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last Nine (9), all in Directory places visited, sort by any column
Event date yymm / locationEventVenue / HostPublication link
2017.04.20 Rattanakosin Old city walking tour Golden Mount (Puu Khao Thong) RR: Joy Q / Fbk 
2017.04.07 Suk Soi 11 Friends at Bar Mullis Sports Bar fbk 360 photos 
2017.02.27 Sukhumvit Soi 26 Bistro Roots fbk 360 video and links 
2017.02.26 Thong Lor Eating:  Sole Mio fbk pics and links 
2017.02.22 Suk Soi 19 Beer on Balcony The Black Swan fbk 360 photo with links 
2017.02.22 Suk Soi 15 Massage ChaCha massage fbk: pics and links 
2017.02.19 Suk Soi 14 Eating: Thai food Suda Thai fbk pics and links 
2017.02.18 Suk Soi 19 Pool party Westin Pool Party FB: 360 videos  
2017.02.18 Suk Soi 19 Street Food Bar Aori Street Food Truck fbk 360 photo 
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by event date

last Nine (9), all in Directory places visitedsort by any column
Event date yymm / locationEventVenue / HostPublication link
2015.12.25 Sukhumvit Xmas walk and Picnic - Charity Benjakitti Park and BPAC Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.12.04 Min Buri Weekend Markets Kwan Riam Weekend Markets SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.09.25 Minburi 25km N Weekend Foating Markets Kwan Riam Floating Markets SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.11.29 Suk Soi 23 Walking Tour Soi Cowboy Soi Cowboy / TB 
2016.12.05 BTS Asok Walking Tour Benjakitti Park & Lake SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.02 Suk Soi 4 Walking Tour hOOters Suk Soi 4 SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.04 Suk Soi 19 Walking Tour Terminal21 Shopping Plaza SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2017.04.20 Rattanakosin Old city walking tour Golden Mount (Puu Khao Thong) RR: Joy Q / Fbk 
2015.07.?? visit FSCC Slum Kids Charity  Aus Pub and BBQ Suk Soi 11 Australian Pub & BBQ 
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exectoursbkknightlife.gif bangkok at night picture by AusWaThai

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Event / LocationIndustry / ThemeCost (L M H) / Durationwhy goName / link
2017.05.12 Suk Soi 11 Anniversary: Drunken Monkeys Low / at 8 on Eleven Bistro social group community Drunken Monkeys 3rd Anniversary 
2017.05.11 to 15th KhaoSan Comedy / Stand up Low / International Comedians Bangkok Comedy Fringe 2017 
2017.05.11 to 14th Sukhumvit Thailand Dive Expo Low /   Thailand Dive Expo / TB 
2017.05.11 to 14 Thailand Golf Expo Golf / Expo Low   Thailand Golf Expo 2017 
2017.05.06 Sukhumvit Music concert / Magic Moment Low   MAGIC MOMENT เพลงรักของดี้ ดนตรีของแต๋ง 
2017.04.30 Suk Soi 33/1 Comedy / Stand up Low / 3 hrs  With Nitin Mirani - Mr Komic Sutra Comedy Club Bangkok 
2017.04.29 Suk Soi 33 Comedy / Stand up Low 300 bt / 3 hrs  Stagetime Comedy Room / TB 
2017.04.14 Silom Pool Party Low / 6 hrs SexSo / HiSo / StyleSo Songkran ▲ Mystic Sphere SO Pool Party / TB 
2017.04.13 to 15 RCA Festival: S2O Music Festival Various  S2O Songkran Music Festival Bangkok 
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The Gardens of Dinsor Palace <> Big mama Pizzarie <> Huai Kwang Night Markets 

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Newbies: Introduction to Bangkok "Novice to Advanced" Novice to Pro 
BTS (skytrain) Stations BTS Directory Map / Menu / Attractions / Food & Drink 
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Showing 217 items
Event date yymm / locationEventTitleSummaryVenue / HostPublication link
Event date yymm / locationEventTitleSummaryVenue / HostPublication link
2017.04.20 Rattanakosin Old city walking tour pay merit (respect) visit the special temple by canal Golden Mount (Puu Khao Thong) RR: Joy Q / Fbk 
2017.04.07 Suk Soi 11 Friends at Bar JAI DEE party social on the Balcony Friday Mullis Sports Bar fbk 360 photos 
2017.02.27 Sukhumvit Soi 26 Bistro Sundaze  Roots fbk 360 video and links 
2017.02.26 Thong Lor Eating:  Pizza in Italy Authentic Sole Mio fbk pics and links 
2017.02.22 Suk Soi 19 Beer on Balcony watch em go past little England The Black Swan fbk 360 photo with links 
2017.02.22 Suk Soi 15 Massage ahhhhh quiet and quiet ChaCha massage fbk: pics and links 
