 

primary design is to manually build a sphere but 
and upload to their free host site 
within the local library section is an option to output a 360 pano video 

handy to use the output in a standard video because the finished product is a perfect pan as if you used special machinery to complete the 360  .. ie., 100% stable   they will wonder how you did it

Pi2video  IOS
similar to Panorama out in pano but set to any angle and speed with some options



some spherical video editors have speed adj but its for specific file, this app lets to apply multiples to a file

Slow Fast Slow    IOS free app   Itunes 
1. recognises ratio 2 x 1 output option "original video size"
2. tweak speed up and down at various points
3. tweak audio at fast normal and slow - wow 

Flow  IOS      itunes
more comprehensive than slow fast slow but have to buy the options
1. recognises ratio 2 x 1 output option "original video size"
2. tweak speed up and down at various points

other apps for speed 


Non Spherical apps tested / that work

key issue is file aspect 2 x 1 and resolution and transitions 

2017.07.01 Werble added .. what a wonderful app, only singular pics but amazing motion / effects 

as at 2018.06.28 
Vimo is free, set individual duration of slides and transitions 
Vidlab has cool VideoFX

the others has diff tricks based on res and price so have a read 

Pic res 6000x3000  retain aspect 2x1
App         video res       effects 
Werble      1504  6-60secs  multiple
Plotaverse  1920  7 sec     motion
Matter      1024  15 secs   matter+mus
Kirakira+   1920  4 secs    sparkles
Vimo        2160 or 4k if fixed
Vidlab      1920  8 secs    variuos
PicsArtVid  1280  2 secs    various
Meipai      1440  60 secs   various

2018.07.11 widget under construction in page labtest Slideshows

Include gadget (iframe)

summary on each app moved to labtest labtest Slideshows


most of the cameras have a stabiliser built in.. 
of the three (3) cameras I have instaone is way ahead of the others ..  watch their demo where they strap a insta360 to the dog collar .wow 

Apps:  Post production   ie., you have already created the vid and want to stablise

Emulsio   IOS  Free      in app purchase remove watermark   
2018.06.19 bought app) not yet tested   u u can download free version with watermark
aspect: any file size  2 x 1 yes 
output 4k

Best standard vid app which has excellent stabliser in the app is MoviePro  around $5 and only 15mb file 


googled it to synergise
  1. 2.
    an excerpt or series of excerpts from a movie or program used to advertise it in advance; a preview.
  1. 1.
    advertise (a movie or program) in advance by broadcasting excerpts or details.

2018.07.11 widget under construction in page labtest Slideshows  2018.08.14 finished construction

Include gadget (iframe)

2018.07.11 Vidlab was posted 1st ... - >  then found app Vimo it's way better 

1. VidLab   

(details above under slideshow) the app has Video FX which you can apply to a 360 banner and add music while in the app

example trailer below 8 secs  VeeR below (ext link)     I  1. fbk post   

video resolution: recognises 2 x 1 

output resolution:   HD only

Feedback to app author: 2018.06.15 emailed author requesting 
1. allow pip to auto fit screen 
2. 4k output

Response from author within 24hrs:  yes will work on changes

Vixmato  IOS    website
Purpose: video effects  no warping
recognises 2 x 1
video output  tested to 3840 x ..     

concept is game board .. when the video is playing your suppose to deploy your game board skills to apply various filters and effects ..  its fun if your in a random abstract mood otherwise u have to keep pausing the vid to think .. lol

The effects are ideal for a trailer 

short video with animated text that u can position  on the screen
recognises 2 x 1 ratio on images 

output test: 2018.06.20 
Photo input: 5376 x 2688 output photo 6000 x 3000  so far 
Photo input : 5376 x 2688 output video: 1280 x 640
2018.06.22 emailed app author requesting bigger res in video

Host sites

in this section 

1. Pic and Vid 
2. Video only 
3. Pic only

the info below will be shifted to the dedicated labtest page (once I get time to vet all)

