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Xmas 2012

Merry Xmas from Christmas
Personal Assist <> Concierge

Xmas day with Foundation Slum Child Care
Benjakiti Park, Bangkok

nb: NO Elephants were used .


Walking tour to Benjakiti Park, on the way pass through an old Thai style village and hand our toys to kids young and old.

Meet the sponsored children from Foundation slum child care Centre
Spend an hour or so to play, snack and more play with new toys
Hand over a donation 14,000baht

In 2012 we raised approx 350,000 baht for the foundation, media article
Our vision 
1. find another project for 2013
2. develop this event into a regular ocassion, it's a fun and social,
if your interested let us know e:


This was not planned as a public event, we invited some friends
on VERY SHORT notice and fully understand they may not attend.


Thank you sponsors for making the event possible

Happy Christmas 
sùk-sǎn wan krít-mâat

The foundation welcomes visitors, contact the centre directly or B.pac for a tour

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Klong Toei is a slum area in Bangkok, many wonderful groups assist the poor, read more


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