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best 360 camera of 2018


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There are soo many 360 cameras on the market… So which 360 camera is best for you? This really depends on why you want to shoot 360 video in the first place. Do you want to film yourself doing action sports? Then consider what are the mounting options, is it waterproof, and how durable is it. Do you want to film travel vlogs? Then consider its form factor, how good is the audio, and how much storage will you need. Do you want to film virtual tours? Then consider how easy is the post editing workflow, is the video sharp enough, how easy is it to patch the nadir. Once you know why you want to shoot 360 video, the decision process will get a whole lot easier!
I considered 3 main factors when I made the Top 10 list. These are:

  1. How simple is the workflow to plan, film, edit, and publish a 360 video on social media?
    Ideally, you want to be able to make a video entirely on your phone and post it directly on social media. For high quality video output you will need a Desktop workflow. I will share what tools the brand provides to help creators get their awesome content out there effortlessly. Visit the links and see if this works for you.

  3. How good is the video quality for Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube?
    Social media is a very competitive place for content creators. Videos need to stand out to grab the viewers attention. The video needs to look sharp and clear. The video colours need to pop out.

  5. How proactive is the community?
    These days help and support is provided through like minded content creators and moderators on Facebook Groups and Messenger. The bigger and more active the community, the fast and easier it is for you to get the support you need when you need it. Youtube is the place to go when you need to learn how to do something. I will share their social channels so you can see the tutorials, help and support available.

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