funny masks

Donate a funny face photo so we can share to the kids at slum child care Bangkok

Photos appear the album Money box tour - funny photos

The kids enjoy a laugh and get a chance to create a reply photo
All funny photos receive financial donations from sponsors 

sponsors pay aud$15 to $50 per photo
sponsorship funds go towards the project new bathrooms for the child care centre

it's very simple and fun and your helping the kids, see the options below

How to 
Send us your photo or lets try to meet (Perth WA or Bangkok)
Nominate what funny mask / sticker you will use from the menu below
I did include scary masks but we dnt allow them in the album as we will share the album with the kids sorry 

Remember we want the kids to have a laugh as well as the sponsors

Create a scene with the money box 

The money box specs are 18cm wide, 24cm high, 12cm deep 

we can inset the money box into you photo

let us know 
1. your map location for the geo tag on the photo
2. the masks you would like on your faces

Photo album

window below: Fullscreen > Thumbnails + zoom tool 
this album is only the sample masks and stickers ...
the finish photos are in the album Money box tour - funny photos

Programs:  stickers and Mojo, animal face coming soon

Other options - Photos

Morph: Supply a photo of you and another subject (person old / young) and animal and we will create a morph photo, being a combination of the 2 images

Other options - Videos

Speaking photos
tell us what you'd like to say or provide and audio and we can make the photos talk

area reserved to show speaking photo

Morphy face
we need to see you for real!!!  we can apply the mask to your video screen and you can record a brief cool video