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Werble Vid effects

Lab test
1. Video with app Werble
2. Photo: make a Banner 

WARNING: lab test often includes multiple widgets embedded objects which means the page needs a little more time to download 
so be a little more patient than norm

test are done as end user and shared to community, the limited time is applied to practical use of the product (not content of this page re  spelling / grammar; window dressing as its not a commercial activity  - spell checkers welcome 

see disclaimer in 360 apps page  links showing at top of page

Image result for experiments


Photo to Video 

Transform your photos into spectacular and captivating looping animations that will command attention wherever they are posted! Fun and fast, Werble will help your social media posts stand out from the crowd.

filters very good 
on screen help good 
video tutorial good

360 Users

the app is not dedicated to 360 spherical 

recognise 2 x 1 aspect 
video output: HD

trillions of tricks in this app
output duration from 5 secs to 60 secs 
loads and loads of motion effects and filters 

you would use this to create a banner or short video of the image 

then show it as a banner or 1 piece mater piece 
or join them together using a video editor and output into 1 video 


Werber  IOS  free - many in app purchases   website   program size:   150 mb   
android coming: sign up on website for notice

2018.07.01    road test 

file aspect: 2 x 1   
auto load photo to fill screen - good
select multiple photos  ?   .. why ... in app next page you can change other pics to be PIP (photo in photo) ie., logo or ?

360 / spherical: Warp/Wrap = no

loads of motion filters and stickers and each has multiple mod options 
about 30+ free packs, thereafter you purchase 

output res 
1. file screen option 1500
2. pinch image to fit screen 1000

remember to make the decision to pinch to fit or pressing the default to fill screen makes a monster difference 

in "add effects page"
it's a little tricky to drive some things so you need to test 

No automatic alt text available.

if you have added a 2nd photo and wish to PIP it you must click on it as well as in the screen and then pinch zoom, letting go will make it hard to continue to shrink it so position your fingers 

the legacy for 360 is they are 3 to 4 times more content and screen sizes dont expand enough for our to pinch down / shrink the pip 
ie., it has to be a lot smaller to fit into the area as spherical is covers 4 times more space / view.

Non 360 users 

this app can be used for any size photo 

about 360 Spherical 
The fastest growing social media medium around 
many apps and devices are available and good news; cameras are getting cheaper daily, some cameras are dedicated devices and others are small attachments to connect to your smartphone 

I don't sell the equipment so google the reviews 

The info below shows the example of what you can do in video and photos 

TIP:  click the external links to watch in your smartphone to enjoy VR (Virtual reality) effect

go to the page link (top of this page - 360 apps) to see more including communities using 360 and get excited 

Best value:
get the FREE app host site of 360 Spherical TV VeeR and watch endless 360 pics and videos
and they have excellent blog

Please use this referral link to sign up for VeeR and the referral credit will be handed to my charity project FSCC Bangkok
I'm guessing I get a report of people that join so I will share so you know it happened 

follow my channel on Veer TV - Luckyroo 

Video: app Werble

Weber  IOS  free - many in app purchases   website   program size:   150 mb   
android coming: sign up on website for notice

2018.07 lab test below 
applied to a Banner photo..  how I did is explained below under make a banner 
Video length:  20 seconds  (can be 60 secs)  
included several word effects applied them onto each photo within the banner 
resolution  1050
aspect: 2 x 1 

run it thru VeeR to inject Metadata and add music

Host sites

VeeR site   ext link

Youtube    ext link

Facebook:  my page RoundToItIn360Sphercial 

Real deal

2018.07.01 I used Werble to create a video trailer start and finish of a 360 video

the video starts with a 10 trailer from a photo with animation
the video finishes to 2 x 10 second videos with animation 

360 Spherical 

Site: Veer  VR  TV

VEER TV or VR 360 spherical Photos video

best viewed in smartphone for VR Virtual R

Video 360 spherical

Scene: 2018 June: letting U know there's a Virtual walking tour made ext link
video recorded in 2k not 4k   - pls use mobile device to view 

tips/tricks: search by tag words, create collections, include link, share and embed
VEER TV  - follow my channel on Veer TV - Luckyroo 

note: if the youtube screen does not show spherical then copy and paste (right click copy) the link into your mobile app browser


360 Photos with motion / animation added with Werble 

in detail below 

Three (3) 10 second clips where used in the video above 
walk tour video on canal

1. Photo: on the bridge: used as intro to video above

1. several photos selected ie., main photo + logo photo
note: 1st pic loaded must press button to recognise aspect ratio see example 3 below when u do not