2017.02.19 Suk Soi 14 Eating: Thai food ever popular local   Suda Thai fbk pics and links 
2017.02.18 Suk Soi 19 Street Food Bar worldly friends  Aori Street Food Truck fbk 360 photo 
2017.02.18 Suk Soi 19 Pool party  just gets bigger each month Westin Pool Party FB: 360 videos  
2017.02.15 Suk Soi 11 Dance:  this is how we do it  family fun Checkinn99 original 60's cabaret fbk 360 video staff dancing 
2017.02.07 Suk Soi 4 Bar - Sports Sponsor visit  Strikers Sports Pub SM hub 
2017.02.04 Suk Soi 15 Party: Swimming Pool Anniversary  Ambar Pool party SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2017.02.10 Suk Soi 11 Bar / Club Grand Opening  8 on Eleven SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2017.02.18 Suk Soi 19 Party: Swimming pool 1st year Anniversary  Westin Pool Party SM hub - Pics, Video  
2017.02.03 Suk Soi 13 Party: after Fight  Passionate Party People  Scoop on 15 Bar SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2017.02.03 Suk Soi 11 Entertainment: Fight Night Muay Thai  500bt 3 hrs International Amateurs Proflex Fight Night SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2017.02.17 Suk Soi 11 Entertainment: Fight Night MMA - International Amateurs 500bt 3 hrs International Amateurs Proflex Fight Night SM hub Pics / Videos 
2017.01.10 Suk Soi 19 Massage -  300bt for an hour of heavenly chill ChaCha SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2017.01.07 Suk Soi 15 Pool Party hOOter Foam Pool Party 2pm to 9pm .. what a hOOt AmBar - Hotel rooftop pool Bar SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2017.01.06 Suk Soi 15 Bar - beers coldie with Jeff Fenech Boutique Bar - for the wise and wild Scoop on 15 Bar FBK Bkk Adventure Pics 
2017.01.03 Suk Soi 11 Pub Talk Don't be a stranger Hot Spot Beer Talk Mulligans Irish Bar Fbk Bkk Adventure: Pics/360 
2017.01.06 Suk Soi 11 60's Cabaret Bar TripAdvisor top 20 world Treasures Yes .. they say it's special .. Yes Checkinn99 FBK Bkk Tourism: Pics / 360 Video 
2016.12.28 BTS Asok F&D: Irish Pub  to be sure - its awesome 50% Eatigo voucher .. wow The Drunken Leprechaun SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.15 BTS Thong Lo F&D: Seafood Fresh and Funky.. lol Raw Bar surrounded by Funky Bars Belon Oyster & Raw Bar SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.22 BTS Asok F&D: Thai Authentic in Terminal21 4th flr popular shopping mall SeeFah est: 1939 Directory page 
2016.12.09 BTS Asok F&D: Italian better then home quaint and homely Big Mama Pizzarie SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016..12.13 BTS Asok F&D: Tapas Lunchtime Specials Gastro experience Big Mama Tapas - Promotions SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.20 Suk Soi 19 F&D: Street Food /. Bar Tasty with good Balance New new and clean  Aroi Food Truck SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.10 BTS Phrom Pong Adventure: Surf Park Wet and Wild  FlowHouse SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.09 BTS Phrom Pong Adventure: Zip Line zip while shopping  inside a shopping Mall .. whatthe Urban Adventure at Em Quartier SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.10 Silom Rooftop: MoonBar out of this world 60+ flrs up touch the moon Moon Bar & Vertigo Grill SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.16 BTS Phrom Pong Comedy Club last gig B4 Xmas Stand up: Headliner: MICHAEL SHAFAR Comedy Club Bangkok SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.17 Bts Asok Pool Party DJ spins the crowd 5 star comfort Westin Pool Party SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2012.12.15 Suk Soi 21 Promo: Lunch time deal Gastro Burger Fish Burger n chips 89bt Big Mamas Tapas Promo Promo details / TB  
