Mansion 7 cocktail bar

Bangkok’s most bizarre drinking experience. Built 2011, Mansion 7 offers horror experience with a playground. 

The cocktail lounge is nested inside the Haunted Hotel Mall, free entry and enjoy the cocktail entertainment.  The gang will juggle and dazzle you with bar tricks and illusions and if that's not enough for you then check the TV screens streaming "funniest home videos" and laugh yourself silly, you may as well to avoid the dare of the Haunted Hotel.

The Bar offers and excellent 1st floor private lounge party room, its where you can hide or collaborate to juice the evening with great music and cocktails.

Then, if you have the will and dare, wonder next door the Haunted Hotel theme and try to Survive..  After you thrill experience buy your souvenirs and relax in the Cocktail" bar or restaurant and laugh off the memories.

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Location: Huai Khwang, about 4kms from Siam Square.  Longdo map

The MRT (Subway) station Huai Khwang is only about 400mtrs. 
There are several interesting Icons in the area, refer zone link below.

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