Miss TDA Asia Culinary Team Challenge @Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok  May 2011  

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Soi 18 Sukhumvit, Klong Toey, Bangkok
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The ladies showcased their cooking talents to 40 guests including some of the leaders in Bangkok’s Travel Industry. Guests were invited to a delightful dinner and score the dishes. The contestants were divided into 4 teams with support from senior Rembrandt Chefs, headed by Executive Chef Andrew Mann, to offer instructions on various cooking techniques 

Each team had to prepare and cook a specific dish to fulfill the 4 course. Dishes included  fresh crab & avocado, goat’s cheese & asparagus, Australian lamb & pumpkin or Chocolate & Strawberry dessert.   The teams gave a short presentation of their dishes during the serving process. Judging criteria consisted of knowledge of dishes, personnel presentation and passion for cooking.  



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Miss TDA Thailand is open to anyone who works in the Airline, Travel & Hospitality Industry in Thailand.  The winner will get 2 return tickets from Air Astana and 5 nights luxury accommodation in one of the fashion capitals of the world, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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