Khun Nipon Fortune Teller
Khun Nipon is Blind and he's been providing a vision through fortune telling since 2002, before that he was a successful lawyer but when he lost his sight the provisions of locals law meant he was not permitted to practice, ironically a few years later the govt changed the law but Khun Nipon's life changing skills has given him purpose, he still provides a bit of legal guidance for those that need it.

His office is a humble table and chair at the Wat Sri Bun Ruang temple, here you'll find him everyday  from 9am to 6pm and he is needed, with a steady flow of customers, around 30 to 40 per day.  
The cost of a reading is approx 60baht and can last 5 to 20 mins, based on your need to ask more and more questions and the pressure of the queue.

Now let's not forget Khun Nipon is blind, there's no body language for him to project your feelings, there's no visual trickery. He will ask you to cut the cards and select a certain number of cards from the pack, all in a particular methodology in terms of how and when, then it's his job provide the interpretation of your chance selection.

Khun Nipon is a lovely gentleman, the more we talked the more we enjoyed his company. 
Translation assist is required. The conversation is limited to basics so ensure you take along a Thai friend to help with the translation. 

Report by DailyNews 2012 - Translated using Google (not accurate but you get the idea)

Gallery: Khun Nipon  Slideshow <> Photos <> Video

About Wat Sri Bun Ruang
We haven't been about to find out much about the temple but there are a few features to share 

1. It happens to be the last inland Pier for the Saen Saep canal ferry route.  This canal is quite unique in that it runs through the inner back stage of the city through to the old city, there are many cultural Icons to see and you'll also save a lot of time in traffic jams.

2. It's where all those Canal ferries sleep at night....  .. haa haa I found them...  At the Pier walk about 150mtrs along the canal, where it slides around a corner and you should see a mass of them all bunch up having a big sleep up... so now we know.

Gallery: Wat Sri Bun Ruang:  Slideshow > Photos

Location: Bang Kapi, Bangkok,  map link
Tour zone: Bang Kapi is not rated as a tour zone,  however it's not far from such places.

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Along the Canal.
a few stops back along the canal is the Shopping Mall (8), with 600,000 sqmtrs of facilities including a floor or cinemas (SF Cinema) and a massive water theme park on the roof, Fantasia Lagoon.

You could take a short walk to the main road (500mtrs) and hail a cab 10kms to Kwan Riam Floating markets, arguably the best Bangkok has to offer, see the 2012 review.

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