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Thoroughly completed in 1839 after a three-year construction during the reign of King Rama II whose aim was to tribute to his daughter, Wat Thepthidaram (means Temple of the Angel) is famous for its architecture influenced by Chinese arts, especially its ordination hall. Wat Thepthidaram was also the former residence of Sunthorn Phu, one of the greatest poets in Thai history, during his monkhood in 1840-1842, whose biography is shown at the museum located within the temple compound.

Opening hours: Daily 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Admission: Free

same compound as another major temple Wat Ratchanatdaram and the unique metal castle (Loha Prasat)
Atmosphere: casual 
Tourist attraction: Yes > photo ops of Decor themes
Duration: minimum 2 hours, inspect and photos, the area is old city zone with many historical sites

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The Wat Thepthidaram ( Thai วัด เทพธิดา ราม , Temple of angel daughter , full name: Wat Thepthidaram Woraviharn - วัด เทพธิดา ราม วรวิหาร ) is a Buddhist temple ( wat ) in the inner region of the Rattanakosin -Insel in Bangkok . The plant was built between 1836 and 1839 by King Rama III. built in honor of his eldest favorite daughter Vilas (full name: Krommamuen Apsorn Sudathep , กรม หมื่น อัปสร สุดา เทพ ). Wat Thepthidaram is a Third Class Royal Temple .

Although King Rama III. Having already restored several temples in Bangkok, Wat Thepthidaram was the first rebuilding of his reign. Construction in the then Suan Lauang Phraya Krai ( สวนหลวง พระยา ไกร ) district on the Samran Council Gate ( ประตู สำราญราษฎร์ ) was overseen by site manager Prince Laddawan. This place was remarkable in that it was at that time a transport center for the eastern Rattanakosin island: directly north ran a connecting channel ( Khlong ) , which is now called Khlong Wat Thepthidaram. It connects the inner city fortification channel, the Khlong Lord with the Khlong Robb Krung (literally: "canal that encloses the whole city"). About the Khlong Maha Nak ( คลอง มหานาค) there was a direct connection from the royal palace to the eastern parts of Siam . When the temple was completed in 1893, during the opening ceremony, the king personally tied the ceremonial ribbon around the temple and officially granted him land rights.

More - Wikipedia

Phra Ubosot or Chapel is a place for religious ceremony, such as reciting of Prātimokṣa (Fundamental rules of Buddhist monks) on Buddhist day of observance and ordination ceremony. Bai Sema (Buddhist stone marker in Thai temple) and Kampheng Kaew (low wall) can be found outside, separating the Ubosot during Buddhist ceremony. Inside the chapel, Phra Phutta Thewawirat or Luang Por Khao (the White Buddha) is the principle Buddha image of the building. The Buddha image sits on Vechyanbusabok, an artistic reflects of the throne of Indra. In front of Luang Por Khao, two standing Buddha images in the post of calming the ocean stand in full regalia. On the right, the picture of Princess Wilat drew and donated to the temple by the Fine Art Department, Ministry of Culture. On the other side, a statue of King Rama III, the founder of the temple, can be found.

Outside the Ubosot stand four pagodas in each direction. These pagodas were built in a unique fashion of early Rattanakosin period in the form of “corn shape” pagoda, which is characterized by tall and steep tower that slowly shrink and round up on the top, similar to the shape of a corn. The total height of each pagoda is 15 meters, including the 5 meters octagon foundation. Each pagoda stands in the cardinal direction with Thao Chatulokaban, the Buddhist four heavenly kings, house inside the housing part of the pagoda. The stone pillars in front of each pagoda were carved into stone incense with Chinese dragon adorning the surface. There were four Buddha images installed at the foundation of every pagoda. However, three of them were stolen from the temple over the years.

The Ubosot is used for religious ceremony and only open to public visit during following hours.
Visit: 7.30 am. – 6.00 pm.
Religious routine (Buddhist visitor can participate): 8.30 am. and 7.00 pm.


เลข ที่, 70 Maha Chai Rd, Khwaeng Samran Rat, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200, Thailand

Longdo map is in Thai & English for taxi, google map link in Social media menu for GPS navigation

note: map image IS NOT true North, rotated for best view

Getting there

300 mtrs from Canal Pier Phan Fa Lilat, exit and brief walk

or Express Boat on Chao Phraya River to Pier Memorial Bridge, then taxi

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Icons Here
Theme / Featuresdate comment duration Name & UrlDistance from Lan Maha
Mahakan Fort 20 mins / Heritage building force station Fort Mahakan ป้อมมหากาฬ W 80m Photo Icon  
Transport: Canal Pier 20 min transfer to city. day tour tickets avail Phanfa Leelard Pier ท่าเรือผ่านฟ้าลีลาศ 0m: fast canal ferry 7am to 8pm 
Temple: metal castle  2019.02 virtual tour in progress Loha Prasat - Metal Castle SW 100 m donation to enter 9am to 5pm 
art gallery several levels check opening times in site The Queens Gallery (art centre) N 100m cross the road 
Museum / 3 storey heritage house 2019.02 very good info and displays King Prahadhipok Museum E 200m near canal pier 
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Site: Drone HANGAR 360

200 m North West
starting image is faces North - SCROLL DOWN and around to see Pavilion
walking tour many Icons at Pier Fa Lilat on canal Saen Saep

360 image: 
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  • Wat Thepthidaram is an historical temple in old Bangkok city called Rat-tana-ko-sin, SM hub BEST HASHTAGS #WatThepthidaram  #BkkTemple   #butterfly3d
  • Wat Thepthidaram is an historical temple in old Bangkok city called Rat-tana-ko-sin, SM hub BEST HASHTAGS #WatThepthidaram  #BkkTemple   #butterfly3d
  • Sunthon Phu Muesum famous Poet located inside temple Wat Thepthidaram in old Bangkok city called Rat-tana-ko-sin, SM hub BEST HASHTAGS #SunthonPhuMuseum  #BangkokMuseum  #butterfly3d
  • Wat Ratchanatdaram is an historical temple with a unique Metal Castle, in tour zone Rattanakosin Old city Bangkok, SM hub  BEST HASHTAGS  #WatRatchanatdaram #BkkTemple #ZoneRattanakosin #BkkAchiever #butterfly3d
  • Wat Ratchanatdaram is an historical temple with a unique Metal Castle, in tour zone Rattanakosin Old city Bangkok, SM hub BEST HASHTAGS #WatRatchanatdaram  #BkkTemple    #ZoneRattanakosin  #BkkAchiever #butterfly3d
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Virtual tour

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Saen Saep Canal Bangkok

2.  tips in VT Saen Saep Canal

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Street view

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Starting point:  Entrance to Temple and Metal castle behind

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Canal Pier Fa Lilat

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Wat Thepthidaram is an historical temple along side Wat Ratchanatdaram and a unique Metal Castle (Loha Prasat) in old Bangkok city called Rat-tana-ko-sin, visit inside during the day then return at night to see the castle lighting, SM hub

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