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These "mobile stalls" (Pang Loi) on the streets of Bangkok can look a little intimidating to foreigners but as you quickly discover it’s a popular hospitality culture that you must try. You most often find these stalls in high concentration in particularly busy areas, if that’s a tourist area then it will be priced accordingly.

When to  11pm to 4am

During the evening there are many stalls stocked with “tourist merchandise”, by around 9pm they begin to close or pack up and dissappear. By around 9.30pm a new wave of  vendors materialise with stalls to cater for the late night culture, by 11pm they're in full swing. Sparkling ferry lights, sound blasters and hot wired into any nearby electrical network... it's happ-y part-y time! 

Their plastic chairs are full by 1am and it's steady trade until the early hours of the morning. Patrons are a good mix of tourists and locals in search of a late dinner or to catch the one that got away!

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The atmosphere is social, most everyone inspired by their outing, sharing the tales of their earlier experience.
The “Hospitality” is premiere, usually lots of waitresses for your undivided attention.  

If your hungry staff will spring into action and summon a menu from a nearby stall. If you become consumed by their smiles you'll indulge to shout them a drink and for that you'll be rewarded.

Bar games, charades, shoulder massage and an endless supply of hand towels hot or cold.  

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Along the banks of Sukhumvit between Soi 3 & 21 (Soi Asoke) you'll find many Pang Loi (mobile stalls). Most of the bar & food category are on the “odd” side (one side of Sukhumvit is odd numbers and the other is even).  Draw straws, park yourself in a chair and within a few drinks you’ll can be immersed in conversation with someone from another country or one of three (3) sexes; him, her or ladyboy (gaetoy).

Most often you’ll not understand what's being said (Language and music) but with the ingredients of contagious Thai smiles, international sign language and a party atmosphere you get by.   Err..... don’t try this sober unless you have a natural ability (Thai style) to be merry.

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Ladyboys on Sukhumvit
DO carry a camera, with a few drinks under the belt everyone is up for a pose (do ask the ladyboys before you snap or else the will), and without question 2nd to a mirror a camera (and a smile) is the easiest way to start contact with Khon Thai.

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