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The Ekkamai area in Bangkok
Ekkamai is an area approx 4kms from Siam Centre. 

Ekkamai is a side street of Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok (Soi 63). At Ekkamai you can find the Ekkamai or Eastern Bus Terminal from where you can take the bus to Pattaya, Koh Chang, Koh Mak and the Cambodian border. In Ekkamai and Thong Lo street you can find some of the most popular clubs and bars where trendy expats and locals dance the night away.

(The entrance to Ekkamai street in Bangkok)

In Ekkamai Street you can find several Hotels and guesthouses that can be useful if you want to take an early bus or arrive late in Bangkok. At the Ekkamai BTS station you can also find Major Cineplex Sukhumvit and the Bangkok Museum of Science.

On July 18, 2012 a big Japanese lifestyle mall called Gateway opened its doors directly next to the Ekkamai BTS station. At the Park Lane shopping center you can find i Darts Thailand, the first i Darts branch in the country.

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Land: major transport systems BTS (skytrain) and MRT (Subvway) access this area, as do public bus, taxi car, tuktuk or motor bike. 
Waterways: Nearby inland canal Saen Saep for express transfer behind the city into zone of Bang Lamphu, Rattanakosin and Chinatown, which connect with the Chao Phraya river which is serviced by ferry boat Chao Phraya river ferry


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Cultural: LowShopping: Low
Family: LowPopular tours: Nil
Nightlife: Med-High

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Entertainment in the Ekkamai Area:    - Major Cineplex Sukhumvit (movies)

Health Care in the Ekkamai Area:   - Sukhumvit Hospital (Hospital)

Temples in the Ekkamai Area: - Wat That Thong Temple

Things To Do around Ekkamai area:   - Ice skating at Sub Zero   <>  - I Darts Thailand

Yoga One o One

Molly Fantasy 

Massage & Spa in Ekkamai:  - Health Land Spa & Massage

Museums in the Ekkamai Area:   - Museum of Science and Planetarium 



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    So many worthy nominees, Bangkok (Thailand) is a champion of culinary taste delights.
    • Ekkamai is a infusion of local and Tourism, the related area of Thong Lor is the premiere area for trendy and class for dining and nightlife
    • A major aspect of local culture is street food, if you need a few tips try Thai food $1 Menu, ideally you should have a local host or a few drinks to give you the confidence to try (try NOT die). 

    Restaurants in and around Ekkamai:
    Al Majlis Tearoom (Moroccan)
    The Bagel Cafe (Coffee Shop)
    Bangkok Burger Co Thonglor (American)
    Banrie Coffee (Thai)
    Blue Velvet (International)
    Burger Factory (American)
    Chicken T (Thai)
    Coffee Club Ekamai (Thai/International)
    Coffee Gallery (Coffee Shop)
    Cuphouse Coffee (Coffee Shop)
    di Pizza (Italian)
    Masala Art (Indian)
    Omurice Japanese Omurice & Cafe (Japanese)
    Parata Diamond (Contemporary American)
    R Burger (Japanese Burgers)
    Romancest Relax Restaurant (Thai)
    To Die For (International)
    Tomato Noodle (Japanese)



    • not recognised for any major rooftop venues, there are of course many vantage points but not those with significant height 



    • Jan 2013: under construction for zone Thong Lor  
      upmarket trendy zone extension of Sukhumvit - zone link to be made

    Nightlife around Ekkamai:    
    Czech Trendy Club (Night club)
    Face Bar (Cocktail bar)
    Fat Gut’z (Bar and Restaurant)
    Shades of Retro (Bar)
    Sonic (Club)
    The Iron Fairies (Bar)


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    Dusit Thani NW 3.5km: Grand Avenues of Royalty, what Bangkok used to look like!  Dusit 
    Khaosan Rd W 4km: walking area, classic Thai temples & Khao San Rd Khaosan Rd 
    Rattanakosin Hotels W 4.5km: Historical area, most visited area by tourists (Grand Palace) Rattanakosin 
    Bang Lamphu W 4km: A walking area, classic Thai temples & Khao San Rd <> Bang Lamphu 
    Thonburi SW 5.3km: Old Capital mostly undeveloped, many Canals (Khlongs Thonburi 
    Sukhumvit - Chit Lom E 1.5km: "Farangville" (Foreigners) Hotels, Bars and Nightlife with all major transport systems BTS Chit Lom 
    Sukhumvit Hotels E 3km: "Farangville" (Foreigners) Hotels, Bars and Nightlife with all major transport systems Sukhumvit general 
    Chatuchak N 10km: Largest weekend markets in Asia, Parks & Game fishing <> Chatuchak 
    Ratchathewi N 2km: Suburbia and the Highest rooftop view 84 floors up Phayathai > Ratchathewi 
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    Bang Lamphu W 4kms of Siam Centre A walking area, classic Thai temples & Khao San Rd High High Medium Medium 
    Chatuchak N 10kms of Siam Centre Largest weekend markets in Asia, Parks & Game fishing Medium Medium Medium Medium 
    Dusit NW 3.5km of Siam, Grand Avenues of Royalty High - Historical Royalty  High Low Nil 
    Thonburi SW 5.3km of Siam, old capital mostly undeveloped High: many canals (khlongs) High:  Low: mainly water markets (Talad Nam) Low 
    Chinatown W 3km of Siam, Chinese infusion; a trading post, chaotic & markets High: Street food mania High: historical Medium: mainly makets Low: River Icons or nearby crazy Khaoson 
    H: Attractions Bangkok Index all all all all 
    H: Tourism Bangkok Index all all all all 
    Siam Centre centre of town - retail Low: retail tourism High: retail  High: mainly brand label Medium: 5 star venues 
    Talad Noi WS 3.5km from Siam - > Heritage zone Chinatown, walking tours chill zone High - influence of Chinese  High: quiet friendly  Low : cultural not tourism Nil: quiet not far to buzz places 
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    2019.12.21 / Phra Nakon F&D - sunset on Chao Phraya at Pier and MRT subway station Pakhwan At Pakklong fbk grp bkk tourism 
    2019.12.20 / Bts Asok lunch views and surrounds 3 menu, views, photos ops, location Moom Mumm at T21 Plaza fbk grp Bkk Adventure 
    2019.10.12 F&D Beer Garden one of the quieter gardens Beer Garden Suk Soi 19 fbk grp Bkk Tourism 
    2019.10.10 F&D T21 3 country choice menu Moom Muum Park fbk grp Bkk adventure 
    2019.06. 12 Suk Soi 19 Lunch special   Big mama Tapas fbk grp bkk adventure - pic / vid 
    2018.12.20 Suk Soi 19 F&D Tapas always delicious Big Mama Tapas fbk Joy 
    2018.12.03 Ratchada Museum 3D art new AR app makes it so real  Art in Paradise fbk bkk adventure pic n vids 
    2018.11.30 Suk Soi 21 F&D Japanese 4 flrs of good vibration Kenshin Isayaka fbk page bkk tourism: 5 pics 
    2018.11.28 / Suk Bts Asok Entertainment / Diner  what a roller coaster Dine in Dark fbk adventure pic / vid 
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