2019.02 Kanya Tecpro


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Ambassador Bangkok Model Kanya 

The gig

Busy Bangkok Model modelling agency owner Kanya (Sugunya Satsomboon) kindly, continuously, gains support from her network and this time (again) it's warm felt generosity of Tecpro Barriers with a cash donation of 10,000 baht which Kanya presented to FSCC and receipted.

visits can include sharing food with the children, play in the fun zone (supervised by the carers)
today Kanya was a little down on health (mask on) and though best to keep distance 
so we are handing over the money and observation talks...

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what we do when we visit FSCC: 

scroll down the page to see the list of past visits with topics 
Donating food or clothing while hosting morning tea is popular as is sharing your birthday cake with the children allowing them to experience the joy of happy birthday 

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Two (2) formats 1. standard video 2. 360 spherical (use smartphone for VR)

Format: standard video : 1.50min - external link

the same vid is also in full 360 spherical (link below) pls use a smartphone or VR googles for best effect

watch the 360 spherical version below 

Format: 360 Spherical
best viewed in smartphone for VR Virtual Reality

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site 2
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180 by Al

Video by 360 today (fbk) / 360 Guru Al Caudullo  

Note: this is 180 (not 360)   

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  Wanna have an "out of this world experience"
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just ask Kanya or Kaeo or Joy 

contact Al (contact details this page under Guest media)


Tecpro provided safety barriers for the race track 




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Visitors welcome Monday to Friday 
donation: clothes, money, birthday cake

Soi Dramrong Phiphat, Klong Toei, Bangkok Thailand 
 Longo map link   is in Thai & English for taxi, 
Google map link in SM menu for GPS navigation

Getting there:  Taxi is required, 

note: Taxi do not frequent this Soi so book a return Taxi 15 mins before you leave 

for Taxi driver;  same street as Father Joe HDF Mercy Centre (orphanage)

Google map link down the page 

Download image for smartphone - larger version click here

Google street view
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Starting point:  Entrance 

Move in any directionhttps://goo.gl/maps/LfUpMVRD2vN2 

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Feb 2019 visit to FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care in Klong Toei Bangkok with a sponsored donation 10,000 baht from TECPRO Barriers, thanks to ambassador Bangkok model Gunya Pie for her continued and endless support, SM hub 

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About FSCC

Through their Daycare Centres and by supporting privately run daycare homes, the Foundation provides care and education for children aged from four months to five years old.  They also reach out to help other slum babies and infants in their own homes through the help of community volunteers. 

These children come from low-income families, and many suffer from neglect, malnutrition and abuse. The foundation supports nearly 2000 children, every day! 

The Klong Toei centre 
Two (2) story building with offices and outdoor play area catering for approx 80 children between age of 1 and 5. 
Visitors are welcome to the centre, if you wish to sponsor a lunch (from as little as 1,000 baht 10 kids) please contact the centre for details. 

Donations of food and clothing are always welcome however money is essential to continue the support initiatives. 

How to donate

Money Box
visit the Aussie Pub and donate to the money box and do make a pic and share in your social media to encourage others to follow your good deed

Other options
online direct to FSCC or in person their centre/s what to donate are detail here

Volunteer helpers are always welcome 
Inspection programs are available were you can accompany the support team to visit families in the slum area, please note this is by appointment only. 

WEBSITE <> Brochure: < < English > > << Thai >> all brochures 

Where the money goes
  • Money box is locked and only FSCC have the key 
  • NO costs are deducted 
  • Funds are dedicated to specific projects  

Past Projects

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Past visits
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2019.02 Donate money sponsored visit 2019.02 Gunya Tecpro Ambassador Bkk model Gunya Tecpro Barriers 
2018.12.25 xmas toys donate toys 2018.12.25 Xmas toys penquin pillow toys Que Capital 
2018.08.22 visit centre  Playtime food and song visit FSCC deliver money boxes and social with kids Aussie Pub BBQ Bangkok 
2018.08.17 Money Box Money Box collection x 3 boxes 2018.08 Aus Pub Money Box collect and delivery and Playtime with kids Aussie Pub BBQ Bangkok 
2018.05 Birthday cake 2018.05 bday cake phill 15,000 bt donation Bangkok PAC 
2018.03.02  TamBoon with Kanya Models 2018.03.02 Gunya Model Make Merit / morning tea  Tecpro Barries Calendar 2018 
2017.11. Morning tea 2017-11 GunyaPie Model Gunya tba 
2017.07 Monkey Business 2017.07 Gee team at FSCC donations, make merit and see whats new Gee Family Australia 
2017.05.10 Birthday  2017.05 Birthday Cake donate cake, clothes and money BPAC, Phill, Bob Nigel and others 
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Tour zones

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when I roam around town with a few bags of camera gear, phones and compass I get tired 
in this link you can buy me a coffee and include a message which helps so much

ultimately I prefer support for visit my local charity project 
FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care log of my visits and money raised

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2019.04.06 Bts Asok Comedy - International Jimmy Carr med -  in 2016 he rocked Bangkok fbk bkk nightlife 
2019.02.16 / Saraburi 9am to 9pm Social: Meet Locals day trip low - day trip activities Thai and Foreigners mixing it up TML: Saraburi hypo 
2019.01.26 / Suk Soi 19 Comedy / 5 star Westin Grand Hotel low international at Westin Grand Hotel Stand up Asia - fbk invite 
2018.12 30 days Dusit Festival - Aoon Ai Rak Warm love Free Thai Costume / heritage Warm love AoonAiRak 
2018.12.19 / Suk Soi 13 Comedy / battle off the best low  huge gig  fbk grp bkk nightlife 
2018.11 to Jan IconSiam Exhibition: History Boats free  New shopping mall IconSiam tb Sri Mahasamut Nov to Jan 
2018.11.28  Photos: Bangkok Histroy   fbk page Happy Bkk tourism 
2018.11.23 Thailand Festival: Loy Krathong low awesome romance Loy Krathong - November 
2018.11.16 to 25th Bangkok Festival of Lights   fbk page BPAC 
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