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sub page tests Vimo - mobile app video editor


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This page is for further tests with Vimo

the main page is link top of this page


1. this is a sub page for additional tests - see link top of page to main test page Vimo

2. author this page
the test are done by me as an end user and share to community free when I have time, the limited time is applied to the practical use of the product not spelling / grammar and window dressing as its not a commercial activity  
Phill Smith (about me page 360 app page about me / my 360 stuff in devices my profile)

Capacity and output

The actual limit of file capacity is not known ... the test below is significant and processing was faultless, no lag, no freezing

device used: IOS  smph 8  

the output was copied to VeeR to apply Inject Metadata and somewhat shocked to see the file size increase, 
this may be related to Vimo in format MOV and VeeR in format MP4

in fairness when we loaded to VeeR (to inject metadata) I decided to add a photo banner at the end which added 4 secs to the duration
but why that made the file size blow out ...  tba 

2018.07.15 File Capacity and Output size 

screen capture from iphone  of 360 spherical video files 

files in Sendanywhere that were

loaded to Vimo editor app

Vimo and Veer in app Sendanywhere

to be sent to computer

File capacity

loaded 12 x 360 spherical clips (total of 4.34gb 9.20mins) into video editor app Vimo 
to make a video 
using ios iph 8 no problem with processing

Output size 

from the 9 mins of video the final production is 4.26 min
after you process in Vimo you then run thru VeeR to inject Metadata

loaded into VeeR, added 1 spherical photo to the end 4sec = 4.30min and output with metadata


app   duration file size
Vimo  4.26min  773.80mb
VeeR  4.30min  1.63gb 

Loaded vid into 2 sites VeeR and Youtube and shown in VT Big Mama Tapas with

2018.12.04 further test re file size reduction using MOV not MPG4 



Posted to fbk page - external link
will share the post into various 360 community groups

Note: this is a sub page of labtest Vimo - go to the link top of page to see Vimo

Picture Motion

2 core features of app Vimo

1. add motion to a photo
     apply their motion stickers and filters
     my view is load the image as a video edit as you have options but try and compare

also see labtest Banners we show tricks for diff apps

2. video editor 
as explained in main page Vimo link at top of page


detailed in main page Vimo
as the main page is getting too big I created this page to spread out the tests

you can also see comparison in labtest slideshow


detailed in main page Vimo

additional video stuff may be added here as the main page is on overload 


discussion with app team 
for 360 spherical 

expand screen size   2018.08.15 
many apps do this by rotating to landscape and make the edit smaller or full screen and loss of tools


rotate the view from portrait to landscape increases the workflow screen and reduces the size tools

in grid screen: it could be rotated to landscape and expand size to zoom in for more accurate position of sticker
in normal screen: same .. rotate to landscape and reduce size of tool icons or make the timeline collapse

collapsing the timeline is a feature in iso app Videocraft
when you rotate the screen or have too many timeline edits

add a handle motion stickers  2018.08.15
when you place your finger on the motion sticker to move it during play the view is blocked 

example from other apps 
once the sticker is on the screen u can place your finger anywhere on the screen and move and thee sticker will follow

1.  Pics art photo studio collage

2. ios app clips also does this   

in other words either your finger or 2 fingers either side of the sticker are well away from blocking the view of the sticker to make sure it does not go over something during movement

The legacy for 360 spherical video is the detail in the canvas is very small becoz it's combining 360 degree so everything is squeezed down so its a micro view unless there is some way to expand the screen  ie., use an ipad or expand the view of the screen


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