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the basics  updated: 11/11/11
Thai Airways - free membership to R.O.P. (Royal Orchid Plus), apart from increased luggage you will receive news of specials and promotions,  see more

  • awesome bargains via web engines but usually conditional ie., heavy penalties for changes. Suggest you get a price and discuss with A.P.A.C. before you book.

Major transport systems 
  • (MRT-Subway) (BTS-Skytrain) (Ferry) have all day / period tickets. 
    The major benefit is "time saved"!  Peak hour ticketing queues can be 10/20 mins, and if you are exploring this could be x 3 stops per day. DO NOT opt for a Taxi at the wrong time of the day as you may find your stuck in a traffic grid for hours. Don't get angry - get a foot massage

Discount clubs & Promotions

There are a variety of discount / loyalty card services which offer savings of up to 70% see discount clubs, if you find more please let us know e: dc@austhai.biz

Events & Promotions

there are many, here are a few.

Facebook pages "Bangkok Expats" and "Bangkok Events".  you'll find these pages as facebook friends of AusWaThai or go direct to APAC at Asoke 19

Tourism & Hospitality <> Tourist Information kiosk

  • Bangkok Smile card (FREE) offers a range of discounts on tourism and hospitality venues, ask your A.P.A.C. host to visit the kiosk during your orientation tour for collect the latest offers on discounts - it's time well spent.

Tourist Discount Shopping cards
  • Available at many major dept stores, see more in discount clubs. Register online before you arrive. Tip: advise your APAC. host your target shopping  well in advance so they can research best locations to suit your timelines.

Food halls (called food courts) are cheap, they can be found in most shopping malls. Street food is very cheap, not dangerous and part of the culture ask your A.P.A.C. host for help

Wilding Golf (indoors): 1 hour free use of swing booth just by registering online


Tour Database: 600 + entries covering Hospitality and Tourism:  Sort by "price point"


outside of "fixed price" shopping the local culture is "volume gets discounts" - hare knowledge of target purchases with your group and bulk buy.  Avoid purchases on the 1st outing, use that time for discovery. More in the shopping eBook - the easiest option is shop with an A.P.A.C. host

Bangkok A.P.A.C. "get the most use a Host", local people, the where to, how, when and why  

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