Apoteka Lounge Bar Thonglor

Walking in the bar had an old-school feel. There were high ceilings, red brick walls, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde being projected onto the wall. Indoor seating was a mix of tall tables with studded chairs, and long tables for larger groups along the main wall. Large cases filled with vintage colored bottles of medicine flank the bar. The outdoor seating is mellow – a wooden patio with some cozy furniture that could be a nice place to curl up on a date or meet some friends for a smoke and a beer.

The bespoke design incorporates a 19th century apothecary, opium den, laboratory, secret chamber and a 20mtr wide outdoor terrace. To enter Apoteka is really like taking a refined journey way back in time. Lurking in the shadows of every room and around every corner is yet another mysterious object, sure to stimulate the conversation. Grand opening Night Dec 2012 -

1- One that prepares and sells potions, elixirs and other therapeutic remedies.
2- An archaic word for pharmacist.

DÉCOR – 19th century laboratory vibe with chic, contemporary overtones with decadent and cozy furnishings.
ETHOS – Indulgent, neighborly, vivacious and hospitable, we are all about service, atmosphere and great banter.
DRINKS – A multitude of invigorating concoctions and potions to stimulate, inoculate or intoxicate.
FOOD – Tasty, lavish and radical gastro nibbles.  
MUSIC – Unpretentious, funky, and energizing.

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Location: Thonglor 12, Klong Toei, Bangkok  Longdo map link

Getting there: Nearest BTS Thonglor, take taxi from Sukhumvit Soi 55 and stop at Thonglor Soi 12.

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