2. next page / effects section 
a. click on the logo images and resize them to appear in the main photo
b. add several motion effects
3. added music in app Veer and output will inject metadata

with music added in Veer

2. Photo: on walking path: used at end of video above 

1. photo selected and press button to recognise aspect ratio
2. next page added 2 animations

other images/logos in the photo were added earlier in Veer

no music in this clip
music added in Vimo
after production in Vimo I process in Veer to inject Metadata (spherical)

3. Photo: on the pier : used at end of video above 

error made: DID NOT press the button on 1st page to recognise aspect ratio of 2x1
I manually pinch zoom down the image to fit in the screen
the result is it diluted the resolution from 1500 to 1000

you can see the video has black (transparent) top and bottom as i did not set the aspect

1.  1 photo selected (did not press button to recognise aspect ratio)
2.  next page added 2 animations

other images/logos in the photo were added earlier in Veer

music added in Vimo
after production in Vimo I process in Veer to inject Metadata (spherical)

2018.07.03 another example
this photo of a video screen, we add motion in werble + live vid narration in  app ClippyCam

The resulting outcome of the test is in labtest page ClippyCam

we show the video comparison 
1. Werble only at res 3000
2. werble + clippycam res 1500

Tips / Tricks

verify screen size (aspect ratio 2 x1)

if you don't get the aspect ratio correct (2x1) and you use full screen it will still work in VeeR (even though it says not 2x1) BUT resolution drops by 50% and that's seriously bad for spherical when stretched 

before you add lots of photos and effects .. simply add 1 photo, go to effects and output to video 6 secs is the smallest and then load into Veer to verify you go it right
then switching back to Werble while in the effects panel you can add more photos for PIP (pic in Pic) such as logos .. see below tips re add more photos

this way you will not spend all that time designing to have it all lost with wrong aspect .. trust me I've suffered this journey 

2018.07.03 made a short video trailer / promo and used many photos in werble and loaded into another app ClippCam to test the Narration with video insert
in loading the pics i was caught with black canvas and some pip (pip) pic in pic inserts also black 
I could not see where the canvas finished as the app background is also black   in that instance an option to see a grid would be a big plus
and some visible sign that what scree size you have 

in the meantime best verify the screen with a test output before adding and editing 

app Vimo has an excellent PIP grid help see vimo labtest tips pip screen 

add more pics

when your on the next page/tab and adding filters

often I'm in the middle of adding effects and I vision the need for more photos (this app gives you PIP pic in pic)
and you dnt want lose your creation

if you press the home tab to go back you lose all

press and hold the + sign  (under the image) hold it until a special window appears 
you now have the option to add more photos   ..  AWESOME 
once its in the layer menu and showing click on it to pinch zoom to suite 

Wrench in effects page

see the wrench Icon at the top of the screen
displays a stack of tools such as colour, blending, lighting transform, pulse, motion 
you should give a few mins to explore all the controls

No automatic alt text available.


what I like 

1. incredible effects opportunities, so many filters and effects for your imagination 

2. apply multiple effects and pull them into different areas of the screen and apply individual controls on each such Opacity
in this test I added different motion words onto each photo in the banner and applied various motion

the sub menu about colour did not work.. I think thats coz the I was working with black and white text which can't be changed 

critical at the start to pinch down the image to fit or best select the button to auto size / fit (more resolution)

on the next page adding filters and effects 
its not obvious but there's another sub menu to apply 3d and motion and many other things so do view the tutorials video and understand options 

buy in options
once I started playing with it there was no hesitation to spend the $7 to buy the watermark off and pay a few $ to buy some packs
they give you quite a few packs for free 
I can vision using this app across the board on many pics not just 360 

it's very similar to app 

1. Lumyer but Lumyer have only square screen output 
2. Plotaverse which I'm testing more and waiting for response from app family

what I dnt like 

1. Resolution only 1500 or 1000 if you dnt set the screen size correctly 

2018.07.10 emailed app author requesting more 

2. no fault of app author
hard to work screen legacy of 360 spherical images 

often the pip (photo in photo) has to be very small coz we in 360 working with 4 times the view and most apps dont allow for this 
some apps allow you to tap the background and expand (only seems to be photo editors), s

3. no music - thats ok use Veer as you have to use Veer to inject metadata for spherical 

Iv'e decided to record this in the page 360 apps under Video Effects but I have also listed it under filters 

remember if in doubt go to the bottom for the page and use the sort for name or category 

4. I like the wrench / tool option in effects page to morph the effect more and more ..  see tricks and tips


details listed above 

FREE Promo codes

Werble team have offered some promo codes to buy off the watermark and various Packs
I will have the info in a few days and offer them out as a prize or competition pending collaboration with werble team 

Photo: make a banner

There are many options, there change according to your imagination 

on this day 
wanted to test a photo collage for friend; Bangkok Model and Fashion designer 

