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Recipient: FSCC (Foundation Slum Child Care)

Project: Renovate bathroom & toilets

Target: 350,000baht

Project: 2014

 News items
  • 2014.05.14: several venues in Bangkok now hosting money boxes - see venues this page
  • 2014.05.14: Money box delivered to FSCC and lunch - social media 
  • 2014.04: Money Box challenge update
    • in late of April we return 1 money box to FSCC centre and have lunch with the kids, everyone, msge Phill on facebook
  • 2014.03: Request more money box
    • started with 1 money box now three (3), 1 box with Phill every where, another in Perth and 1 Bangkok
  • 2014.02: Money Box challenge
    • carry the money box to Australia and collect donations of money of funny photos



The album: pics about the Bathroom project progress.

Photos of money box host challenges are in their support page money box host directory

Photo album: Project & Pledges open album


We show the Bathroom project (start to finish) album below or view here
PHOTOS: MONEY BOX TOUR: linked in each Money box Host page below

Money Box Challenge

from Feb 2014
People / Business accepted the fund raiser challenge "Money Box Tour"
view the money box host directorysee Google+ and Facebook group for newsflashes 
and link to each money box host
Grab a Money box and have some fun with us


e:, include:-
Business name:
Contact name: 
Your webpage (business or social):
Contact details such as phone number and email .

Help always welcome, spread the details of the project to your network.

Visitors to the Foundation.
all visitors welcome, we can arrange group visits Bangkok PAC


This specific fund raising project project for people in Aus that wish to deposit funds in Aus
Option:  Credit Card or EFT  
     C.card Donation form    <>    EFT webpage  

Please email us "pledge" details to show you in the the sponsor board  / world pledge map 

or you can send the money direct to the Foundation, the bank details re in the 

1. fscc 
WEBSITE  - under sub-heading "helping us" 2. fscc Brochure:  < < English > >   << Thai >>    all brochures

Minimum donation aud$100
We DO NOT have an admin service, view the child care centre website for ways to donate smaller amounts.

Project Director

Phillip R Smith

FAICD AIM Aff AII AIM CD QPIB Dip.Fin.Serv.(Broking)     Resume > Linkedin > facebook

100% of donations go to the project (no costs are deducted)

My objective is:-

1. Raise money for this project 
2. Encourage groups to experience reward tours to Bangkok, to visit the center
he slum area Khlong Toey, Bangkok has many worthy community projects. I encourage you to visit to see the happy and gentle nature of a positive Community spirit".  

If your not able to go, try to host a suitcase in your office

Donate your 2nd hand clothes and we will take them to Bangkok during our monthly tours

Pledges map

The "Global Community spirit" 

View pledges map  - Thumbnails

also album 
money box tour funny faces


Displayed below or view in a larger window  

updated after payment.

Donate clothes

In Perth W.A. we ask Office groups to "Host a Suitcase"
Can you team synergise to round up 2nd hand clothes (prefer kids size) and we'll transfer to Bangkok with our monthly tours.  For more details contact the project Manager

Sponsor lunch

you can sponsor a lunch for the kids.

about $30 for 20 kids but I suggest you pay $100 / $150 and receive photos of the kids and a banner of your company name (good for social media).

Ultimately we'd love to see you or your team make a visit, perhaps part of your tam building tour which we can service


useful links and references

Organiser: ETB ( Exec Tours Bangkok ) & BPAC 

This event is in support of 2014 Fund raiser project - New bathrooms


FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care
map links:  

2Google Map link include street view and Directions

visits can be arranged with Bangkok PAC

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