Bangkok PAC charity Xmas event 2013 

Photos Pre lunch walk

The "Joy of Xmas", hand out gifts to locals kids (of all ages), a 1.5km walk from Sukhumvit through a small Thai village and then onto lunch.

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Xmas lunch

Perfect: 5 star International Buffet at social prices (420bt ++) @ in the 500 seat Retro Live Caf'e, overlooking beautiful Benjakiti Park n Lake. Part proceeds go to charity "Foundation Slum Child Care Centre".    

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Youtube Boxing day

Picnic day External link

Kids Picnic

11am the kids arrive (20 children from the Foundation child care centre).
Loads of crazy monkey antics, on the swings, sing some songs, snacks, receive a cool xmas gift. People donate 2nd hand clothes and toys.  

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The pre walk yielded megga happiness for both those giving and receiving - win / win

Lunch was simply your day and we had a good time and knowing we got a good deal and part proceeds go to charity is another win / win
  • The money box earnt around 4,200bt and
  • the proceeds from lunch sales is yet to be confirmed
Picnic was all we wanted it to be, simple, raw and real.

Next project

  • 2014 Charity fundraiser project - page to be added
    Renovate existing toilets and bathroom at the centre. Estimated cost is 350,000 baht
    most of the sponsors from 2012-2013 will be on board again - thank you and we welcome anyone to contribute, the real fun is visiting the centre and having lunch with the kids.. its hilarious (little monkeys)
    We will create a sponsor board and post progress results.
    • To get involved contact us on the fanpage - Bangkok PAC or email Phill smith e:

Xmas cheer

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“The city looks nicer on Christmas, not just because of ornaments or light, but because everybody smiles and love each other as one single family.
“I hope the Christmas spirit invades everybody´s hearts on earth. Christmas, a day of love, peace, happiness and hope for a better world.”
“Our best wish for this Christmas is that Family and friends have a merry Christmas Eve with their loved ones. 
Merry Christmas to you all from Bangkok PAC team and Aussie Exec Tours Bangkok