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Litchi stitching in app


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Drone app Litchi 

BETA testing IN APP stitch of PANO (360)


1. beta test page.  
my priority is use and promote mobile apps so I can have some freedom to process in the field (or pub lol) 
I often find I'm hanging out on at sites waiting for a good scene to shoot so mobile app processing is a win win
Litchi app is amazing 
all of the elements (many) are far and away better than most shelf products ie, dji app elements 
and of course the huge winner is the mission hub (free sign up) where you can plot our flight missions on your desktop and upload to the drone and set it off on auto pilot 
.. it's an incredible feature and the thought that pano can be added is ..oh my buddha 

Litchi mission hub is so engaging, enjoy to create flight missions and test flight times and distances. If you like it, upload it then when your on site just click and away she goes  
with maneuvers of a precision pilot with the option to over ride as you fly, with option to keep going if you lost signal .. and more  

Don't forget
you have all the original individual photos so you can do manual stitch on your desktop for high quality 
for desktop I use and recommend Panorama Studio - they have a free stitcher online  however i use the paid version Panorama Studio  approx US 80 - buy it

2. author this page
the test are done by me as an end user and share to community free when I have time, the limited time is applied to the practical use of the product not spelling / grammar and window dressing as it's not a commercial activity 
Phill Smith (about me page 360 app page about me / my 360 stuff in devices my profile)


recorded in us date order most recent at the top

2019.01.08   auto generated stitch by Litchi app

Output 2 x 1:  6165 x 3082

Max reach by centre is / usually 30% with drone and litchi logo ay Nadir

litchi future plan is allow user to auto add their logo 

I added fake sky and shifted start point

fake skies created with app skylab

Output:  several host sites

1. facebook 

2. Theta

click a thumbnail to watch in 360 
   - have fun morphing the images

  • Drone app Litchi have beta test for in app stitching pano 360 images .. my tests at #theta360
Theta site lets you change the display styles - see options below images in Theta site or    
  channels: Bangkok   I   Perth WA

Site:  Dermandar:  VR (Virtual Reality) effect
my library (fully searchable) Luckyroo

1st thoughts

Litchi requires smartphone to have internet connection (does not suit all users) prefer to shut out 3rd party apps emails social media 
after pano requires download - should be fast but requires internet
(does not let you defer)

stitching is down by going to the beta page and select quality low or high and click create

Feedback to litchi
1. need option to output higher res provided the user device can handle the output 
2. need option to defer download until mission complete
3. add the pano option to missionhub (auto flights)
4. save flight to have option to return to same position at another date and time to redo (timelapse)

Compare to dedicated 360 drone app HANGAR

Hangar app auto blank out about 30% and add their logo at Nadir

File output: Hangar dnt allow download other than to fbk which is 6000

The above is manual stitch in Panorama studio at about 15000

Litchi app also offers little planet

I used the pano in app circular - same result

little planet created with app circular

Knowledge base

Litchi help page Pano settings widget below external link  

Contribute to test

other drone users pls test and attach feedback to my post in public forum link below

initial post in my fanpage of 360 below
I will share this post to fbk group 360 Aerials where the public can add comments

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SM comments

Drone app Litchi have beta test for in app stitching pano 360 images  .. my tests at
#Labtests  #AppLitchi  #DroneApp  #360Stitch

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WARNING: lab test often includes multiple widgets embedded objects which means the page needs a little more time to download 
so be a little more patient than norm

the test done by me as a end user and share to community free when I have time, the limited time is applied to the practical use of the product not spelling / grammar and window dressing as its not a commercial activity  

see disclaimer in 360 apps page  links showing at top of page

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