2016.12.06 Klong Toei Charity visit slum kids Crazy Cake 1 hr visit donation  FSCC  SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.05 BTS Asok Walking Tour evening sunset Lake walk, exercise Picnic up to you Benjakitti Park & Lake SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.04 Min Buri Weekend Markets Shopping Adventure good for all ages, clean and vibrant Kwan Riam Weekend Markets SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.04 Suk Soi 19 Shopping Worldy 6 flrs something for you Terminal21 SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.04 Bang Kapi Grass Roots touring Buffalo at Temple Last Pier stop on Canal Wat Sriboonrueng SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.04 Suk Soi 19 Walking Tour Buy / eat / Drink Why is T21 one of the best Terminal21 Shopping Plaza SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.04 Zone Siam Indoor Activity Team Building you got 40 mins to get out Escape Room SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.02 Suk Soi 4 Walking Tour OMG What's  Night life antics in Red light zone hOOters Suk Soi 4 SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.12.03 Zone RCA Muay Thai by DJ's Rumble in the Club 2  DJ's fight in the Ring Live at RCA Rumble in the Club 2 / TB 
2016.11.29 Suk Soi 23 Walking Tour what's on show  Dare and Stare .. lol Soi Cowboy Soi Cowboy / TB 
2016.11.25 Suk Soi 15 Party HOOters V's Playboy Bunnies  Dance off AmBar - Hotel rooftop pool Bar HOOTERS <> PLAYBOY 
2016.11.11 Siam Day tour review how to and what to logistics update  Jim Thompson House Museum in production 
2016.11.08 Suk Soi 11/2 Late night Alley Bar drip feed, we can do rom 12md to 6am .. Eats n Drinks Happy Station Alley Bar SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.11.13 Suk Soi 13 TV Sports UFC  how can this pub handle so many The Sportsman Bar  SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.10.29 Rattanakosin Mourning  Advice for visitors to Grand Palace from 1/11/16  na Photos / videos 
2016.11.01 Klong Toei Charity: FSCC Slum Child Care Bkk Halloween Treats swing past with candy and funny mask app FSCC  SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.10.29 Chinatown Sikh Temple  brief visit, create info page for visitors GSGSSB Sikh Temple Bangkok SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.10.01 Suk Soi 15 Pool Party 5 star comfort Octoberfest  AmWet Pool Party monthly SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.09.23 Klong Toei Charity: Slum Child Care Bkk MoneyBox donation  FSCC / CheckInn99 Cabaret SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.10.07 Suk Soi 11 Muay Thai Fight Night Mixed events with English speakers open air in best location Ambassador Fight Night SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.09.26 Chao Phraya River Markets Food n Drink Wine and Dine 1500 stalls along the River Asiatique Roverfront SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.09.25 Minburi 25km N Weekend Foating Markets rest and play  Kwan Riam Floating Markets SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.09.17 Suk Soi 19 Pool Party 5 star comfort Westin Pool Party Day n Night  Westin Pool Party SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.09.15 Suk Soi 15 1st Anniversary Party hOOters  300 + people  hOOters Suk So i15 SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.09.11 Suk Soi 19 6pm Comedy: Stand up  Jimmy Carr in Bangkok Uk's best comedian Comedy Club Bangkok SM hub - Pics and more 
2016.09.10 Suk Soi 12 6pm Mixed Martial Arts comp High Energy FMD Cage fight adrenaline action FMD the 37th Chamber SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.09.09 Suk Soi 33/1 Comedy: Stand up  PAPA CJ India's best  Comedy Club Bangkok SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.08.31 Suk Soi 11 Anniversary 7th Free flow Beers & BBQ BBQ 200 + crowd Aus Pub BBQ SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.09.06 Suk Soi 30/1 Fitness: Wing Chun Beginners Beginners class Technique and fitness Impact Wing Chun Media Hub: pics / videos 
2016.09.03 Suk Soi 15 Pool Party 5 star comfort AmWet Full Meta DOJO 2pm to 9pm entertainnment AmBar Media Hub: pics / videos 
2016.08.29 Suk Soi 15 Corporate Social Networking sponsor Remax 200 people 5 star comfort M&S at MoveinPick Hotel SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.08.27 Suk Soi 21 Japanese Pub Eatery  Awesome Taste, Low Price, Fast service Kenshin Izakaya SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.08.28 Suk Soi 19 Beauty Salon independent small salon local culture - open til 9pm daily Dee Salon SM hub - Pics, and more 
