2014 May sponsor lunch

This visit supports the BPAC 2014 fundraising project NEW BATHROOM AND TOILETS, from Feb 2014 we raise money thru a Money box tour challenge.


Our gig
Arrived 10am 
Drop off our happy money box donations
Thai N Aussie (monthly return visits to Perth West Australia).  

11am lunch with the monkeys. 
No rumble in playground today (aahhhh). 

Our money box count 4500baht N aud$694 approx 25,000baht, 
thank you everyone, especially Aus support for money box tour
We collected 4 new boxes to be hosted by venues in Bangkok,
details noted in the section below "donate"

Location:  Klong Toei, about 5kms from Siam Centre. Bangkok map link
same street as Father Joe HDF Mercy Centre (orphanage)


a brief snippet below (external link) a longer version in this page or 2014 FSCC money box Challenge playlist

Model Porsch

in 2014 Khun Porsch produced a collectors item

Bella Magazine .. is a treasure of beautiful and stunning classy pics ... here's our tribute to say thanks to Porsch and her awesome donation, form here you can catch a peak at the wow wow wow Bella magazine  

About Money box tour

The money box tour is ongoing;  combines giving, sharing and laughter. 
People give money and/OR photos (funny photos donating) to share a laugh with the kids and sponsors, please create your photo for the Funny photo challenge

The donations from money boxes and/or larger sponsor pledges are displayed in a sponsor board in the main fund raising project page for new Bathroom and Toilets.

Where ever there is a money box - take a photo of your team donating and send it to us for our album, we can add masks for a laugh to share with the kids.

Sub albums will be created for each money box host


Google+ slideshow

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if you wish to tag / untag people in the google+ photo album pls email us @ Google+tagsm&seventsbkk@austhai.biz

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visitors welcome, please make an appointment for events 
video below -  
External video link
or 2014 FSCC money box Challenge playlist

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About FSCC

Through their Daycare Centres and by supporting privately run daycare homes, the Foundation provides care and education for children aged from four months to five years old.  They also reach out to help other slum babies and infants in their own homes through the help of community volunteers.  

These children come from low-income families, and many suffer from neglect, malnutrition and abuse. The foundation supports nearly 2000 children, every day!

The Klong Toei centre 
Two (2) story building with offices and outdoor play area catering for approx 80 children betwene age of 1 and 5.

Visitors are welcome to the centre, if you wish to sponsor a lunch (from as little as 1,000baht 10 kids) please contact the centre for details. 

Donations of food and clothing are always welcome however money is essential to continue the support initiatives. 

Volunteer helpers are always welcome

Inspection programs are available were you can accompany the support team to visit families in the slum area, please note this is by appointment only.

BPAC host members can tailor your tour program to include a visit to the centre

WEBSITE  <>  Brochure:  < < English > >   << Thai >>    all brochures


FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care
map links:  
1. Longdo (Thai) map link  2. Google Map link include street view and Directions

visits can be arranged with Bangkok PAC


Google search:   thaibis fscc lunch 2014


Fund raising projects

Fan pages


  • Donate money directly to the Centre, online bank a/c listed int he website and in the brochures
  • Volunteers welcome: at the centre or in community care visits
  • Host / sponsor a lunch for the kids (as little as 1,000 baht) for 20kids
  • Host your birthday party at the centre and invite the kids to join the fun
  • Join our charity money box tour challenge, donate money or a funny photo

Host a Money Box

Several venues in Bangkok have raised their hand to host a money box  - please drop in a share a photo when donating 

1. Aussie Pub and BBQ - Suk Soi 11   - arriving 05/05

2. Kiwi Pub - Suk Soi 8

3. Cehckinn99 Bar Cabaret (Couples friendly) Near Suk Soi 5  - arriving 05/05


Exec Tours Bangkok  - reward tours

Bangkok PAC - get the most use a host


News items

Money Box Hosts

from Feb 2014
People / Business accepted the fund raiser challenge "Money Box Tour"
view the money box host directorysee Google+ and Facebook group for newsflashes 
and link to each money box host
Grab a Money box and have some fun with us

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