1. Pic and Video 

Veer TV free app to view and edit, insert titles and a library of symbols, also free host site for photos and videos, create albums (collections) with link

Please use this referral link to sign up for VeeR and the referral credit will be handed to my charity project FSCC Bangkok
I'm guessing I get a report of people that join so I will share so you know it happened 

follow my channel on Veer TV - Luckyroo 

2018.04   yes and no .. seems to keep changing .
we know Google street view for pics and I read also vid but not tried 

should also be able to load into google + but not sure 
you can load into google drive and make public 

2. Vid only

3. Pic only 

add tag words to generate albums 
three (3) fields   title, tag words, description
tag words can be used to create albums which can be viewed by location or slideshow

smartphone IOS App can be used to 
build a sphere / spherical and saves to camera roll
output to camera roll as 360 sphere or pano video  so what .. well its a perfectly smooth 360 pan ..  
u can get that without hi tech swivel tripod

whats hot: 
ability to create albums based on geo location

my channel: Luckyroo

Theta    IOS and Samsung   Free    Website
app to control Theta 360 camera
free host site for pics 
see more under photo section 

Flickr free host site that can handle spherical and has a free app 
I dont use so cant comment 
2018.06.10  someone told me also vid - not checked 

ThinkLink   see info under section virtual tour 


many of the dedicated device (camera) apps show links / widgets / how to embed the image / video into a site

some host sites auto include embed options 

if they dnt work try some these widgets (embed tools) for host sites they are for my google sites

Virtual tours

2018.08.08 dedicated page  360 Host sites see virtual tour 

Privacy faces

Depending on what country your in .. EU has gone mad from 2018.05 a public photo with a 3rd party can be bad news .. lol
im focusing on ways to manage with apps or work arounds, if u need legal advice contact a lawyer or pollie

VeeR have many emoji u can use to hide / cover faces

Entouch works in photo extension which has a heal/blur/remove tool to scrub the face

Google st view app 2018.08.11 has a feature to hide / blur faces

Snapseed  (free IOS and Android) has a brush section to burn (blur) spots and bonus it saves can save on original 

food for thought 
2018.05 I made some ID cards to show I'm a google trusted photographer and a VeeR 360 TV reporter .. 
to give comfort to strangers ... change the mood from stranger danger to  .. can i be in the photo .  lol . cool and makes everyone smile

people feel comfortable to approach me SPEAK UP and say yes or no and likewise it's an ice breaker to approach people that can make a good shot
it's a win win outcome

I also carry biz card size slips of paper with my profile link of social media details so people can contact me to get a copy of the pic or be tagged in the photo 
everyone has happy to share the memory .. so make yourself social 

you can see the ID cards I made in faq Veer Editor  go to section ID cards



I have a DJI mavic pro, there are many apps available
the feature in the default dji app for spherical is in my experience very fast but very low quality however its fast an instant stitch 

Other apps that handle 360 are include Lichi not cheap but well worth the price when you appreciate the other features

I prefer to use Hangar 360 app the its free and auto stitching in their cloud server and you hold the original images 
the page I created includes tips and tricks 

The intensity / fine detail of the desktop image is quite amazing, the view in a mobile is good with pinch zoom but the desktop is incredible detail
we now snap screen shots of landmark icons using a free host screen capture program (Lightshot) as show them as cover photos on tour pages

feedback welcome link at bottom of page

Camera harness / CRADLE
I created a 3D cradle for MP which connects top or bottom for cameras, lights, floats, rigs and more at Mavic Cradle
LuckyPhill  GIF



all have pains and gains 
its a balance quality, budget, applications (indoor / out ) day / night , costs V's Convenience output for mobile or desktop

most users are held back coz they take too long to decide to too long to accept error and update / change 
success is a series of failures ...  lol  so fail sooner then later

we bought a few models on crowdfunding sites, can take 3 to 6 months before they are produced and some have failed truant (not arrived) 
the known brand names of cameras we have are listed in this page under Equipment (after Photos, then videos - > this page is 1st about apps 

