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Tribute Dec 2012 Aussie Songs

Checkinn99 is an Iconic "old world" Cabaret Bar.

The Entertaining is today, food and drink service is wholesome value as is the house culture.

Once you've stepped inside, joined the audience atmosphere you'll be back as part of the family.

The Music of the Heart Band performing at an original Bangkok Cabaret bar. 

Sukhumvit Rd between Soi 5 & 7 Bangkok, Thailand 
Open nightly: Cabaret show from 8.30pm - 1.30am.
Home-style restaurant: Steakhouse, European and Thai menu.

Featuring:- the best known (Oz & Kiwi) classics from Seekers, Skyhooks, LRB, Daddy Cool, Aussie Crawl, Jimmy Barnes, Ice House, Crowded House, Aussie Crawl, Cold Chisel, Black Sorrows, Angels, ACDC, Peter Allen, and many more plus a few surprises & ballads. Come and see our Aussie Nostalgia wall
Event details:  facebook link  <>  Forum article 

What happened

An eager migration and a standing Ovation!

The event was well supported by ardent admirers of the Band M.O.T.H. (Music Of The Heart) and those faithful to the tunes of Aussie, Aussie, Aussie; oie, oie, oie
  • Several thousand stuffed toys (Aussie Icons) were adopted on the night.
  • Aussie theme clobber worn by staff and patrons kept the focus
  • The Performers kept us guessing with multiple costume changes
  • Big screen reel of unique Icons of Australia, the album displayed below and on display at Checkinn99
The intimate atmosphere with the band gives everyone a power vibe and their energy creates an electric aura that had the place pumping. The was quite a few standing ovations to the Iconic songs that are uniquely Australian in feel and fame, well done Aussie Guest singer Mike Gilligan, we hope you'll be back.

The selection of menu is high quality (music) and yes the Restaurant food and table snacks (99bt) are orgasmic.

This event needs to be repeated.
The band rehearsed some 70 songs and managed to reel out 50 of the best. The entertainment was continuously with duties shared between MOTH band and guest Aussie Singer Mike Gilligan and his faithful sidekick from "Dreamtime land".. what the!

How the night finished is hard to remember, there was more stuffed toys, a special presentation birthday cake to one of Checkin99 new owners Chris (Aussie) and then came "Gangnam style" which sparked a stampede to the dance floor. I recall a flashing dash from the bar manageress with a tray of shooters, she weaved through the dance floor and circled the tables.

The encore was conditional... it came, it continued.. the night kept going 
I think Chris performed a encore of shooters... it's started to get hazy
This event must be repeated

There are few places left in Bangkok that deliver incredible value for money with kindred spirit.
You'll  never know unless you give it a go, and that means 

1. Trying to find the entrance, it's swamped by street vendors stalls, so look for a very narrow entrance.
2. You'll have to walk the hall of ? (a 20ft narrow entrance now adorned in Aussie Icons)
3. Drop down into a Thai Smile crocodiles ....  haaha just kidding!  Fear not, they're just happy to see you! 
4. Decisions ...
turn left and upstairs for mezzanine dinning area, or march forward to old (vintage) cane cushioned patio chairs, positioned around the band.  The table snacks are delicious, well sized and priced.. it works!
5. Enjoy some of best entertainment money can buy, song requests welcome.

Bangkok  .....   voted worlds best city 2012

The Videos

Selection of videos recorded on the night, the quality (of the recording) is not Professional standard but you get the idea

AusWaThai - BPAC 

Our video is in production, slightly busy with my paid real job (doh!), give me a few days

Divinyls: Boys in Town

The Music of the Heart Band paying tribute to one of the most outstanding Aussie female rock legends Chrissy Amphlett and of course none other than the Divinyls with Boys in Town

Jimmy Barnes

I am Australian

Singer:  Mike Gilligan

Waltzing Matilda

I still call Australia Home

The Boys Light Up

YouTube Video

External link

More hits on the night....

Whats goingon          <>  SeekersMornington Ride

I honestly Love You    <>  Georgy Girl

Flametree                  <> I Love Rockn Roll

Solid Rock = Goanna  <> GangnamStyle – this is Viral now

Link to all videos on youtube, Aussie Song tribute Dec 2012 click here 

The Photos


The photo album is a "donation" box, more photos are being added daily as they are received, so come back and see more soon

donate photos e:
email us and we will give you instructions on how to contribute photos 

Aussie Icons

overhead screen of Aussie Icons displayed on the night
album being uploaded

donate photos e:
email us and we will give you instructions on how to contribute photos

Other albums

Patrons / food / drink menu on front page

The Music of the Heart Band performing at an Original Bangkok Cabaret bar
Sukhumvit Rd b/w Soi 5& 7 Bangkok, Thailand 

Open nightly Cabaret show from 8.30pm - 1.30am. 
Sunday Jazz 2-6pm and evening Happy Hour live acoustic easy listening Wed-Sun 6-8.30pm every Wed - Sun 
Home-style restaurant: Steakhouse, European and Thai menu