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The Neon Night Bazaar


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Opened 2016 3000 sq mtr, 2019 5000 sqm 
Open air, very clean, bright overhead lights, wide open isles, lots of snappy colours 

The alley (Thai word "trock") or isle way between the stalls is much wider then usual which makes it so much more comfortable for foreigners to walk as they are not sued to the squeezed narrow space which haunts my mind from visit Chatuchak weekend markets 

from The main road the alley ways have a large L to mark the zone in case you need to meet someone

The produce range is the norm with various food, sweets and souvenir, clothing and so on

At the back behind a small sound barrier wall is an area 100mtrs wide by 50 mtrs deep hosting various bars of 1 and 2 storey, some with live music and all smashing out loud sounds in Thai style.

Only 150 mtrs down the road is Pallidium shopping mall (that never seems to have visitors) because there is always a incredibly extensive massive never ending display of clothing outside .. lol 

Best ages: suites all age groups
Atmosphere:  casual 
Open daily  4pm to midnight 

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1087 ถนน เพชรบุรีตัดใหม่ Khwaeng Makkasan, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400
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Getting there

1 km from BTS (skytrain) Station Chidlom


100 mtrs from Canal Saen Saep ChidLom Pier ชิดลม

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From the front of the markets you can see the rooftop Redsky (61 flrs) 
from the rear of the markets (bars) you can see the rooftop Baiyoke sky (83 flrs)

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Sept 2017

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  • Talad Neon night markets in Downtown Bangkok, SM hub https://goo.gl/3khjpl BEST HASHTAGS #TaladNeonBkk  #BkkMarkets  #BkkNightMarkets  #BkkFleaMarket  related #CanalSsPierPratunam  #BkkZoneRatchathewi  #BpacApproved  #firefly3d
  • Talad Neon night markets in Downtown Bangkok, SM hub https://goo.gl/3khjpl BEST HASHTAGS #TaladNeonBkk  #BkkMarkets  #BkkNightMarkets  #BkkFleaMarket  related #CanalSsPierPratunam  #BkkZoneRatchathewi  #BpacApproved  #firefly3d
  • Talad Neon night markets in Downtown Bangkok, SM hub https://goo.gl/3khjpl BEST HASHTAGS #TaladNeonBkk  #BkkMarkets  #BkkNightMarkets  #BkkFleaMarket  related #CanalSsPierPratunam  #BkkZoneRatchathewi  #BpacApproved  #firefly3d

Jan 2017
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  • Talad Neon night markets in Ratchathewi Bangkok, fun for all and in the centre of town, SM hub https://goo.gl/3khjpl BEST HASHTAGS #TaladNeonBkk   Industry #BkkMarkets  #BkkNightMarkets  #BkkFleaMarket #CanalSsPierPratunam  #BkkZoneRatchathewi
  • Talad Neon night markets in Ratchathewi Bangkok, fun for all and in the centre of town, SM hub https://goo.gl/3khjpl BEST HASHTAGS #TaladNeonBkk   Industry #BkkMarkets  #BkkNightMarkets  #BkkFleaMarket #CanalSsPierPratunam  #BkkZoneRatchathewi
  • Talad Neon night markets in Ratchathewi Bangkok, fun for all and in the centre of town, SM hub https://goo.gl/3khjpl BEST HASHTAGS #TaladNeonBkk   Industry #BkkMarkets  #BkkNightMarkets  #BkkFleaMarket #CanalSsPierPratunam  #BkkZoneRatchathewi
  • Talad Neon night markets in Ratchathewi Bangkok, fun for all and in the centre of town, SM hub https://goo.gl/3khjpl BEST HASHTAGS #TaladNeonBkk   Industry #BkkMarkets  #BkkNightMarkets  #BkkFleaMarket #CanalSsPierPratunam  #BkkZoneRatchathewi
  • Talad Neon night markets in Ratchathewi Bangkok, fun for all and in the centre of town, SM hub https://goo.gl/3khjpl BEST HASHTAGS #TaladNeonBkk   Industry #BkkMarkets  #BkkNightMarkets  #BkkFleaMarket #CanalSsPierPratunam  #BkkZoneRatchathewi

Virtual tour

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Talad Neon night markets is in the middle of the city, is big and clean at 4 acres (10 rai) of stalls, bars and novelty, only 150m from local canal pier in Ratchathewi Bangkok, fun for call, SM hub

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