Camera tricks:  2018.07.02 labtest page Camera tricks

these are the cameras I know / use

Theta  bought 2017
1st camera
against: no SD card - limited storage
must download pic or video to view - annoying with vids so only take short vids

for: live preview, slim in pocket to carry

Samsung Gear - bought April 2018
sd card (theta limited) 
can view pic / vid on the card (theta must 1st download - doh!)
can get stills (pics) off the vid - wow 
can set device to be 1 lense only ..  who cares.. Theta does this in post production app

bright lights (more flare than theta) 
night shots - not as good as theta 

Insta360 - Bought May 2018
critics rate if well  - I bought becoz 24 mp and now find it has some cool social media icons to add to pics 
also has a few tricks with images  - can do same with veer editor

2018.06 now believe its the best of the 3 cameras
small, great audio, incredible stabiliser, post production tricks in app, the tacking option is amazing 

2018.08 received my QooCam (crowdfunding project)
it has many bugs but expected as they were past deadline and wanted to get the device to worried investors

Camera tricks

Camera tricks:  2018.07.02 lab test page Camera tricks



About 360 stuff 

Good blog from Veer TV is very good - link 

and some resellers below 


Both of these guys have a popular presence in the industry 
very good tech info and tutorials many reviews on devices 

Life in 360  facebook  I website

Rumours 360  facebook  I website   

2018.08.14 added a section to this page called educators being people who know a lot more then me

Submit your app

1. must be aspect ratio of 2 x 1 
2. need huge resolution as the image has to wrap into a Sphere

wish list
1. wrapping and warping for the sphere 
2. inject metadata 

dedicated apps can handle this see details this page

see this topic in more detail in Lab Test - submit your app

Distribution channels


faults, ideas, new apps to try contact me 


Share this page 

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2018.06.18 added (bottom of page) a table look up which has a sort by column

here is a summary by last 5 items by latest edit
app NameTopicyy/mm/dd General comment
Adobe Spark Post - free Video: Trailer 2018.06.20 very simple video with animation on text - re is low have send feedback to app authors 
Vixmato - Free app in app purchases Video: Trailer 2018.06.20 various effects and filters tested output to res 3800 so far 
Samsung free app Photo: still from vid 2018.06.20 can use the app on any 360 vid the output quality is very high so far 3800x1900 and clarity is astonishing. c info in app page 
VidLab - free app with purchase options Video: slideshow  2018.06.19 app authors r keen to develop, c info this page  
VidLab - free app with purchase options Video: Trailer 2018.06.19 app authors r keen to develop, c info this page  
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includes info on images, 
360 apps, devices, host sites, widgets and more 

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in this link you can buy me a coffee and include a message which helps so much

ultimately I prefer support for visit my local charity project 
FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care log of my visits and money raised

My hobby is tourism Bangkok 

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2020.01.17 / Huai Khwang Comedy various Ardal O'Hanlon Live in Bangkok fbk grp bkk nightlife invite 
2019.12.31 / Chao Phraya river Party Boat NYE  fireworks, DJ, Party fbk grp Bkk nightlife 
2019.12.20 / Silom fashion Show - Grande Prix charity low - Charity event Models in Fashion - Charity event thaibis page KP Models X Opal Fashion show 
2019.06.23 / Bangkok Photos with models - rooftop 5000 exclusive timeslot and lunch unique  fbk page bkk tourism - invite details 
2019.05.04 /  Comedy / Magner Festiva low  fbk group bkk nightlife 
2019.04.06 Bts Asok Comedy - International Jimmy Carr med -  in 2016 he rocked Bangkok fbk bkk nightlife 
2019.03.04  Comedy low  GLOBAL ROAST BATTLE PHENOMENON--YOUR HOOD'S A JOKE. fbk bpac  
2019.02.21 to 24 Bts Phloen Chit Garden Fair - Nai Lert Flower & Garden Art Fair 2019 low - 150 bt astonishing - heritage home TB events: Nai Lert Park Heritage Home บ้านปาร์คนายเลิศ 
2019.02.16 / Saraburi 9am to 9pm Social: Meet Locals day trip low - day trip activities Thai and Foreigners mixing it up TML: Saraburi hypo 
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Feedback / faults

