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Thai Room

4 star Authentic Thai restaurant run by locals. An extensive food menu featuring all-time favourites, pad thai (120 Baht) & massamun curry (155 Baht) to the lesser known, slightly adventurous steamed seafood curry cakes (190 Baht). Decor is very traditional Thai with timeless wooden panels and flooring with art pieces from around the nation. The cooks, servers, helpers are all related to each other somehow and there is always that homely, family feel. Vegetarian menu is also available and spiciness can be altered to suit your taste buds.

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Sukhumvit Soi 22, Klong Toei, about 4kms from Siam Centre. Nearest major public transport:  between BTS (skytrain) stations Phrom Pong and Asok. map link
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Bangkok seems to be suffering from a bit of an identity crisis, or at least insecurity. For fear of pointing out the obvious, there are plenty of things in the city that, well, point out the obvious. 

The newly opened The Bar and The Restaurant in Sukhumvit Soi 24 is a case in point. You can take a wild guess where Soi 8 Pub & Restaurant is located, or what it offers. The Mall? Guilty as charged. We here at Guru aren't gonna include ourselves in that group, however, as that would be bragging, and gurus don't brag.

Thai Room in Klong Toey is the latest perpetrator of the phenomenon of obviousness - it's a Thai restaurant in a room, Einstein. But this simplicity and straight-forwardness is what helps it get some things right.

Two 26-year-old buddies from high school have banded together to bring the authentic Thai food experience, showing commitment to their culture beyond their years. The food and drink are traditional, but what could have ended up as any ol' Thai restaurant that might stagnate for years in its own glory, seems poised for success courtesy of the fresh minds behind the scenes.

Sukhumvit Soi 22 might not be the most glamorous address in Bangkok, as suggested by the host of "Hey, sexy man! Come inside, na!" bars at the top of the soi, but how many more eateries can we cram onto Khao San Road or Thong Lor?

Furthermore, with a number of well-known hotels around, plenty of farang staff from the international schools nearby, plus support from the locals, the humbly named Thai Room will find its crowd.

While the restaurant itself has been open only since September, the building has served as an eatery for over 25 years, and is fully part of the soi's furniture. It still has touches of yesteryear about it (the menu being one) but it also holds the promise of something new with the young guys in charge.

The clientele reflect this, as during my lunch visit, a cross of people, mostly farang, came through the door. However the balance of Thai patrons provides the necessary mix; after all, seeing Thai people in a Thai restaurant is always a good sign that you've chosen the right spot. Candles on the tables at night add to the ambience, if something more intimate is required.

The menu features nine pages of selections, all Thai, with everything from pad thai to deep-fried serpenthead fish. However as many Thai restaurants go, the menu is mostly for show because anything your little heart desires can probably be whipped up. For example, when asking for recommendations, I was offered the staples - chicken cashew, green curry. The food in this place is clearly not trying to reinvent the dharma wheel.

Stir fried cashew nuts with chicken

Stir fried cashew nuts with chicken (B120) is a straight take on the Thai classic. It has just the right amount of oil and a nutty aftertaste. Can't go wrong here.

Deep fried seafood dumplings (B130), are translated from Thai as "golden pockets", and for good reason. They offer a crunchy, sesame fried noodle with a burst of seafood flavour inside, picked up by the accompanying honey dipping sauce.

Things got even more standard as the Green curry with chicken (B145) arrived. It's a simple flavour that everyone is a "connoisseur" of, so people have their own opinion of how it should taste.

 But the Thai Room version does a good job balancing the sweet and sour elements, and keeps to its classic style.

Masaman chicken curry with peanuts and potato

Masaman chicken curry with peanuts and potato (B145) is another top five all-time Thai favourite. The chicken is tender and juicy, but the sauce is intensely overpowering; therefore the delicious flavour is marred by being too strong.

Coconut shake (B90) is a gentle way to finish, and is the right combination of creamy and sweet, rounding out a satisfying meal.

What's in a name? Even if it's obvious, as long as it delivers, there's nothing to complain about. And Thai Room does what it says on the window, with the important bonus of doing it well.

Thai Room Thai 103 Sukhumvit Soi 22 Open noon-3pm, 5pm-midnight 02-258-2401

Deep fried seafood dumplings                                                                                                                               Green curry with chicken

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