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Bangkok Smile Card - Hospitality & Tourism
FREE from by BMA (Bkk Metro Auth.,) offering discounts to a wide variety of Hospitality and Tourism venues Bangkok.  The cards are issued at the a local tourist info kiosk as well as many other discount vouchers

Daily deals
These groups have cut a deal with the vendors - usually a limited number of vouchers at a super low price.
These are Ensogo, Jajoop and ROB

free to join (email or facebook) receive daily emails of specials:
mainly hospitality and usually discounted by 60%

free to join (email or facebook) receive daily emails of specials:
mainly Hospitality usually discounted by 60%

ROB (Restaurants of Bangkok) 
free to join (email or facebook) receive daily emails of specials.
They are also a Restaurant search engine and a 'dinner party" club

Longdo events & sales: free to join - view events or "sales" items 
10-11-11 mainly Thai language, we are liaising with longdo to modify when resources are available.

The 1 Card 
Partnership program shared by a group of major stores. Join online (requires physical address) tip: view promotions & stores names, if they suit ask your A.P.A.C. host to arrange a card or use theirs to access specials.

VAT refunds: Min purchase values (see link), stores will know the process.

Our foremost wish is for you to "have the time of your life" achieving your priorities and that is ??

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"get the most use a host" then contact Bangkok A.P.A.C. 
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  • Our menu sets are Gold <> Silver <> Bronze, see "what's it cost"

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FAQ's example costs for group V's Individual <> Profiling needs and wants.
S.M.A.R.T. GOALS:  As an achiever you know the benefit of planning, try tour prolfiing.

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