Flix Bangkok RCA

Ideal for the indecisive raver, this immense three-in-one complex dominating one end of RCA features chilled house on one side (Flix), while the other (Slim) does the hip hop/R&B soundtrack found across much of the city. Oh, and there's a restaurant thrown in there somewhere as well. 

Despite its size this place is packed on weekends. If in doubt about the ability of the younger generation to make a lasting impression, head for this brash two-zone clubbing colossus. Cast in modernist steel and glass, we promise you'll never ever forget the ever-preening mass that accumulates here each night. 

Mainly because their sheer volume means within seconds of entering you're unsure if you'll ever emerge alive. This near-death crush is best felt in Slim - a hip-hop and R&B zone that seems better geared towards mass casualties than it is to throwing down break-dancing moves. Fortunately you can sooth your nerves over a bottle in the usually less populated Flix - the electro/house quarter. 

Stylistically both are rather stunning, just like the dressy, predominantly local crowd. 
Entry is free, bring ID, if not free then it's coupons on entry in exchange for 1st few drinks

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Location: Soi Soonvijai Rama 9 Rd, Bang Kapi, RCA, Bangkok.  Longdo map link

Getting there: BTS (skytrain) and MRT (subway) get you close otherwise its a taxi,

Transport: Use map link type BTS (skytrain) or MRT (subway) to see tips in longdo map best search

Zone: Ratchada RCA is a dedicated "Nightlife zone"
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