2016.08.13 Suk Soi 26 Pool Party free entry and shots 5 star hotel 2pm to 9pm Blast Pool Party SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.08.05 Suk Soi 33/1 Comedy Improv - who's line is it one of the funniest unpredictable shows alive The Comedy Club Bangkok SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.08.06 Suk Soi 15 Pool Party Olympics wowza DJ's cocktails and fun chicks n guys AmWet Pool Party monthly Post Event Media Pics videos 
2016.08.01 Suk Soi 11 Pub Grub late is Great Irish Pub inside a Hotel that never sleeps Mullies Iris Pub Media Hub: pics / videos 
2016.07.25 Klong Toei Slum Charity visit to Child Care Money Box Host Cafe Amazon Sentosa Konkean donation of food and money box collection FSCC Media Hub: pics / videos 
2016.07.29 Suk Soi 24 Cabaret  the New Den New Premises for Bangkok's oldest original cabaret Checkinn99 SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.07.15 Nong Bon, Prawet Markets - Flea Pending review Pending roaming report: enormous night bazaar Train Night Market on Srinakarin Basics: feedback required 
2016.07.23 Sukhumvit Soi 19 Pool Party Westin Pool Party  The Westin Grande Hotel Invite / photos / videos 
2015.12.28 Sukhumvit Soi 11 Rooftop "Above 11"  Stealth mission: sunset view and dinner not open early enough 6pm, awesome view but food? Above Eleven Social Media Media Hub Page 
2016.02.14 Ding Daeng Markets - Flea Arty Funky and cool cheeie vibe, music, play Ratchada Train Markets Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.07.13 Sukhumvit Soi 11 Night club  4th Anniversary  Special Party night .. wow Levels Club Lounge Photos Videos 
2016.04.04 Sukhumvit Soi 8 Food/Drink  lets get down outstanding Food, Drink, Service and Decor Viva Tapas caf'e bar Media Hub page / Pics 
2016.04.12 Sukhumvit Soi 11 Food all you can eat Buffet Modern facilities awesome location Coyote Mexican Bar and Grill Media Hub page / Pics 
2016.07.03 Suk Soi 19 Pub   a little English pub The Black Swan Basic listing to Directory 
2016.05.08 Sukhumvit Soi 5 Food & Drink Spacious Pub room to move and plenty to share Gullivers Travelelrs Tavern Basic listing 
2016.03.27 Sukhumvit Soi 11 Nightclub Down and dirty Sound barrier broken  Climax Basics 
2016.04.16 Siam  Activity Stress in comfort? in MBK shopping centre, chose a challenge and go for it Escape Room SM hub - Pics and more 
2016.05.07 Sukhumvit Soi 19 Food how's that for a tang visit by 3 people Reflections Thai Restaurant Basics 
2016.06.20 Sukhumvit Soi 33 Food & Drink: Shopping Centre Discover Food courts HELIX building of Emquartier a new, spiral shaped building food fun & atrium and playground Emquartier SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.06.23 Silom Food & Drink 5 star Bangkok  60th Flr Cocktail Bar and restaurant with eatigo  Vertigo TOO SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
2016.07.02 Ratchada Indoor activity Illusion with 3D art visit with 2 guests, fun photos and video Art in Paradise Review with Photos / video/s 
2016.02.?? Sukhumvit Travel Spot Draft basic listing Queen Sirkit National Convention Center Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre 
2016.03.03 Sukhumvit Soi 19 IT Shop DRAFT Basic listing Banana IT Terminal21 Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.03.03 Huai Khwang RCA Nightclub DRAFT basic listing Onyx RCA Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.05.05 Sukhumvit Soi 15 Hotel DRAFT basic listing U Sukhumvit Hotel Media Hub page / Pics 
2016.02.28 Sukhumvit Soi 11 Hotel 5 star Chic basic listing Le Fenix Sukhumvit Basics 
2016.02.28 Sukhumvit Soi 11 Rooftop Lounge DRAFT basic listing Nest Basics 
2016.06.28 Sukhumvit Soi 11 Food: Italian A taste of pama diner on 1st flr balcony b4 engaging the busy Soi Pomodoro Italian Restaurant Bar SM Hub: Pics videos and more 
2016.04.10 Sukhumvit Soi 23 Beer Garden crafty Food and Drink  Craft Bangkok Suk Soi 23 Media Hub page / Pics 
2016.03.04 Sukhumvit Soi 21 Restaurant Pizzarie sleeky convenience location between platforms Pala Pizza & Bistrot Basics 
2016.06.10 Sukhumvit Soi 19 Food & Drink: Shopping Centre Yummy food and views 5th window view 3 cuisine choices, in T21 page see 360 video top to bottom Moom Muum Park  SM hub Pic, Video and more 
2016.06.16 Ratchada Food & Drink  we got smashed by rain .. such is life Ratchada Train Markets Ratchada Train Market 
