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Venue Theme / CuisinePrice L-M-H / Floor / seatsDate yy/mm/dd comments
Venue Theme / CuisinePrice L-M-H / Floor / seatsDate yy/mm/dd comments
KinKao กินข้าว at T21 Seafood Kinkao Seafood 2018.08 
Reflections Thai Thai: basics mid centre of building 4th flr Reflections Thai 2018.09 nice decor authentic  
Jeffer at Terminal21 Western and Thai - super cheap Jeffer at Terminal21 2018.06 dnt know how they do it for this price 
Moom Muum Park Thai, Italian, Japanese licenced P=M / F=5th S=60 tables & booths window views South 2022.06 renovating, slightly romantic theme 
Foodies T21 50 stalls - fast fresh and very cheap P=L / F=6th / seats: ? 200 2022.06 incredible cheap and extensive selection 
See Fah Thai: franchises around town, making awesome Thai dishes for many years  P= Lm <> F= 4th <> S= 30 seats mid way on back left 2022.08 low price, great taste 
Pepper Lunch Western by Japanese franchise P=L <> F= 4th <> S= 30 booths  2022.06 very popular - hot plates that cook on your table sizzles while you add your sauce - its fun 
Savoey Thai Thai / authentic Thai menu - big window views P=Lm <> F=5th <> S= 30 licenced 2022.08 impressed with service, food & views. included a link to our visit 
Thai Thai Boat Noodles T21 Thai food: Theme boat noodles very authentic taste P=Lm <> F=4th <> S=30 (big menu low price at end 2022.08 visited - excellent menu  
Sushi Den Japanese : sit at counter  P=L <> F=Basement <> S 15 counter style 2022.08 good set menus 
Piri Piri T21 Chicken roasted / 30 seats P= Lm <> F=4th <> S= 40 tables and booths 2018.11 very popular, chicken, steaks, burgers 
Santa Fe' at T21 Steak house: 4 star several branches - super low prices volume  P=L <> F=5th <> S=60 2018.11 no one knows why its so cheap 
Manhattan Fish Market Seafood: low price  P=L <> F=5th <> S=60  2022.08 closed 2018.11 East side huge window view, super cheap seafood 
Sunrise Taco MEXICAN - good variety P=Lm <> F=4th <> S=30 open plan 2022.07 several branches around town 
Mr. Shawarma Arabic Restaurant - Turkish food  LG Basement Terminal 21 2022.08 small stall - 3 tables see the food being cooked 
Gourmet Market Supermarket  LG Basement Terminal 21 2022.08 Supermarket - Gourmet Market & Home Fresh Mart also can do shopping online to delivery home 
Yoko Donut and John's Lemon Japanese Donut  LG Basement Terminal 21 2022.08 Tasty. Flavourful. A lot of donut choices to select. 
PadThaiFood by ThaiTopTaste  Thai premium street food  LG Basement Terminal 21 2022.08 asian noodles and this PAD Thai has a good flavor  
Showing 19 items