P&N Wedding 02-2013


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Parmi & Nan  

24/02 - under construction

Two (2) Ceremonies

19/02 Thai
21/02 Indian (Sikh)

If you've been to Sukhumvit Soi 11, you've probably stumbled past these lovely people.

They're part of the family @
Tois Street food and Orange Bar
at Suk Soi 11/1 (refer link please like)


This video collection is a bunch of quickies caught on iPhones

The professional videos are stunning, cultural, colourful, romantic and all consuming. A copy might be available for all to see,  you'll have to ask Parmi and Nan next time you visit the restaurant/bar and find out more.

In the meantime .. here's a few snippets, it's updated daily 

Day 1: Ceremony Thai - thanks from Dad  (18secs)

Khun Satnam Singh Randhawa thanks everyone for attending

Duration: 18 seconds

Day 1: Ceremony Thai - The rings

The Thai ceremony and reception was held at 

duration this video:  36 seconds

Day 1: Ceremony Thai - Sin Sod (gifts to mum)

Duration this video: 42 seconds

Day 1: Ceremony Thai - Monks blessing

Duration: 19 seconds

Night 1: Cocktail Party Cut the cake

External link   duration: 1min

The cocktail party held at The Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit Hotel

Day 2: arrive Sikh Temple (1min)

Arrival the Sikh temple 
Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Sabha

Everyone is gathering to transfer upstairs

Duration: 1 min  


Day 2: Ceremony Sikh Temple (1min)

Brief view of the Wedding ceremony at Sikh temple 
Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Sabha

Duration: 1 min   External link


Night 2: Opening Dance (22secs)

Opening Dance Duration: 22secs

Everyone joined the couple and the music was Bollywood style, 
I don't think it stopped all night

Night 2: Opening Dance (53secs)

Opening dance, just keeps going 

Night 2: Danceathon (47secs)

With this much fun, why would you want to stop

Duration: 47 secs

Night 2: Bollywood (37secs)

Now we are getting  into the hardcore Bollywood
Duration: 37 secs        External link

Night 2: family fun (47secs)

Someone had a good idea

actually everything was good idea

Duration: 19 secs   -   External link

Night 2: Bollywood - "BEST OF THE BEST" ***

Towards the end of the night those still standing were split into 2 lines,
Boys and Girls and then it started again 

This was electric - sorry about unsteady hands, 
I was jigging with excitement 
Duration: 2.23

Night 2: Very late but they want more (31 secs)

It's well after midnight 1amish.. Hotel staff have kinda packed up the room but the crew have kept the music going for "one more" x 10

Duration:   31 seconds   External link

I think the doors were to close at 1am, the hotel staff had all but re furbished the room at around 2am ready for a breakfast seminar of sorts. Staff were very patient waiting for the devoted bollywoodians to give it up.....I don't if they did.. I ran out of puff and left  


These are by no means extensive, it's a small collect snapped on the run. External link
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