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Khlong Toei 

Not many people would have a chance to visit a slum area. Some do not even know that such a place exists in their city.

Klong Toey Slum is one of the oldest and largest slums in Bangkok, having been around for about 50 years. The slum communities are made up of a majority of rural migrants from Northeast Thailand who came to Bangkok for job opportunities. They constantly face threats of eviction from the authorities in Thailand because they have no legal right to the land that they occupy.

In late 2010 an employer sponsored group from Perth W.A. (West Australia) had the vision to donate through a team building challenge. Their teams rounded up a case of 2nd clothes, a cheque (JV with the Boss) and charted a course for Bangkok. The donation included bicycles from a team building event. The donations flowed from visits late 2010 to early 2011 with further donation in July 2011. Total financial donations (180,000 baht) > Forum article

In 2011-Oct the group is returned 
Three (3) groups based in Khlong Toei (websites below) were nominated for a donation, subject to mutual objectives one will be the focus for the group.  

The aim is "experience and knowledge", to share with their local Community and encourage other groups to follow their lead. The support groups we contacted are noted below 

"Second Chance Bangkok",  yet another Aussie charged support group.
"Cooking with Poo"  an excellent example of a viable tourism infused involving the local Community.  Cooking classes are a fun group (corporate) team building initiative as well as cultural experience. 

The links are embedded websites > please view and support.

If your group is from Perth West Australia contact Aussie Exec Tours Bangkok for support 

2012-02 Post tour results
Visited two (2) worthy venues, see tour souvenir ebook 

The outcome was 2012 charity project Raise a Roof for Slum Kids Bangkok, the target is 350,000bt

In Oct 2012 we completed the project.. the roof is up. Here is the Media article 5 pages with links

We are inspired to soldier on and seek another project for 2013, it needs to be a worthwhile project that allows us to share with visitors to spread the values of global community spirit.