The Bar is not themed to the historical theme of Soi 33 "Dead Artist Soi" and it's not in the in main street, you'll find Mojo Bar in a sub-soi Side opposite the Aussie Bar called "The office".

The theme is high energy live band and very very fit "coyote dancers" and compliment of pool tables.

The bar is divided into two (2) zones.
On entry your in "the zone" where you'll see the band and fit dances streaming past or scathing walls to pirate pits to do their thing to live music. 

To the rear is a pool hall, about 4 tables, hosted by well dressed waiteresses.  
The pool room boasts a wide cabinet displaying members reserved spirits. It's not easy to concentrate on the game because your opponent will try to distract screaming quick look at this (the coyote dancers) in the next bar.  

The coyotes will taut you for drink and, errr, well.. they deserve it.

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Location: Sukhumvit Soi 33, Klong Toei, Bangkok. Longdo map link

As you may know this is nightlife zone Soi 33 "The dead artist Soi"

Getting there: 600mtrs from BTS (skytrain) station Phrom Pong [mapexit 1 and straight
100 mtrs to Soi 33, it's in a sub-soi, j
ust before Livingstone's lodge look right to see a Sub-soi and it's at the end on the right before the office bar.

Zone: Sukhumvit, features icons Family > Shopping > Nightlife
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