Phra Sumen Fort

Travel spot <> Zone: Bang Lamphu <> Rated: F - PG 

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Apart from marvel at the Icon there is little to do at the site but there are many tourism Icons in the immediate area. 

Only 2 forts remain: Fort Mahakan & Fort Phra Sumen

Bangkok was originally moated and walled with forts Built in 1783 during the reign of King Rama I). The moat was formed by a canal dug at a distance of about 2kms from the Royal Palace. The moat was 7.2km long, today it's called Klong Bang Lamphu and Khlong Ong Ang. The original 16 gates & 14 forts (Phra Sumen, Yukornton, Mahaprab, Mahakan, Mootaluog, Seurtayan, Mahachai, charkphet, Phisua, Mahaluok, Mahayak, Phrachun, Phra-Ar-thit, and Isintorn).

The fort is octagonal-shaped. 
It's width measured from the outside base from north to south is 38 mtrs. 

Its height from ground to top of the battlements (Mai Sema) is 4.90 metres and from the ground to the roof is 35 metres. the structure is made from bricks coated with cement. The base of the structure is under the ground. 

The fort has three floors of which there are staircases leading to the first and the second floor. All of walls are decorated designs in the shape of big anglular battlements. 

Mahakan Fort - ป้อมมหากาฬThe highest floor of the fort is an octagonal-shaped tower with one entrance. The roof's frames are made of wood, and the roof covered with the two-tiered tiles, its shaped like cone-shaped lid or like inverted lotus leave. At the ground floor, 6 cannons are located in sema (battlements) cavities.

The fine arts department registered the fort as the national ancient monument in 1949. 

In the period that field marshal Sarit Thanarat was the prime minister, lights were installed to make the fort attractive at night. During the reign of King Rama IX, a picture of the Mahakan Fort has been printed in the 10 Baht banknote for a while. 

In 1982 the fine arts department renovated the dilapidated part of the fort and painted it many times because the fort is located in community area. 

So, the leaders of the foreign countries, the official foreign visitors, including many travellers from all parts of the world always visit the fort.

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Starting point:  front left is Phra Sumen Fort, you are on Phr Athit Rd, around the  corner turn right into Sam Send Rd for KhaoSan Rd

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Get into the culture and journey by the local ferry along the "Saen Saep" Canal (Khlong) then transfer by tuktuk 
or only 50mtrs from the fort is Chao Phraya river ferry to pier N13 Phra Athit
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  • There are many Icons in the immediate area (within 500mtrs), see more in link "tour zone".

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