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Review Oct 2012

If you are wondering what else you can do on a weekend in Bangkok, why not pay a visit to Chatuchak Market? This weekend market is considered the largest in the world, occupying a space of 14 football fields with over 2,000 plus shops and vendors. Easily accessible by taxi, bus or the BTS (Mochit BTS Station) you can spend the whole day just mooching around getting a bargain or two or just sitting at one of the many cafes and restaurants to enjoy a great meal with drinks while watching people passing by.

Chatuchak Weekend Market has two sections, one is the main weekend market area and the other is the OTOP wet and dry market. The OTOP market is located at the BTS entrance and is the place where you can get a variety of local produce from snacks to triple A produce such as fruits and vegetables. There is also a food court here that serves a variety of local Thai street food if you are looking for a convenient place to sit and eat.

The main Chatuchak Weekend market is a short walk away and throngs of visitors frequent this place on a Saturday and Sunday from very early in the morning. It can get quite hot in the enclosed shopping walkways with vendors bustling through pushing carts laden with goods or people stopping to gawk at the many stalls and trying to strike a bargain. Be prepared to walk quite a distance in this place and as with all crowded places, keep a watch on your wallets! 

You can find anything here from retail to wholesale. Vendors sell a variety of goods ranging from knick-knacks, clothing, shoes, household items, interior decoration items, furniture, antiques, toys, fish and aquariums all the way to pets and exotic animals. If you have a penchant for overbuying and no idea how to get your goods back home, no worries, they even have freight forwarding services to help you pack and ship on the spot!

Artist will find this a great place to visit. Many stalls sell raw artistic goods such as beads, flower decorations, and glass crystals for your artworks. There are also a few young street designer shops that you can obtain unique designer wear. They are different from what you will find in most major department stores. While you are here, check out the budding artists who reproduce paintings at a very fast speed and quite accurately too or see their own original artworks.

There are also many food vendors, coffee shops, restaurants and side stalls here to quench your hunger and thirst as you walk. Try some of the local snacks; they are really nice and tasty. You can say, authentically Thai! So, whatever your flavor, passion or penchant maybe it is for certain that Chatuchak Weekend Market is a place you will most probably find it all!

Check out the picture collection by various contributors who have visited this market and see for yourself the hustle, bustle and variety of goods as well as eateries you can find in Chatuchak Weekend Market!

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