2016.06.16 Ratchada Activity: Indoors Interactive create your photo art with 3D stage 6 zones Art in Paradise Newsflash Pics, Videos 
2016.06.17 BTS Nana Close Cabaret Farewell Bangkok's oldest original Cab club Checkinn99 Newsflash 
2016.06.27 BTS Nana Close Bar farewell since 1982 ....  Cheap Charlies bar Newsflash 
2016.06.01 Suk Soi 23 Food & Drink the mans den best TV sports Audio in town Bradmans Bistro SM Hub Photos / Videos 
2016.05.25 Sukhumvit Soi 33/1 Food & Drink Hearty meal rated in the best 3 pub meals in otnw The Royal Oak Pub SM hub page - photos, videos 
2016.05.20 Sukhumvit Soi 33/1 Entertainment: Comedy This will be a hoot Raw and hilarious The Comedy Club Bangkok SM Hub Photos / Videos 
2016.06.10 Silom Bar Club Lounge Jazz n up something out of an movie scene - Exotic and flavoured Maggie Choo's  SM Hub: Pics videos and more 
2016.04.16 Sukhumvit BTS Phrom Pong Activity / sport wave surfing hang 10 water theme park in the city for surfing Flow House SM hub, Pics 360 video 
2016.04.17 Chonburi Activity jungle tree chaos extreme sport dare Flight with Gibbon SM Hub, Pics 360 video 
2016.04.17 Silom Rooftop 360 all the way 61 flrs up evening visit for a drink and photo, one of the few that has a complete 360 view Vertigo Grill Moon Bar SM Hub, Pics, Video - 360 
2016.04.16 Sukhumvit BTS Phloen Chit Activity: day: Penis Shrine Good luck you have to imagine and it will be Chao Mae Tuptim Shrine SM hub, Pics, Video 
2016.04.03 Sukhumvit Soi 23 Food - Pizza aHoi aRooi Hole in the wall shop that packs a punch in Pizza, Pasta and soups Chef Yan Pizza SM Hub, Pics, Video 
2016.05.02 Sukhumvit Soi 11 Food & Drink 24/7 sports  Hotel Pub at Pub prices open 24/7 for sports  Mullies Irish Bar SM Hub, Pics, Video 
2016.02.06 Sukhumvit Soi 11 Restaurant NZ Seafood NZ's finest Fush N Chips all round Snapper NZ Bangkok Basics 
2016.03.24 Sukhumvit Soi 4 Bar live Music Loud and streaming  Hillary Bar 2 Basics 
2016.02.25 Huai Khwang Entertainment History with style huge stage Performance a must do Siam Niramit Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.02.10 Sukhumvit Soi 19 Hotel not fancy but were' cheap Localised in long stay Best Comfort Residential Hotel Best Comfort Residential Hotel 
2016.02.19 Sukhumvit Soi 19 Food/Drink  Local watering hole has all you need to be a home body Beer Garden Soi 19 Basics  
2016.02.28 Sukhumvit Soi 11 Food/Drink  Rock Solid The Music just comes at you Australian Pub and BBQ Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.03.28 Sukhumvit Soi 16 Rooftop Scenery fine dine or chill Long Table Basics 
2016.04.05 People Game Challenge how to think outside the dots bro Escape Hunt Media Hub page / Pics  
2016.04.29 Sukhumvit Phrom Pong Activity / Theme Park - Dinosaurs DRAFT pending visit / review Dinosaur Planet pending 
2016.04.16 Rattanakosin (old city) Activity / walking day tour Royalty appreciate the splender The Grand Palace Media Hub page / Pics 360 video 
2016.04.08 Sukhumvit Soi 4 360 Photos / Video Happy Hooters fine food, gorgeous girls, mean bucking bull Hooters Nana 360 Photos / videos Hooters Nana 
2016.03.20 Sukhumvit Soi 4 Nightclub Taste the Honey it's new .. what's it got EQ Late Club Media Hub page / Pics 360 video 
2016.03.06 Sukhumvit Soi 45 Nightclub Life is a stage old chum This place is ... hmm best u view the video Sing Sing Theater Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.02.23 Sukhumvit Soi 13 Nightclub Futuristic a Late Lounge club with groovy taste treats Chi Ultralounge Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.03.02 Sukhumvit Soi 19 Dental Healthy choice They have set the bar Bangkok Dental Spa Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2015.02.15 Transport MRT Subway movers Interchange MRT 08: Phetchaburi Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.02.15 Sukhumvit Transport Canal Pier Busy interchange go Stealth below the hard core traffic Saen Saep Canal Pier Asoke Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2015.10.15 Sukhumvit Park and gardens Peaceful moment with  a Park and Garden with  Benjakiti Park Social Media Hub Page 
