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Tourism Bangkok

Industry and ThemeName & URLMain Function
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ThemeDistance from Siam Centre
F: River and Canal Rides E 4km:  
F: Cultural stage Show - History E 3km zone Huai Khwang 
F: Day walk Throne Hall Exhibition NW 3.7km 
F: Food Tour W 4.5km 
F: Museum W 4.8km 
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Hotels by Tour Zones

Hotels by Agoda zonesDistance from BTS SiamGeneral Intro
Dusit Thani NW 3.5km: Grand Avenues of Royalty, what Bangkok used to look like!  Dusit 
Khaosan Rd W 4km: walking area, classic Thai temples & Khao San Rd Khaosan Rd 
Rattanakosin Hotels W 4.5km: Historical area, most visited area by tourists (Grand Palace) Rattanakosin 
Bang Lamphu W 4km: A walking area, classic Thai temples & Khao San Rd <> Bang Lamphu 
Thonburi SW 5.3km: Old Capital mostly undeveloped, many Canals (Khlongs Thonburi 
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