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Wat Kalayanamit Woramahawihan วัดกัลยาณมิตร วรมหาวิหาร


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Not formally acknowledged or subscribed to tourism to preserve the focus of the monk university at the temple 
The public (tourists and the like) are welcome however there is foremost request to keep a low profile so that the monks praying and studying are not unduly distracted 

Significant attraction 
largest sitting buddha in Bangkok approx 16mtrs high and 11 mtrs wide 
largest bell in Thailand - ring three (3) for good luck

Wat Kalayanamitr Varamahavihara (Thai: วัดกัลยาณมิตรวรมหาวิหาร, RTGS: Wat Kanlayanamit Woramahawihan, IPA: [wát kanlajaːnamít wɔːráʔmahǎːwíʔhǎːn]) is a Buddhist temple (wat) in Bangkok, Thailand. The temple is located in Wat Kanlaya sub-district, on the Thonburi bank of the Chao Phraya River. The temple was established in 1825 by Chaophraya Nikonbodin (born To, Thai: เจ้าพระยานิกรบดินทร์ (โต)), who donated the temple to Rama III. Chaophraya Nikonbodin was an ancestor of the Kalayanamitr family, whose descendants include Saprang Kalayanamitr

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New Arun Amarin Rd, แขวง วัดกัลยาณ์ Khet Thon Buri, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10600

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Getting there

shuttle boat from East side at Pier Atsadang which is next to Express Boat Pier N7 Rajinee

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Wat Kalayanamit Worahamawiharn (Wat Kalaya) is a second class royal temple in ‘Woramahawiharn’ type. It is located beside Chao Phraya river, Thonburi side, around the mouth of Bangkok Yai canal.Initially, Chao Phraya Nikorn Bodin (Toh Kalayanamit) donated his house to Somdet Phra Nang Klao Chao Yu Hua (King Rama III), and bought the additional land nearby to build a temple in 1825.

The king bestowed the name to the temple as “Wat Kalayanamit”.Later, he built a royal wiharn, and also the principle Buddha image to enshrine inside, which is Luang Por Toh (or Phra Buddha Trai Rattanayok). The king aimed to model the size and the location of the statue to resemble the enormous Buddha statue by the river in Wat Panan Choeng from the old capital. Luang Por Toh has been highly revered by Chinese people, they call him in Chinese name as ‘Sam Por Hug Kong’ or ‘Sam Por Kong’. This Buddha image was made from plaster, in ‘Marn Vichai’ posture (subduing Mara). 

The statue is 10 meters 3 cubits wide, 14 meters 2 cubits high 10 inches. Phrabat Somdet Phra Nang Klao Chao Yu Hua ordered the construction to Chao Phraya Nikorn Bodin on May 18th 1837. Luang Por Toh is enshrined in the gigantic wiharn in the center of the temple, between a small wiharn and Phra Ubosot. In front of the royal wiharn is a bell tower, which preserves the biggest bell in Thailand.Inside Phra Ubosot, (smaller to the wiharn), there is where the Buddha image in ‘Palilai’ posture (Buddha sitting position with legs simply hanging down, left handed palm on his knee) built by King Rama III. Wat Kalayanamit is the only the temple in Thailand that has the principle Buddha image in Palilai posture. 

Inside, there are mural paintings depicting biography of Lord Buddha, and villagers’ way of life during the reign of King Rama III. In the temple area, there is Hor Phra Tham Monthian Thaloeng Phrakiat (Buddhist library) where Pali Buddhist scriptures have been kept as well.Wat Kalayanamit Woramahawiharn, not only holds cultural value, but also immensely holds historical value, and Thai societal value.The temple is open every day, with no admission fee for any visitors, and travelers.


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Virtual tour 

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Virtual tour Wat Kalayanamit Woramahawihan

Tour covers: 
Temple and grounds  

Google street view

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Wat Kalayanamit Woramahawihan on Chao Phraya river in Thon Buri is home to the largest sitting buddha in Bangkok at 16 mtrs high and 11 mtrs wide,
and largest bell (ring for good luck), 
popular photo spot for grass roots bike tours, SM hub

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Walk to Wat Arun

heading North West at Wat Arun is possible.
you have to walk N.West along the river and cross Canal Bangkok Yai via the water gate (with permission) 
then step down into Temple area and head West along the alley and then North and find your way to entrance of Wat Arun
this walk was tested in Jan 2018


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