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Feb 2014   Charity fund raiser Challenge 
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FSCC: Foundation Slum Child Care, Klong Toei Bangkok Thailand

ALL funds go to the foundation, you may donate through us or direct, refer website

Charity fund raiser Challenge 
Event:  2014 Money Box tour Perth WA 
Challenge: collect money and funny photos

Feb 2014 tour Bangkok to Perth WA (West Australia)


Charity group: Foundation Slum Child Care ( fscc )

This fund raiser challenge supports charity, details in section "main project"

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The Challenge 

WA Achievers
The money box Perth WA people n places collecting funny photos and donations  
08/02/2014 BPAC and Exec Tours Bangkok team leader Phill Smith will return to Perth WA for a few weeks with a money box and a few personally sign calendars by Bangkok models.

Photos are posted to facebook fanpage photo album as well as google+, see below 

Money raised from the challenge is for project New bathrooms for the child care centre - link
Note: the money box is locked and will be returned to the foundation centre auditing team and results published in the main fund raiser page

Funny photos

Sponsors donate money for funny pic
100bt to 1000baht for each silly or funny, pls give it shot for the kids

Pics in the album are date order, starts a little serious but as we get into the swing of things the laughs grow.

Ideas / suggestions welcome ...
It’s about sharing a laugh with the kids, raising money for charity slum kids Bangkok.
We will present the album to the kids and collect their reply photos

Smiling is the sensation of feeling good all over but generally only showing it in 1 place. 
Have a go, pass the link to friends or business for a challenge, your photo will generate donation from sponsors and inspire the kids.  Maybe you will give yourself a reward tour to Bangkok here


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Sponsor lunch

you can sponsor a lunch for the kids.

about $30 for 20 kids but I suggest you pay $100 / $150 and receive photos of the kids and a banner of your company name (good for social media).

Ultimately we'd love to see you or your team make a visit, perhaps part of your team building tour which we can service

Main project

The main project is raising funds for to renovate
the bathrooms and toilets at the Foundation centre

people are welcome to donate in various ways Sponsor an event team building visit donate to money box
donate 2nd hand clothing 


brief note about special people and places

09/02 Balls Golf club
AGM  / BBQ including vote to decide next years golf tour - Bali or Thailand
Decision is:  Thailand - Hua Hin Oct 2015
approx 20 players and partners in the tour including a 2 day visit to Bangkok which will include a visit to Foundation Slum Child Care Centre. Some of boys kindly contributed "funny photos" earning 1,000baht from sponsors - thanks chaps 

14/02 Que Capital - donate / sponsor 15,000baht

23/02/14: return to Bangkok 60,000bt raised in 2wks

Bangkok 2 wks - more funny photos - not so much money but lots of pics

March - Perth WA 2 wks - more money and pics 

April - 19th Bangkok - present money to Foundation next week and start another money box, the money count will be ????

May - another trip to Perth and back to Bangkok with another tour group. This time we visit the FSCC centre and submit money box

June  - return to trip to Australia, then visit FSCC centre and donate money boxes managed and Bangkok model Porsch, the total raised is about 24,000bht

July - we will visit the centre again ...

 updates posted to main project page New Bathroom

Sharealike slides

slideshow below external Link - Open album


useful links and references


FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care
map links:  
1. Longdo (Thai) map link  2. Google Map link include street view and Directions

visits can be arranged with Bangkok PAC

Money Box Hosts

from Feb 2014
People / Business accepted the fund raiser challenge "Money Box Tour"
view the money box host directorysee Google+ and Facebook group for newsflashes 
and link to each money box host
Grab a Money box and have some fun with us

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