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3 hour pushbike tour old Bangkok city
Nov 2018 
no hills, lots of thrills

Roaming reporters

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The Guests

Bruce and Stash Stevenson from Perth, West Australia 
visiting Bangkok (not newbies) 

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The Vlogger

Khon Thai Joy and Farang (foreigner) Khun LuckyPhill
of B.PAC  Bangkok Personal Assist Concierge 

Khon (is Person) whereas Khun is polite prefix to acknowledge a person   - see example special words Thai

we like to make spontaneous outings without giving proper notice to the host of our program so we can experience the tour in the same capacity as the public
we also like to capture our media "on the fly" whilst participating sometimes its awesome and others times ... hmmm never mind 

what we say about this tour 

Location:  Awesome
it's a well established outfit with an enthusiastic team 
the location is awesome re the start and finish at Rivercity because at the location there's a 1000 options before or after 

Menu: Excellent: 
different start times, different duration (short, med, long) and different journeys 

Attitude:  Enthusiastic 
healthy energetic patient team (min of 2 people for front and rear) control
very good english and they do their home work about local Icons 

Value for money: Yes 
3 hr tour

Bikes: good condition 
Guides: good team (shot gun front and back)
Privileged access to places 
Grass roots experience (places toy would not think to go alone)
Peace of mind - quality program
a wonderful experience to feel, smell and taste the local culture and character of Bangkok;  Chinatown and surrounds

we have tried and tested the tours since 2009 (every few years) and we are always joyful of our experience

Mud map

Please note: This map is not accurate & do not follow the journey alone !!! 
some areas are approved for pass and access by the tour group and designated times

approx distance: 8.5km on flat surface includes 2 river crossings and multiple stops  

some aspects of the locations will be shown in the virtual tour in the page 

some ... not all pics in the RoundMe virtual tour below appear with location 

Visitor tips

remember the 5 p's: Property Planning Prevents Poor Performance 

arrive early (on time)
wear proper clothing
drink water
Understand the difference between a tourist and a Traveller 
a tourist compares everything to home whereas a traveller appreciates the difference 

realise you need to finish the race so don't start strong 
the weather in Thailand is hot and.or Humid so it will deplete you so be slothy (slow and easy)and sugar up when needed and rest when offered 

do take advantage of any photo op (you can always delete later but you can not create)


Places of significant interest, apart from stopping at Icons / landmarks its also the area or zones as we call them
this is old heritage, lost in time 

not only would you enjoy this trip but you will want to come back and book for another or sign on for a walking tour

Zone: Talad Noi   Heritage is fascinating 

of course the bike ride only gives you a tease view as we pass through 

the zone is approx 1km long by 700 mt wide but in this small zone is endless places to view

Image result for Talad Noi

Zone: Chinatown 

Fascinating place, a must do before engaging is to visit the famous temple Wat Traimit, not just because it's home to the Golden Buddha 
but because it holds a state of the art Yaowarat Chinatown Heritage centre where you can absorb the history before engaging 

Wholesale Flower Markets 

local name is Pak Klogn Talad it's a frenzy - best times to go is sunset and evenings because it's cooler and so many options for diner, either on the street or go behind the markets to the incredible raised river walk Yodpiman 400 mtrs of Food and drinks along the river with a birds eye view of passing diner cruise boats

diner cruises from South Pier 1.5km at Rivercity start 7.30pm so you want to be seated by 8pm for an hour of awesome parade 


Temple / Wat Kalanyanamit 

truly remarkable job by our guide Andy to talk us through the history and culture, to lead us into the temple and learn how to pray

we caught it all on video and made a virtual tour VT Wat Kalanyanamit

Zone: Klong San 

another lost in time area that warrants days of walking .. lol
so many places 

We stopped for a rest in boutique heritage park
Princess Mother Memorial Park 

time did not permit to wonder the 500 sqm park .. you can easily spend 4 hours chill and photos ops everywhere 
the park is a creation of child hood memories of the king and his mum and the elements of their life
the park includes heritage scenes and library .. about the park Princess Mother and virtual tour

Lets start with Icons at Pier Klong San Markets

Image result for klong san markets

Base: River City 

When you finish the tour you have a world of options at Rivercity, it's on the cusp of several zones

you can relax in the monster complex at the bistro and watch the diner boats come and go or jump on a cruise or jump on a shuttle boat or walk off in different directions for different adventures 

try our link whats around at this location of express ferry Pier Si PhraYa - Icons


Youtube below - external link
:shorter version

This video was preserved in great detail for the tour guests, a shorter version is being made 

this long version is fun to watch thanks Bruce and Stash Stevenson
we will make a shorter version for the tour host company 

