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Panfa Watergate Bridge


Our mission 

Drone photos / videos 
1. set up a 360 spherical photo near awesome Redsky Rooftop, there's a huge empty lot next door so that's ideal place to hover

2. fly along the klong (canal), footage of the canal ferry boats speeding thru


What we did not expect 
The adventure of walking around local the village of housing along the klong, it was most fascinating to wonder around and see the community
everyone was extremely hospitable and helpful as we passed through

The evening drone photos of the skyline are stunning, however the diamond was to experience the local village community; open air / open house share food / drinks and TV in the humble lifestyle and then look up and see some of most expensive attractions / photo spots in town.

I can but imagine the price of a drink or meal up there (200+ mtrs up in the air is a few weeks wages for someone down here ...


what we missed

did not take pics of 
1. street food
2. common community bar area inside the village 

How we used the info

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How to keep in touch 

1. join our facebook groups - Bangkok Adventure 
2. be a roaming reporter - lets us know that you want to contribute and we will share your reports or simply show them in the groups and we will use the data in our thaibis pages with credit to you as the reporter


overhead maps to show general area and specific of where we ventured 

the area

where we walked or could walk, the yellow circle is like the village centre and the yellow trails are various paths leading thru maze of lean too houses eventually leading to the klong (canal) Saen Saep.

Red sky at around 202 mtrs high, recently added another bar to the very top called CRU Champagne Bar


360 Spherical video

taken from the ground wondering around and out of the village 

Best view: mobile device for Virtual Reality effect

May 2017: link 5.00 min 

copy link to mobile for VR effect

Tips/tricks: watching video in mobile device video 360 or flat and quality settings

The ultimate 360 view is with google cardboard for Virtual Reality

place smartphone in google cardboard and .. wow !!!!  

Drone video 

Redsky rooftop and footage of the canal

in production 


Drone used "Mavic Pro"

Safety checks for location, weather, co pilot and 


360 Spherical photo, day and night near the awesome Redksy rooftop 

in production 

Social Media

Panfa watergate bridge village is in stark contrast to their neighbours the Siam Paragon 5 star shopping complex and Redsky roofop, more in

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Pilot Navigator Joy

Joy kindly donates her time to navigate traffic, Translate, negotiate and security, be warned she has trained in Wing Chun and has weapons and mess distraction  (happy mess .. lol)

watch out for the drone videos, Joy is also part time stunt women, in the drone video she kindly jumped from building roof into the klong (canal)  but I was not ready to catch the shot, so please request she do again and if by popular demand she will..  

Khun Joy also is leading lady actor in the 360 video ...  

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2019.02.21 to 24 Bts Phloen Chit Garden Fair - Nai Lert Flower & Garden Art Fair 2019 low - 150 bt astonishing - heritage home TB events: Nai Lert Park Heritage Home บ้านปาร์คนายเลิศ 
2019.02.16 / Saraburi 9am to 9pm Social: Meet Locals day trip low - day trip activities Thai and Foreigners mixing it up TML: Saraburi hypo 
2019.01.26 / Suk Soi 19 Comedy / 5 star Westin Grand Hotel low international at Westin Grand Hotel Stand up Asia - fbk invite 
2018.12 30 days Dusit Festival - Aoon Ai Rak Warm love Free Thai Costume / heritage Warm love AoonAiRak 
2018.12.19 / Suk Soi 13 Comedy / battle off the best low  huge gig  fbk grp bkk nightlife 
2018.11 to Jan IconSiam Exhibition: History Boats free  New shopping mall IconSiam tb Sri Mahasamut Nov to Jan 
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