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Mapping the future Tourism Thailand - May 2011


2011-05-19 Mapping The Future - Thailand Tourism Marketing

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Venue: The Shangri La Hotel, Bangkok  ->  Longdo map link

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Post event:
Attendance of 350+ was clear evidence that Industry members (International and local) recognised this was a unique opportunity.

"Success will never be until opportunity and preparedness meet"

For some it’s their opportunity to actuate the culture of colleague not competitor. For many it's their opportunity to collaborate.

For everyone it's a momentous windfall, to benchmark with Industry experts.  

Enthusiasm was tested with an arduous session from 9.00 to 17.00. The measurement of commitment was clear with almost everyone steadfast in their seats at 17.45 when the closing speech was delivered.


Topics covered:  "Readjustment, Branding, Sustainability, Social Media, Reputation management and the future together (presentation slides below)



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Travel show with Dale Lawrence
Interviews at the MTF in Pakse with Bill Calderwood (PATA), Thapanee Kiatphaibool (TAT), Jens Thraenhart (Dragon Trails) and many more Click image below to access the video report (approx 25mins).   To expand video view.. double click in the video

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