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2014 project Rebuild toilets and bathroom at Foundation slum child care centre, klong Toei, Bangkok

We do not have a dedicated bank account or staff, we run a "0" expense system, ie., no costs deducted

If you are not comfortable to deposit funds to us you can send the money directly to the foundation, refer their website.

The options to deposit funds are noted hereunder and repeated in the Donation form at the bottom of this page



Payee:  Smartcard Financial Services Pty Ltd
Bank:    Bankwest    BSB:  306-043   AC:  0593405
please email us confirmation to reconcile your donation: email Phill Smith Phillip@austhai.bizyour phone number, donation value and date processed.
   We allow 3 working days for the funds to arrive before checking.


Several different banks used, Siam Commercial and Kasikorn. Please advise your preference to reduce transfer costs

Credit Card

Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard / AMEX) - surcharges apply
Donation form linked to the bottom of this page - or click here.
or phone Phill Smith, business card displayed at the bottom of this webpage 
EFT is the preferred payment method.


We email you confirmation of your donation

Authorise us to display your pledge / donation on the sponsor webboard and/or world map pledge, see fund raiser page
If you are concerned about integrity of payment please let us know and we will try to present options to be suit your requirements

We function on a Nil expense system so we do not have resources for PR / admin 

Donation form

Donation form at the bottom of this page

Admin costs=NIL

No admin costs or charged - this is a volunteer only project.