Sukhumvit Soi 11, Klong Toei, Bangkok

Street savvy

Arguably the premier nightlife strip of Bangkok, a banquet of Western nightlife, infused with "Thai style", up to you. 

Bursting with offerings, several internationally acclaimed Nightclubs, a healthy compliment of Western Iconic taverns, wine bars, orgasmic restaurants.

As the evening reaches prime time expect congestion (car and foot) so arrive earlier and find your spot among the treasures.  Expect to see many outdoor street Bars / food stalls, whilst they add to the traffic chaos they're part of the local culture.

Cheap Charlies leads to a quite sub-soi of venues, just past Rosabeing restaurant is a lane that sneaks you into Soi 7, which has an alleyway known as "the tunnel" that gets you into Soi 5 and then you can slide through Little Arabia town to Soi 3.

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Tour zone

Sukhumvit features tour icons Family > Shopping > Nightlife  I Directory: Sukhumvit Street guide

map image left: BTS line Siam to Thonglor expand image


Airport: Excellent 
by skytrain: 1 km to station Makkasan, 15 min express transfer to airport, read more
by taxi: 2km to freeway bypass

Local transport: Excellent
> 100 mtrs to BTS (skytrain) station Nana [street view], loads of taxi; car, tuktuk or motor bike 
> 1km to local canal Saen Saep for express transfer behind the city to Rattanakosin (old city; Grand Palace and the famous tour zone Khao San rd)

The Soi is most always busy with taxis: car/bike/tuktuk. You can avoid the busy entry in/out of Sukhumvit (main rd) by using the side roads that connect at the T-junction at the end of the Soi, otherwise try the adjacent Soi 13 and 7 and then cut thru the Hotel foyer.


Major: Choices galore from 3 to 5 star


    So many worthy nominees, Bangkok (Thailand) is a champion of culinary taste delights. 
    • Make time for the 1km of the Soi, the day to Night shift is extreme (street view map below)
    • If you wanna chill, wonder past Cheap Charlies bar for a quiet cove of Restaurants
    • Aust Pub & BBQ has Crocodile kebabs, Oskar Bistro is famous for Pizza, Lemoncello is special and unique is snacking on bed supperclub.
    Far too many people return to their country not experiencing the delight of street food, if you need a few tips try Thai food $1 Menu, ideally go with a local host otherwise have a few drinks to give you the confidence to try (not die).

    Rooftop views

    • The Nest, 9th floor Le Fenix Hotel opposite Q-Bar
    • Above Eleven 33rd, opened 2012, Panoramic view of city skyline from behind the Q-bar




      • Levels club lounge (5 star) opened 2012, a 6th floor sound and lighting blast (2 zones) + balcony escape
      • Bash (5 star) opened 2012, upscale late night club, an Icon of the future , 4 flrs of cutting edge culture 
      • Climax, (4 star) basement of the Ambassador Hotel, it's loud, it's busy, it's a devil of a place, do go in
      Street Bars are common, safe and "good fun", you'll see many in Soi 11. From around 10pm till 6am along the roadside from Soi 3 (Nana) to Soi 23 (cowboy),
      if your a newbie try Orange Bar and Tois Street food @ Suk Soi 11/1, Thai and English owners. 

      Soi Icons: 2013

      • The new rooftop Above Eleven holds panoramic 25th flr romantic views and stunning food, back down on the ground and around the corner is Apoteka lounge Bar, we like it, multiple zones and the Opium room needs to be seen
      The photo album includes map location of photos try the google street view map below 

      Master list all venues Suk Soi 11, see the full list with option to sort by any column

      Name & URLIndustry / ThemeSize / CultureStars / CommentPrice / Feedback
      Kazbar Bar outdoor medium / trendy watch the passing traffic 4star / kebabs / centre bar or dine in angel dine Medium / excellent food, located mid way along the Soi  
      Coyote Mexican Bar & Grill Bangkok Restaurant / USA Diner Medium / quality fitout 4.5star /  Medium /  
      Grand President Accom / Traditional Large / 400 + rooms, Pool, fitness 5star /  Medium /  
      Old German Beerhouse Restaurant / German Medium / feast on food and beers 4star /  Medium / 
      Oskar Bistro Bar / Tavern: 2 levels and Veranda  Small / Smart and snappy 4.5star / hugely food following Medium / excellence  
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      • Not much room left in Soi 11, of course there are boutique shops but to get serious you it's around the corner o Sukhumvit (main rd) and jump aboard the skytrain or use the local Taxi car, bike or tuktuk.  This area has many excellent shopping centres along Sukhumvit.  

      Street maps

      • links are provided for Google and Longdo (local), each has gains and pains

      Starting point: 10mtrs into Soi 11 from Sukhumvit (main rd), click the "Nav" buttons to start the journey

      Google street map tips      >            fullscreen Icon: Top right corner

      White frame on cursor, click to go to that position or click direction markers at bottom of screen or drag street Icon (orange) person to desired location.

      Longdo map: Suk Soi 11 - type "soi icon"
      Place cursor over pins for name, click for more detail.

      map tip: Position map centre "+", type key words (Industry, category or name) or select by map directory of Icons, help @ Longdo Hospitality


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      2017.02.25 Suk Soi 12 Fight Night: MMA by FMD "The one" M / 1200 / 3hrs  Asia's Best FMD 13 / Fbk 
      2017.02.24 Suk Soi 15 Fight Night: MMA WEIGH INS L / FREE / 2 hrs at HOOters S15 FMD / FBK 
      2017.02.18 Suk Soi 19 2pm Pool Party Low / 6 hrs  Westin Pool Party 
      2017.02.17 Suk Soi 11 7pm Fight Night: MMA Low / 500bt / 3 hrs Hot Spot Soi Proflex Fight Night / TB 
      2017.02.17 Chao Phraya River Dance / Concert Medium  International  DON'T LET DADDY KNOW Thailand / FB 
      2017.02.14 Suk Soi 26 2pm Pool Party Low / 6 hrs  Blast Pool Party / FBK  
      2017.02.12 Suk Soi 33/1 Comedy: Stand up Low / 2 hrs Headliner - Gina Yashere (UK) Events Comedy Club Bangkok 
      2017.02.10 Suk Soi 11 Bar / Grand Opening Party Low / 6 hrs Premier Nightlife Soi  8 on Eleven Grand Opening / TB 
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      2017.01.10 Suk Soi 19 Massage -  ChaCha SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
      2017.01.07 Suk Soi 15 Pool Party AmBar - Hotel rooftop pool Bar SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
      2017.01.06 Suk Soi 15 Bar - beers Scoop on 15 Bar FBK Bkk Adventure Pics 
      2017.01.06 Suk Soi 11 60's Cabaret Bar Checkinn99 FBK Bkk Tourism: Pics / 360 Video 
      2017.01.03 Suk Soi 11 Pub Talk Mulligans Irish Bar Fbk Bkk Adventure: Pics/360 
      2016.12.28 BTS Asok F&D: Irish Pub  The Drunken Leprechaun SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
      2016.12.22 BTS Asok F&D: Thai SeeFah est: 1939 Directory page 
      2016.12.20 Suk Soi 19 F&D: Street Food /. Bar Aroi Food Truck SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
      2016.12.17 Bts Asok Pool Party Westin Pool Party SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
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