Street map view

Google street map view  

starting point:  Best Comfort on the right, 
forward to T junction Soi 15, left to Sukhumvit (main rd), right to Pier on Sean Saep canal

turn around to Soi 19 and right to BTS (skytrain) station Asok
or continue to Soi 21 (main rd Asok) 

map tips

fullscreen Icon: Top right corner

White frame on cursor, click to go to that position or click direction markers at bottom of screen or drag street Icon (orange) person to desired location.

Taxi: Best Comfort Residential Hotel  Longdo map link (English and Thai)

Swimming pool Panoramic view, rotate photo

Orientation around BTS Asok area 

Street guide Suk Soi 19 - general knowledge

Business Directory Suk Soi 19 - all business services

Zone: Sukhumvit, features icons Family > Shopping > Nightlife

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