Sor HaThai Seafood

Not for the faint hearted ...  open Air restaurant, simple pleasures however the food is a treasure

QR codeNot easy to find, tucked away down the side of a building 
100% Thai in language, menu and taste, very authentic and might be a little bit of a challenge for tourists

All seafood is on display in tanks at the front / entrance to the humble open air restaurant
The treasure is the true divine taste of dishes .. Be warned Spicy is likely 

Thai name ส.หัยซีฟู๊ด

Whats next:  almost across the road is the infamous "Pat Pong Markets" which form up daily around 5pm and pack down at 12mid night, the markets are flanked by Bars of which many are gogo red light ...  

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56 Thanon Surawong Rd, Si Phraya, Silom, Bangkok Longdo map link
Getting there:  100mtrs from famous Pat Pong Markets, not easy to find tucked down a side street - see map links

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Zone: Silom, features in tour Icons Family > Shopping > Nightlife 
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Move around in any directionexternal link https://goo.gl/maps/Q3LkRMnYXQn

Starting point:  in front of the Restaurant, take note coz it's not easy to find

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Sor HaThai Seafood in Silom is one of the original simple venues that has not moved with the times, some classic taste and a reflection of how it use to be, open air, smell the activity of the surrounds. Side lane passes along the length of the tables bounded by railing, this attract hawkers offering souvenirs (can be annoying) and caution it can also mean snatch and grab of your bag. The lane is also a meeting place for non busy staff and locals which is interesting as an onlooker, media hub page http://goo.gl/NQ96vp

#SorHathaiRestaurant  Industry #bkkdining  #thaifood  #ZoneSilom  #bkkachiever  #bpacapproved  
Sor HaThai Seafood in Silom is one of the original simple venues that has not moved with the times, some classic taste and a reflection of how it use to be, open air, smell the activity of the surrounds. Often the staff are using the work time with social with fellow workers or family at the restaurant, media hub page http://goo.gl/NQ96vp   BEST HASHTAGS #SorHathaiRestaurant  Industry #bkkdining  #thaifood  #ZoneSilom  #bkkachiever  #bpacapproved

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