2016.03.04 Sukhumvit Soi 23 Restaurant 4 star  Snipper corner  Retreat and launch at Soi Cowboy Old Dutch Corner Restaurant Soi Cowboy Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2015.03.05 Sukhumvit Soi 15 Pool Party Baywatch Hooters 1st Anniversary all day long babe AmBar Pool Bar Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.02.27 Sukhumvit Soi 12 Food/Drink  Feed to stream open 24/7 V8 Diner Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.02.21 Sukhumvit Soi 12 Nightclub Absolutely hyper Don't go drunk .. it's intoxicating sober Insanity Club Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.02.25 Sukhumvit Soi 11 Nightclub space out Intensity and passion Sugar Club Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.02.20 Sukhumvit Soi 19 Restaurant Thai tba tba Madam Saranair Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.02.10 Ding Daeng Transport whats around me Tourist will enjoy this gem MRT Thai Cultural Centre Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.02.20 Sukhumvit Soi 19 Hotel 5 star Luxury in a Megga Hotel some much to offer Sheraton Grand Sukhumvit Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2015.06.16 Sukhumvit Soi 19 Hotel 5 star a taste of luxury hot spot  The Westin Grande Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2015.12.15 Sukhumvit Phrom Pong Transport BTS station Whats around us review station info BTS Phrom Pong and Bpac Pics and links 
2016.02.20 Sukhumvit Soi 19 Pool party Kick off day and night pilot event Westin Grande Hotel Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.02.10 Sukhumvit Soi 23 Restaurant Thai 3.5 star Life is a stage old Chum roadtest  Love Scene  Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.02.?? Sukhumvit Hotel Draft Under Construction Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2016.02.?? Bang Rak  DRAFT UNDER CONSTRUCTION River City Pier and Shopping Centre River City 
2016.02.06 Sukhumvit Soi 5 Birthday hip hip horah Cabaret show Checkinn99 Photos and Videos 
2016.02.08 Ding Daeng 3D Interactive Museum That's not real .. is it  immerse yourself in cool art and snap it Art in Paradise - UNDER CONSTRUCTION Social Media Media Hub Page 
2016.01.25 Siam Day Tour Wet and wiggly Oceanworld down underwater  Sealife Bangkok Social Media Media Hub Page 
2016.01.20 Rattanakosin Hotel Romancing the Stone the basics and why you should go Arun Residence Social Media Media Hub Page 
2016.01.15 Sukhumvit Soi 4 Grand Opening Hooters Branch Special Grand Opening Hooters Nana Social Media Media Hub Page 
2016.01.28 Siam Day Tour Culture Nice Silk Jimmy Mystery and history of Thai Silk Jim Thompson House Social Media Media Hub Page 
2016.01.31 Laem Chabang Golf Course Four ways to live  Quality course on the way to Pattaya Laem Chabang Golf Club Social Media Media Hub Page 
2015.12.29 Rattanakosin Bar rooftop Serenity sunset view across river to Wat Arun Amorosa Bar Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2015.02.17 Action: (M) Fishing Park World class game fishing ranking 14km from the city, incl accommodation - wow! who needs a boat  Bungsamran Fishing Park Web Directory page 
2015.07.??  Action (H) Batters Cages baseball place in Thonglor ..   to do list 
2016.01.11 Sukhumvit So 15 Bar: Irish Pub Stealth mission: Beer, Bite, Be Happy we found a pot of gold here .. it's the .......  The Drunken Leprechaun  Social Media Media Hub Page 
2015.10.16 Sukhumvit Bar: Pub dinner 4 star Old English style Tried the Tucker - most go again - wow The Royal Oak Social Media Hub Page 
2015.12.22 Rattanakosin Tour Icon Temple Stealth mission  The night visit is ver yvdery eerie .... see more Wat Pho Social Media Media Hub Page 
2015.12.24 Chinatown Tour Icon Flower Markets Sweet and Sour  walking tour, smell the roses and steret food Klong Pak Talat Bangkok Flower markets 
2015.02.25 Bangkoleam Riverfront Retail centre Tour: all day and night family D.I.Y. gig  mega tourism centre on the river, cabaret, markets, dining and more Asiatique the Riverfront (Charoenkrung) Web Directory 
2015.03.20 Bangkoleam Entertainment: Culture Muay Tai Boxing  Go hard or Go Home Hi energy Theater Performance; thrilling stunts and more  Muay Thai Live Travel Blog Pic and video 
2015.11.15 Silom Park and Gardens Green lung in a concrete jungle tropical park, gardens and lake Lumphini Park Lumphini park 
2015.11.07 Dead Artist zone BTS skytrain station Phrom Phong wow its wow whats new  BTS Phrom Phong Media Hub Page 
