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Thaniya Plaza>5 star>Silom

For the ultimate Golfing Adventure ... Thaniya Plaza, a four story building dedicated almost entirely to golf. There are other shops such as tailors, Japanese restaurants and one or two book shops, but it's 80% golf.

On entering Thaniya Plaza, which is just off Silom Road on Soi Thaniya ( Soi is a Thai term for street or side road ), you will have no trouble seeing your first golf shop and wherever you walk or go within Thaniya Plaza, you will only be one or two shops away from your next golf shop, many of which have a test drive range where you can test drivers, woods or putting irons.

There are so many golf shops selling golf equipment in Bangkok that you can certainly find the brand and item you are looking for.

Location: Silom, a Commercial hub a few kms South of Siam centre 
connected to BTS (skytrain) at station Sala Daeng  Longdo map link

Zone: Silom, features in tour icons Family > Shopping > Nightlife

Tour database:  Zones > Logistics > Major transport stations
Venue accredited in tour database = Yes <> Web Directory = Yes

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