The result is below  
The photo was then used to test the Werble photo to video app - above 

you could easily upgrade this applying background colour, filters and more .. this example was to show how I built the basics

Create the banner

The stages to created this Banner 

all apps mentioned here are listed in the 360 app page 

1. Canvas must be 2x1

made with app You Doodle 
select custom size 3000x1500
merge background to foreground to then apply transparency to canvas

the sample 2x1 transparency has been loaded into page VeeR faq logos for you to download
title Canvas 

2. loaded canvas into app Pixomatic
I like as its easy to shift inserts (images) and mod them with perspective or shadows

add inserts (photos) along the horzin  .. too far up or down will result in distortion (warp/wrap) in sphere

to gauge the size of this page relative to the images , hilite it as if you are copying or click to download and it should show the borders


3. load into VeerR app
decided on starting point 

to add an image above / below horizon and let VeeR control the Warp

the text title in the photo was done in VeeR

can insert images into Veer in the emoj section press the + sign to select from camera roll

Note: VeeR expects square canvas or it will stretch the image 

Square inserts

when you want to insert an image (PIP Photo in Photo) when using the spherical editor app VeeR
VeeR expects the canvas to be Square otherwise it will stretch the image 

Make square canvas (template) 
I use app You Doodle  - >  an friendly options  custom and pre defined canvas 

I selected a square of 1000 or more 
insert the image you may lose 20% of the outside boundary if u use as a watermark on Nadir (trial and error) so make sure the parts u want to be seen are within 80% of the canvas boundary

use the FILL option in You Doodle to apply Transparency on the square canvas as I only want to show the insert image not the surrounding canvas
output as a PNG to preserve transparency 

the image in the bow below has transparency either side of the image so it will show whatever background is in the host site and in the example of the photo it is applied on then it shows the background of host photo 

load that image into VeeR as an emoj and place anywhere

I loaded this image of khun Opal in lingerie to top / Ceiling of the banner and used some of my existing emoj / logos to the bottom

The photo has been loaded into several hosts sites below 


This odd looking photo is in flat mode, when loaded into host sites that recognise spherical (see below) you get an awesome VR Virtual reality  immersed effect 

it is best to view the images in smartphone and ensure the device is not locked to portrait or landscape 

Host sites

Site: Theta:  Powerful zoom in / out

why Theta site: many display controls,  

Zoom out to make a crystal ball, all display styles can be downloaded. 

click a thumbnail to watch in 360 
     - have fun morphing the images

  • 360 spherical photo photos of Bangkok model and fashion design Opal Sangnark.   Video in #Butterfly3d
Theta site lets you change the display styles - see options below images in Theta site or         
    channels: Bangkok   I   Perth WA

Site:  Dermandar:  VR (Virtual Reality) effect

album: SM  Wat Nong Waeng 

Directory I album I slideshow I map location 

Best view: smartphone tablet for Virtual Reality effect
Controls:  (best with external link)
S/Ph: turn on any angle (360) or swipe / pinch screen
D/Top: quality> bottom right | Zoom: double click | Full page: top right

site tips and tricks: 
create albums by tag words, location, display / play in small and large
change album search: 1. deselect tag words from directory 2. select new tag words 
share and embed images
Best practices: download FREE app "Dermandar" - link I  about 360 Spherical Pic - video - apps
my library (fully searchable) Luckyroo

Site: Veer  VR  TV
Related image

VEER TV or VR 360 spherical Photos video
desktop and sPh apps and host site

best viewed in smartphone for VR Virtual Realty Effect, pause anytime and rotate view

tips/tricks: search by tag words, create collections, include link, share and embed
VEER TV  - follow my channel on Veer TV - Luckyroo 


Image result for thinglink logo

Thinglink:  Interactive image 360

not one with this pic but here's another example
Photo: 360 Spherical external link 

Social Media

360 spherical photo Banner mod to with effects lab test
#LabTest360apps   #360AppLabtest   #AppWerble   #360MakeaBanner  #360VideoEffects #360VideoFilters

Lab Tests

nb: these are actual tests -> b4 creating this page many are shown in basic in page 360 apps
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Virtual tour: Google maps - how to make 2019.06.17 drafted to  Google Street view - Virtual tour 
Camera: Theta Z1 spec leak 2019.04.09 news flash  Theta Z1 leaked specs 
Photo app skylab - masking feature 2019.06.27 test, feedback  Skylab photo app masking 
Video tricks - by QooCam 2019.03.27 completed Qoocam - video tricks 
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WARNING: lab test often includes multiple widgets embedded objects which means the page needs a little more time to download 
so be a little more patient than norm

the test done by me as a end user and share to community free when I have time, the limited time is applied to the practical use of the product not spelling / grammar and window dressing as its not a commercial activity  

see disclaimer in 360 apps page  links showing at top of page

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