Slim Bangkok RCA

Don’t be intimidated by the colossal size of this club on RCA. 
Flix/Slim consists of three major rooms. 

Slim has 2 sections, Hip Hop Zone and Live Zone, which are connected to each other. The Hip Hop Zone features warehouse styled dancing room with DJs playing R&B and Hip Hop for energetic crowd who enjoy dancing and drinking. The Live Zone features comfortable room with dinning tables, DJs playing most Thai music and live band performances. 

The Live Zone is suitable for dinner party and social function with three live bands performing each night playing most Thai cover songs as well as some of the popular favorites from the past decade. With the see-through glass windows/wall make the outlet more spacious allowing people sitting outdoor to look into the room to see the atmosphere as well.

Both spaces are definitely stylin’ with kick-arse sound systems. Weekend nights are packed out with a mostly youngish Thai crowd. The only drawback is the lack of a dance floor in Flix and Slim. Admission is free, but you must have ID.

Location: RCA, 5kms from Siam Centre, Bangkok.  Longdo map link 

Getting there: BTS (skytrain) and MRT (subway) get you close otherwise its a taxi,

Transport: Use map link type BTS (skytrain) or MRT (subway) to see tips in longdo map best search

Zone: RCA (Royal City Avenue) "Nightlife zone"
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