360 spherical 
1. volunteered page contact: moderators speller checkers welcome
2. page topic:  contact Phill Smith - details in page 360 apps "submit your app

3. this website refer below 

email pls incl page url


testing a index system below
TIP: for latest changes sort by column yy/mm/dd General comment and select descending
if not in this list try page: FAQ 360 or Labtest 360 

Showing 57 items
app NameTopicyy/mm/dd General comment
app NameTopicyy/mm/dd General comment
Adobe Spark Post - free Video: Trailer 2018.06.20 very simple video with animation on text - re is low have send feedback to app authors 
Vixmato - Free app in app purchases Video: Trailer 2018.06.20 various effects and filters tested output to res 3800 so far 
Samsung free app Photo: still from vid 2018.06.20 can use the app on any 360 vid the output quality is very high so far 3800x1900 and clarity is astonishing. c info in app page 
VidLab - free app with purchase options Video: slideshow  2018.06.19 app authors r keen to develop, c info this page  
VidLab - free app with purchase options Video: Trailer 2018.06.19 app authors r keen to develop, c info this page  
Sun Surveyor Utilities: Pic and vid 2018.06.20 photographers must have, shows real time sun, distances blue hour and more, info 360 app page 
Photop - free in part Utilities: Pic  2018.06.20 file size and resolution and other sort, info in 360 app page IOS free Utilities: Vid resolution size 2018.06.21 info in 360 app page link to faq. shows vid resolution as sub module, if u knwo of others pls advise 
SnapSeed Free IOS and Samsung Photo: Filters up touchup 2018.06.22 impressed.. saved under photo section. good tutorials, diverse too for touch ups and can overwrite original 
Veer editor free  Photo editor warp images, text and metadata 2018.06.06 backbone of 360 
Veer editor free  Video: editor warp images, text and metadata 2018.06.10 backbone of 360 
PicsArt Photo Editor IOS and Android Free  Photo: Editor general no warp  2018.06.22 good out size, lots of stickers, tweaks, .. saved under  
PS Express IOS free dnt know if Android Photo: Editor general no warp  2018.06.22 big output size, auto enhance stunning, many other features from adobe family 
Plotaverse IOS and Android Free  Video: Animation no warp 2018.06.22 photo to video 7 sec. pretty awesome results vid res 1920 - requested 4k to app author. info under video animation 
PicsArt Video Maker IOS and Android Free  Video: Animation no warp 2018.06.22 vid only, no warp but motion sticks can be made to move around the screen thats cool. info saved under Video - Animation 
VideX IOS free  Video: Filters 2018.06.23 High Resolution, dedicated app, small file on app 
Chromic IOS free in app purchases  Video: Filters 2018.06.23 High resolution, also good utility to see resolution and fps of videos 
ToonCamera IOS free and in app purchases Video: Filters 2018.06.23 high resolution: very good cartoon filters 
Video Brush IOS and Android free  Video: Filters 2018.06.23 very powerful not tested all nor can i fully harness it yet . .so pls try and let me know 
You Doodle IOS and Android free  Photo: Editor general no warp  2018.06.23 high res, excellent to make canvas with custom control. 
LumaFx IOS not free $5 website  Video: Filters 2018.06.24 rolls royce app and appears same of their video editor, you get a lot for the price, details in page 
CLONERASE IOS $2  Photo: cloning  2018.06.24 KISS keep it simple sill. this will clone or erase up to you with high resolution see section Photo cloning 
CLONERASE IOS $2  Photo: Vanishing  2018.06.23 High Resolution, with vanish stuff or cloning stuff . listed under photo Vanish 
Clips IOS Free Video: slideshow  2018.06.24 cant explain it but it does do it. 1080hd output narration, motion stickers, text  
