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Suitcase WA

Drafted 27/02/2012

Donate 2nd clothes from WA
for Slum kids Bangkok

Sorry for the long note but I have to practice the sales pitch

I just typed this on the fly .....

If it’s too long just email me  and say “too long” and I’ll call


Keep It Simple Silly 
People in WA (Perth) donate their 2nd clothes into my suitcase and I'll take to Bangkok with monthly tour groups


Office groups make a team building project to round up the clothes and bundle into a my suitcase with a financial donation   

My Vision

Raise money from my local business contacts in Perth

Encourage people to visit the recipients in Bangkok, with me or my local PA staff (it’s not sad, it’s inspiring; the volunteers & kids have a positive and grateful attitude)

Unique (value added) tour concept for biz team building groups (link below)

Visit a worthy community charity group

You decide how the money is spent (relevant to spend value)


2012 fund raiser “roof over the playground”, raised over 350,000baht  (aud$15,000) in 12mths mainly from WA sponsors)
The link shows 
  • how we started, who donated and how we finished - click here
  • Please note: 100% of funds were donated - NO costs were deducted.

2012 December Xmas: Sponsored 20 slum kids to the Park with Aussie toys

About Suitcase WA

  • We encourage offices to have a team / collaborative culture 
  • Donate something (clothes and money) and have a sense of team effort
  • We return something (photos and thanks) to share in the office
  • It can lead to a team building / bonding / reward trip
 The boss will see commercial value and set goals 
  • Example of Team reward tours - this linkincludes costs and ebook of actual tours of biz groups from Perth.
    •  The gain: staff bonding, common goals, shared community values
    •  Typically the company saves more than the spend on several critical elements 

The process

  • I drop off a suit case in your office with an appropriate sign/sticker
  • staff bring in 2nd clothes.. or anything that can fit in a suitcase
  • I take the cargo to Bangkok
  • I use my luggage allowance (around 50kg) TG (Thai airlines) staff always give me excess for the charity suitcase
  • I deliver the goodies
  • The money is donated according to your wish, typically it’s
    • added to a sponsor board of our charity project (see link of 2012 charity project above) 
    • we show co name for webpage acknowledgement)
    • or it’s used to sponsor a lunch for the kids (up to 80)
    • depending on the value we send back photos of the event with your co name

Tax deduction
It may not be international recognised ie., accepted by the AT however the accountant said

  • if you have photos with co name then its accepted by ATO in lieu of community
  • we show on ur website which then means its advertising expense 

We are assessing worthy project for 2013  

Your MOST WELCOME to give feedback on any aspect, I’m flexible to get a donation or people to spend time with Thai

Time with Thai

Why do I want Aussie Biz people to experience time with Thai

  • See this 1min video  – click here
  • Below that is a brief video of team building / reward tour group from Perth

Seamless time out 

We can show you how to make “time out of the office seamless” with an inexpensive phone and internet service to keep you connected to Aus 24/7

how to donate

Donate - money 

Donate clothing and other items


  • its kids stuff that will fit in the suitcase
  • We do not have a pick up service unless it's a team building effort that includes a worth while donation
  • Our off