2015.12.23 Sukhumvit Restaurant: 2 star Family BBQ  only 190baht all you can eat .. No way! all night Graze .. D.I.Y. buffet .. leftovers cover more MuKata Petchaburi Family MUKATA BBQ 
2015.06.20 Suk Soi 23 Restaurant Thai Local delights  4star with almost street food prices Puangkaew Thai Restauant Puangkaew 
2015.12.20 Sukhumvit Soi 11 Restaurant 4 star heritage  flash of the past Social Media menu 11 Gallery Thai Cuisine Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2015.12.27 SiemReap, Cambodia Tour Icon Temple 7th Wonder of the World 3 days visit, temples, township Icons  Angkor Wat pending 
2015.03.15 Bang Rak Roftop 5 star .. Hangover III Rooftop 60+ flrs up 360deg view Magical photo op must do The Skybar Lebua Hotel Bangkok Web Directory page 
2015.08.01 Restaurant 4.5 star views 4th flr 3 country tastes with  update photos and videos Moom Muum Park T21 Moom Muum Park T21 
2015.12.18 Sukhumvit Park: small boutique Benchasiri park visit and update social media menu Benchasiri Park  Media Hub Page 
2015.12.29 Sukhumvit Soi 19 Restaurant - no lights adventure dinner for 5 with 3 newbies .. lol Total rollercoaster in pitch darkness  DID Dine in Dark DID Experience 
2015.01.03 Bangkoleam Restaurant 4 star Western Fun to eat and watch the activities  Western Thai menu, large outdoor area in the middle of busy tourism centre Fire & Dine Bar Restaurant @ Asiatique Web Directory 
2015.02.10 Bangkoleam Restaurant 4.5 star Italian on the River Tourism centre location means there's stuff for the entire family  Capri @ Asiatique Pics and videos 
2015.06.17 Suk Soi 11 Bar 4.5 star Bistro Trendy nightlife hotspot Best of Bangkok - French infusion Oskar Bistro Media hub Page 
2015.05.05 Suk Soi 11 Restaurant 4.5 star Garden  Zanzibar Restaurant  Infusion Thai Italian and Jazz band Zanzibar Restaurant  Pics videos and more 
2015.06.15 Suk Soi 19 Street savvy  Home from Home why everyone wants to be there, Suk Soi 19 Soi 19 - homestead 
2015.07.28 Sukhumvit Soi 23 Bar: 4 star Bistro nice tucker (food) and sports Tv  photos, video and map links Bradmans Bistro Bradmans Bistro 
2015.08.02 Models: Beautiful Sexy Bangkok Model  Bkk Model Angie update photos and video  Bangkok Models Angie Kanjana 
2015.11.15 Silom Restaurant 4 stars localised Spicy fish alive  local culture, open air, sights and sounds Sor HaThai Seafood Social Media menu 
2015.11.25 Asok Street Savvy Soi 22 homestead for you  what's in and around this street Soi 22 - Homestead Soi 22 - Homestead 
2015.12.10 Sukhumvit Soi11/1 Restaurant: 2.5 star Street Food all night long Photo Spheres and Video Tois Street Food media page - videos, pics and more 
2015.12.30 Chong Nongsi Cabaret 4.5stars Random stuff get ready for anything crazy antics on stage and at tables .. go for it! Tawandang Brewery > Cabaret Social Media Media Hub Page 
2016.01.07 Sukhumvit Restaurant: Euro Cheesy affair brief visit with 1 visitor random taste test  Swiss Grottino biz directory page 
2016.01.04 Sukhumvit Soi 8 Bar: Garden Expatish Peaceful and Spicy Update Social Media Menu Det5 Bar Restaurant Suk Soi 8 Media; Pics, Video and more 
2016.01.09 Rattanakosin Tour Icon Temple Charm and Tam Boon visit ot update social media menu The Golden Mount / Wat Saket Pics, Videos and social links 
2015.06.21 Suk Soi 11 Restaurant 4.5 stars Dinner and night bazaar & Ferris Wheel Pub Bistro on Chao Phraya river at Asiatique mall 1500 stalls and entertainment for everyone Happy Fish Pub Media hub page 
2015.01.10 Sukhumvit Soi 8 Review: Restaurant: Italian Stealth visit Totally impressed  Via Vai pending 
2015.12.25 Sukhumvit Xmas walk and Picnic - Charity Merry Xmas give toys and picnic with FSCC slum kids Benjakitti Park and BPAC Media Hub page / Pics * Video 
2015.10.17 Chong Nonsi Night: Cabaret Brewery 4.5 star FUNTASTIC all night long Crazy stage show, awesome Food, Been and Service Tawandang Brewery > Cabaret Tawandang Brewery > Cabaret 
2015.10.14 Action: (L) Kids Indoor Theme Park 5 star This is our World Discovery, fun and Educational Kidzania  Social Media Hub Page 
2015.10.08 Sukhumvit Entertainment - Comedy show Rude and yes please update social media links Comedy Club Bangkok Social media hub page 