several apps Video: resolution see Utilities 2018.06.23 found several apps to manage and listed under utilities 
ChalkInspiration IOS not free Banners - see Other Banners 2018.06.22 creates chalk board effects, retains file size, use it for banners  
VANISH360 IOS Free Theta app only Vanishing - see Other Vanishing 2018.06.10 app 4 Theta camera. creates 3 images while u move and deletes u. c options in page under Photo: Vanish 
Overlay Image & Pic Blender Overlay - see Other overlay 2018.06.23 High resolution, dedicated app, and noted other apps can do same, this app author has several other good apps 
Path on IOS $3 Text - see other 2018.06.25 high quality output, curves and twists  
Circular: IOS $3 Morphing see other 2018.06.25 high quality, lots of controls and features and author has related quality apps 
Slow Fast Slow free app IOS Speed: see other 2018.06.20 handy to mod vid clip slider contol and and down multiple settings 
Entouch free Photo: tweaks see other  2018.06.20 very good, remove blemish, nadir, people watermarks, link in 360 app page 
general comment file size: Pics and videos - see Utilities  
general comment Warp 2018.06.23 VeeR and Theta on camera roll, instaone b4 download  
MeiPai IOS and Android Free Video: Animation no warp 2018.06.28 basic test: motion sticks and motion filters 
MeiPai IOS and Android Free Video: slideshow  2018.06.28 basic test: motion sticks and motion filters 
general comment Photo: Logo 2018.06.29 several apps avail. now discussing batch tool with iWatermark 
Werble IOS Free with buy otpions Video: effects no warping 2018.07.01 down on resolution at 1500 otherwise it's streaks ahead on other stuff 
Camera Tricks Little Planet - link in section Video effects 2018.07.02 search for labpage camera tricks 
ClippyCam IOS free + in app Purch Video: Narration labtest recorded 2018.07.03 low res but with a twist: see lab test  
various Photo from Video 2018.07.04 4 apps listed under Photo from video 
various Video to Photo - listed under Photo to Video 2018.07.04 4 apps listed under Photo from video 
Snow IOS & Android Free Photo: effects 2018.07.06 res 4000x2000 many novelty effects and filters and face masks, loads of fun just with normal pics, kids will love it and good AR  
various Logo: see Photo - other Logo 201.07.07 updated 
Video to Photo IOS $3 Photo from Video 2018.07.14 outstanding app, high quality good features from 20.07 includes metadata  
Camera Cardboard Pano see Pano, also in lab test page 2018.07.14 no spherical but V.good free stuff.  
Kirakira+ IOS & Android  Photo to video: sparkles see Video effects or trailers 2018.07.03 various sparkle effects + filters res in  
Vimo IOS and Android free + buy extras Video: Animation no warp 2018.07.15 4k res, slideshow, PIP, Motion stickers , Narration, transitions, seems endless 
several apps Emoj -> go to labtest page 2018.07.17 labest page Emoj, Transparency & Canvas 
Vimo mobile app Video file capacity labtest page 2018.08.16 tested to 12 files and 4.3gb useful as my favourite app Veer tends of lock up 
na: host sites for display display styles in host sites: go to labtest page 2018.08.02 labtest page made called Display styles 
Veer Experience Virtual Tour 2018.07.27 labest page + some 360 apps 
Sky Lab skies backgrounds and sky objects 2018.09.05 lab test page made with samples 
Circular Little Planet 2018.09.05 lab test page see sky lab 
Veer Experience Virtual Tour: Video mode 2018.09.11 see lab test - review page 
Snow Face masks 2018.09.13 lab test page made 
Retouch IOS & Android Photo Tweaks: Vanish / Blemish / Clone 2018.10.05 lab test page created - link this page under Utilities 
Showing 57 items