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Ganesha Shrine

As Ganesha is believed to be the god of accomplishment, wisdom and wealth, the Ganesha Shrine is the natural place to go and pray to find that elusive road to success.
Lord Ganesh
Elephant- headed Lord Ganesh is the Hindu God of Knowledge and Remover of Obstacles.

Frequently referred to as the Elephant God, Ganesha is the god of accomplishment, wisdom and wealth, the destroyer of evil and obstacles. Ganesha is the son of Siva, one of the Trinity of Hindu gods, or Trimurti, the other two being Brahma the creator and Vishnu the sustainer. Siva however is the destroyer.

Legend has it that Parvati, wife of Siva, created Ganesha from her perspiration and got him to stand guard at her bathing chambers to ward off the amorous Siva. When Siva was prevented from entering the bathing chambers, he cut off the boy's head in a rage.  Even Brahma, who originally had five heads, lost one when he incurred the wrath of Siva.

To console the grieving Parvati, Siva ordered his troops to return with the head of anyone found sleeping with the head pointing north. When they found an elephant and severed its head to replace Ganesha's head, the legend of the Elephant God was born.

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Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesh
Lord Shiva is the God of Destruction.
Goddess Parvati is the Goddess of Power.
Lord Ganesh is the God of Knowledge and Remover of Obstacles.

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Location: Rachadapisek Rd, opposite MRT (subway) station Huai Khwang. map link

fortune tellers
Thais are very superstitious and many regularly consult fortune tellers for various life matters. There are many fortune tellers in and aroudn the shrine, the cost is approx 500bt for 3 readings over about 20 minutes.

Video below is during a festival at the shrine.

YouTube Video

Whats in Huai Khwang.
Take the MRT station, opposite is the Temple and down that street is a Night Market

in the other Direction 100mtrs is Family BBQ (about 500) which is a popular Thai style open BBQ for around 120bt all you can eat, next door is "Family Steak" for around 100bt they cook it for you.

Walk another 100 mtrs to Mansions 7 which is a new Haunted house shopping centre
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