2012.10.14 Sukhumvit Restaurant 4.5star Exciting Spanish Tapas update photos, video and social media links Big Mama Tapas Social Media Hub Page 
2015.10.15 Chao Phraya Riverfront Action (L) Asiatique Sky - Ferris Wheel High in the sky 60mtr ferris Wheel at a premier tourist complex Asiatique Sky Asiatique Sky 
2015.07.15 Sukhumvit Action (L) Saen Saep Canal sneak around town - beat the traffic update maps, links and photos  Canal Saen Saep Social Media hub page 
2015.07.07 Action (L) Tour Chao Phraya River Wet and Wild with a smile update maps, photos and links Chao Phraya River Social Media Hub Page 
2015.06.26 Suk Soi 23 Restaurant Thai  Thai delights 4 star culture is local, low price, wonderful food Puangkaew Thai restaurant Media hub page 
2015.07.15 Bangkok Beautiful Sexy Bangkok Model  Bkk Model Gunya Pie update photos and video Bangkok Models Social Media Hub Page 
2015.08.13 Sukhumvit Night: Cabaret Comedy show Funny as local no holes bared .. raw and rich 4star .. visit, get in out and what's it about Comedy Club Bangkok Comedy Club Bangkok 
2015.10.03 Sukhumvit Night: Club Bar This place rocks Live music, small bar, open till late, meet singles Bangkok Beat  Website and social media 
2015.10.14 Khao San Rd Night: Markets Cultural mixing bowl - East meets West Markets, Bars, Restaurants, Street Food and Bizarre Khaosan Rd Bamg Lamphu Social Media Hub page 
2015.10.14 Khao San Superflow Night: Ibiza Beach Club Bar Oh Yeah Baby Beach club resort Bar culture hidden between buildings Superflow City Beach Club Bangkok Social Media Hub Page 
2015.10.16 Sukhumvit Restaurant Thai 4 star Chill under the Trees Homestead culture Baan Suan Asoke > 4star > Thai > in Sukhumvit Social Media Hub Page 
2015.10.17 Chao Phraya Riverfront Night: Ladyboy cabaret show 5 star Well hello Sailor  raunchy, racy, colour and  Calypso Cabaret Calypso Cabaret 
2015.05.03 Bangkok Swimming Pool party Wet Pool party 5 star comfort great DJ's Raddison Blu Hotel Media hub Page 
2015.01.30 Bangkok Networking corporate Movers & Shakers social biz network 5 star comfort - very social crowd, small price to food and drinks Ramada Plaza 5 star on Chao phraya river Media hub Page 
2015.01.25 Bangkok Tour 5 days Bkk Von tackles Bangkok visit popular tour Icons  various Pics videos and tour links 
2015.04.13 Thailand Culture: Festival Songkran  3 days of water fights - awesome ! all over Thailand Pics and Videos 
2015.03.10 Suk Soi 19 (opposite) Dinner Challenge Dine in the Dark 5 star venue - complete darkness - how will you survive Dark in Dark  Travel Blog and video 
2015.05.07 Suk Soi 12 Nightclub Anniversary party Insanity with Thaitanium hiphop Band Mini concert no to be missed Insanity Nightclub Suk Soi 12 Media hub Page 
2015.05.24 Suk Soi 15 Swimming Pool Party Amwet Old Skool  5 star hotel venue - DJ's and awesome lighting Ambar at Four Points by Sheraton Media hub Page 
2015.05.22 Suk Soi 57 Rooftop Party Altitude by Rise Productions 40+ flrs up 360 degree views - DJ's Octave Roof Lounge Bar 5 star Marriott Hotel Media hub Page 
2015.05.21 BTS Chidlom Networking corporate M&S Movers and Shakers biz and social mixing at 5 star hotel Renaissance Hotel Bangkok Media hub Page 
2015.05.29 Suk Soi 5 (near) Social Club Diplomats Happy Hour Combined Embassy staff USA, UK, AUS, NZ happy Checkinn99 Cabaret Bar all pics n videos 
2015.07.?? visit FSCC Slum Kids Charity  Aus Pub Money Box date tba July, if you can come pls join Aus Pub and BBQ Suk Soi 11 Australian Pub & BBQ 
2015.04.05 Siam Centre (MBK) Swimming Pool Party get wet with Thailand Play Bunnies 5 star comfort great DJ's Soundset Sundays  Media hub Page 
2015.02.15 Siam Centre Tour: Day rated - Family - Rated popular tour Memorable secrets at Jim Thompson House ex CIA Agent's history tour, see his home in Bkk, easy location interesting 40min tour and good restaurant Jim Thompson House and Caf'e Pics and videos 
2015.02.03 Rattanakosin Tour: night - rated Family Old city night tram tour 3 hrs, great photo ops, around the old city of Rattanakosin and Khaosan rd Bangkok Old City Night Tram video and pics 
2015.02.06 Siam centre Tour: Day - rated F family  Sealife world Siam under 5 star Siam Paragon is Asias biggest Oceanlife Aquarium Sealife / Oceanworld pics and video 
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