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Wat Phra Kaew

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The most visited attraction in Bangkok.  Within this compound are several significant cultural Icons. The zone of Rattanakosin offers many attractions that relate to the period of Royalty.  Emerald Buddha, the most revered Buddha image in Thailand. Three main buildings: The Golden Stupa, enshrining the relics of the Buddha, the Phra Mondop (Library), housing the Tripitaka or a Buddhist scripture, the Royal Pantheon, a pavilion for keeping statues of deceased kings of Chakri dynasty. Besides, the 178 section mural paintings which depict the story of the Ramayana are the superb masterpiece of Rattanakosin artisans.  open 8.30am to 3.30  

The temple is in the outer section of the Royal Enclosure west of the Grand Palace . It was built on the orders of King Rama 1 along with the Grand Palace and Rattanakosin Island, and is built as a temple in a Royal compound like Wat Sri Sanphet in Ayutthaya . It has no resident monks.

The most famous in Wat Phra Kaew are: The Emerald Buddha, Model of Angkor Wat, Prasat Phra Thepidon, Mondop, Balcony, Phra Sri Ratana Chedi and many others. By the way, the Emerald Buddha (Phra Putta Maha Mani Ratana Patimakorn or Phra Kaeo Morakot): This is a Buddha image in the meditating position in the style of the Lanna school of the north, dating from the 15th century AD. King Rama I brought it from Vientiane , and it is considered to be the most important Buddha image in the country.


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