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How we started
The concept was borne through AuswaThai Exec Tours Bangkok. As the service evolved we displayed FAQ's on ETB website about P.A. (Personal Assistant) 
Generally speaking the APAC team are members of the community where they work, people with local knowledge or specialised skill that appeals to touring guests.  
note: we are not a dating service

What happened next
The feedback was an overwhelming success and we saw the opportunity to create the service to all tourists so we we created "Bangkok A.P.A.C.

our success
"Get the most use a host", It's transparent and collaborative 

how we add value 
We display a database of the places and venues and offer the choice 
  • a. you select a high skilled concierge to organise your program 
  • b. you D.I.Y. and use a low skilled assistant? 
  • See more in Scope of services 

from as low as 1,500bt for 5hrs maximum 3 people, see What's the cost

Need service
Corporate and Execs 
We consult and construct tours and appoint PA's to facilitate

Tourists and general - in Bangkok
Please go to Bookings and discuss with local travel agents

Before you book
We want you to get "best value" for your money, try the "Tour Profiler" (needs and wants). Everyone saves time and money so please do... 

Contact us
We appreciate your interest, we will do our best to provide a prompt reply. 

General enquiry
International free call via www.skype.com - user ID: Luckyroo
Telephone numbers Aussie and Thai, displayed in feedback page

A.P.A.C. Team members
  • Local people (Thai National) and Expats, enthusiastic hosts (not tour guides).
  • If you require specific skills please ensure validate with the booking agent