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Thai Labour Muesum

What's at the Thai Labour Museum.  The Dignity and Pride of Thai Labour

Visitors first find themselves in a multi-purpose hall which houses a souvenir shop and functions as a meeting room and temporary exhibition space. On the wall facing the entrance hangs a massive traditional painting, depicting the evolution of the Thai working people from the time of serf-slave labour to the present. The current situation of the Thai workers is represented by the blaze that claimed 188 lives of the Kader Toy Factory. It was the worst tragedy in Thai labour history. This particular work of art was executed by Isra Thayathathai and friends belonging to the Seub Thai Group of Artists. Their main concern is to preserve and to make use of traditional art for the benefit of society. The painting serves ideally as both the introduction and conclusion of the essence of the museum

Open: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday  
Service hours 10:00 to 15:00 call before going to ensure open: +66 2 251 3173

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Location: approx 2kms north of Siam, longdo map link

Getting there: 200mtrs from BTS (skytrain) station Makasan [street view], within 100mts of this BTS station is MRT (subway) station Petchaburi and Saen Saep canal pier Asok, the canal is adventure and fast way to get around whilst seeing the back stage of the city.

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An old rickshaw dominates the main hall. The vehicle was always referred to as a “Rod Jek” (Chinese vehicle) a sit was typically drawn by Chinese coolies. The rickshaw had long been the major means of transport for Thai people. 

The Chinese coolie who pulled the vehicle led a strenuous life. His thighs were swollen with prominent veins and sinews, the result of his efforts to earn enough on which to basically live. Available evidence shows that these people were often badly abused by vehicle owners.

The Thai Labour Museum is sectioned into six theme rooms as follows:

Room No. 1 Corvé Labour Formed the Basis of the Ancient Society

Room No. 2 Thai Labour and Their Role in Modernisation.

Room No. 3 United We Stand

Room No. 4 The Bastion of Democracy

Room No. 5 From the Dark Age to the Golden Age

Room No. 6 Thai Labour Today

In addition to the six display rooms already mentioned, there are a library and an audio-visual room.

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