360 Spherical 

Site: Veer  VR  TV

this will be mind blowing experience like a roller coaster 

likely to be issued in multiple short vids of a few mins per tour zone 

you need to try watching spherical movies with smartphone in the dark space or with VR goggles it's out of this world 

to appreciate the sensation of 360 spherical see my Channel VR TV with LuckyPhill


many 360 spherical photos taken "on the fly' while participating in the tour
they will also be used in the virtual tour, click fbk icon in widget to open album or click here

360 Spherical photos
Best view with smartphone
why: VR: Virtual Reality effect, turn device at any angle or better turn around while holding the device for 360 / Spherical view, 
Note: Images are hosted in different sites for different effects

Site: Theta:  Powerful zoom in / out

why Theta site: many display controls,  

Zoom out to make a crystal ball, all display styles can be downloaded. 

click a thumbnail to watch in 360 
     - have fun morphing the images

  • 360 spherical Nov 2018 bicycle tour Bangkok old city, Chinatown, Talad Noi, Klong San, no hill lots of thrills pics n videos in SM hub BEST HASHTAGS  #BkkBikeTours   #BkkMostPopularTours  #Butterfly3d #theta360
  • 360 spherical Nov 2018 bicycle tour Bangkok old city, Chinatown, Talad Noi, Klong San, no hill lots of thrills pics n videos in SM hub BEST HASHTAGS  #BkkBikeTours   #BkkMostPopularTours  #Butterfly3d #theta360
  • 360 spherical Nov 2018 bicycle tour Bangkok old city, Chinatown, Talad Noi, Klong San, no hill lots of thrills pics n videos in SM hub BEST HASHTAGS  #BkkBikeTours   #BkkMostPopularTours  #Butterfly3d #theta360
  • 360 spherical Nov 2018 bicycle tour Bangkok old city, Chinatown, Talad Noi, Klong San, no hill lots of thrills pics n videos in SM hub BEST HASHTAGS  #BkkBikeTours   #BkkMostPopularTours  #Butterfly3d #theta360
  • 360 spherical Nov 2018 bicycle tour Bangkok old city, Chinatown, Talad Noi, Klong San, no hill lots of thrills pics n videos in SM hub BEST HASHTAGS  #BkkBikeTours   #BkkMostPopularTours  #Butterfly3d #theta360
  • 360 spherical Nov 2018 bicycle tour Bangkok old city, Chinatown, Talad Noi, Klong San, no hill lots of thrills pics n videos in SM hub BEST HASHTAGS  #BkkBikeTours   #BkkMostPopularTours  #Butterfly3d #theta360
  • 360 spherical Nov 2018 bicycle tour Bangkok old city, Chinatown, Talad Noi, Klong San, no hill lots of thrills pics n videos in SM hub BEST HASHTAGS  #BkkBikeTours   #BkkMostPopularTours  #Butterfly3d #theta360
  • 360 spherical Nov 2018 bicycle tour Bangkok old city, Chinatown, Talad Noi, Klong San, no hill lots of thrills pics n videos in SM hub BEST HASHTAGS  #BkkBikeTours   #BkkMostPopularTours  #Butterfly3d #theta360

Theta site lets you change the display styles - see options below images in Theta site or        
    channels: Bangkok   I   Perth WA

Virtual tour 

Two (2) virtual tours of this outing 

1. Photos only
using site: RoundMe 
various places along the tour 

Note: includes map location (image how to access map)

Before you start 

tour created on the fly, random shots taken during visit as a patron.  
No pre set for lighting or professional config, many upgrade options available

1. view basic tips below widget to be the best

you can share out any photo in social media - see help tricks below

navigation tips:

use the external link for dynamic rotation of screen (turn to any angle)
Navigation:  tap screen once to see options, tap again to remove

Screen Icons:  
bottom of window: images or zones
inside image: a. another photo  b. other is info and/or link 

Device will show help options within app

 fastrack: be pro in 1 minute

2. VT with Vid & Pics

using site: VeeR  (Photos and videos) 

Virtual tour at a temple 

The Inspiration was the awesome job set by bike tour leader khun Andy introducing Thai history and culture 

Image result for gif virtual tour

Virtual tour Wat Kalayanamit Woramahawihan

Tour covers: 
Temple and grounds  

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Nov 2018 bicycle tour Bangkok old city, Talad Noi, Chinatown, Klong Sa, Thon Buri, lots of stops,
no hills, lots of thrills with Co Van Kessel bike and canal tours, our story pics n vids SM hub

#CoVanKesselBkk  Industry #BkkBikeTours   #BkkMostPopularTours  #BkkAdventure  #BkkFamilyFun   #BkkAchiever   #BpacApproved   #1NightBkk   #BkkZoneChinatown  #BkkZoneTaladNoi  #BkkZoneKlongSan 

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