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Team Induction - Service standards

 Here's how we make sure they're great

Before they are promoted, each undergoes a selection process:
  • initial telephone interview
  • agreement to our business principles
  • document verification - driver's license and/or passport
  • reference and background check,  
  • second telephone interview

A Bangkok P.A.C. member will not know everything, they know the priority system
  • Transparency
    • if not sure "say so" and refer to the tour database or other team members
  • Client priorities
    • give opinions based on customers values (not theirs (do not assume))
  • Quality is deemed satisfactory to the client (so ask).
    • To define this we clarify the customers needs and wants. If they're not sure they may need a consultant or Concierge (higher charge) or they can try the tips in our tour profiler.

Study the Knowledge base at "Bangkok Search" Novice to Advanced

We stablish skills sets to price point

Personal Assistants
  • Skill sets; Basic (non skilled), Medium and Advanced  (low-medium-high)

  • Priced accordingly; some will be eager for experience and may be priced lower and others that have achieved success may be charging a higher price, this is evidenced by "word of mouth" or "availability".

Concierge & Consultants 
  • Skill sets; better characterised by their promoted activity

  • The higher price warrants the time for a discovery; establish competency for your requirements.

see more in who are we and what we do.

Confidentiality and Privacy
All APAC members are instructed they must recognise and adhere to laws of statute as well as common sense.  Populating information of a general nature in respect to matters of service should always be considered from the prospective of the customer.

Ongoing quality measures:
  • review of webpage profile for clarity and language
  • unedited reviews / feedback from clients  
  • assistance from us if problems arise between you and an APAC member
  • removal from system for failure to abide by core business principles

Knowledge base
Members are added to a closed facebook group (BPAC) where we show news about Bangkok Hospitality that is of likely interest to prospective customers.  This includes places we are visiting or have visited so you can come along and see what we have added to the database.